Speech Outlines, Beowulf Vocabulary and the Characteristics ...

Speech Outlines, Beowulf Vocabulary and the Characteristics of an Epic Poem September 7, 2017 Agenda 9/7 Bell Work-Knight Time Sign up/assignments upload Warm-Up- What to Remember Speech Development-Closing

Statements Kenning Practice-I.D. Kennings in The Wanderer Vocabulary from LiteratureBeowulf Daily Objectives REVISE and EDIT your conclusion. Identify Kennings in The Wanderer. Close Read Epic Poetry Excerpts. Knight time sign up is on my weebly! Homework: Make sure all classwork is submitted

Books Due by Friday 9/8 Final Speech Outline Due 9/8 15 Hours of service due 10/20 Essential Questions What are the steps to Re-Stating your thesis statement? What are the features of a strong concluding statement? What are the characteristics and types of kennings?

Warm-UP What do you want your audience to remember about your speech after you leave the room? List THREE things you want the audience to THINK, DO, FEEL, or REMEMBER about your speech/topic after you leave:

1. 2. 3. Speech Development -Revisit your primary source (junior research paper) and synthesize information from the paper into the speech. -Research additional data and a visual aid for use in your speech. -Revise and edit the language of your speech to make it appropriate for the medium and your

audience. Conclusions/Closing Statements The following are some potential strategies to close your speeches effectively: Bookend Close-refer back to the hook to come full circle. Challenge Close-Provide a call to action for the audience.

Echo Close-focus on a specific word or phrase and use repetition for emphasis. Anecdote/Quotation Close-use a researched story or quotation that The Wanderer p.108 Kennings practice Kenning Practice 1Close read The Wanderer for 2 examples

of each type of kenning (individual) Kenning Type Example (Direct Quote) What is being described? Open Hyphenated Possessive

Prepositional Kenning Practice 2Close read The Wanderer for examples of kennings (GROUP) Kenning Type Open Hyphenated Possessive

Prepositional Example (Direct Quote) What is being described? Vocabulary in Vocabulary Context Strategies: Context 1. Identify key context words in the sentence. 2. Use your own word to fill in the blank.

3. Know the part of speech needed in the blank. Use The Context Strategies To Fill ina generous the king Blanks: 1.Beowulf opens with who gives __________ to his people including building a spectacular hall in their honor. 2.Grendel, the epics angry antagonist, attacks the Danish people because

he is __________ by his exclusion from their joyful celebrations. 3.The brave Danes are reduced to fearful pawns as they __________ from Grendels vicious attacks, eventually closing the great hall altogether. 4.Bold and __________, Beowulf arrives in Denmark determined to rid the Danish people of their nightmare under any circumstances.

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