SOV/CSV Curt Artery 307-331-0919 Linda Gurka 734-646-2346 To know if you are to use SOV or CSV you will need to know what your revenue units are from your Form 150. Check your revenue units against the CAG

chart to see where you fall. CAG A-G you will be CSV and CAG H-L you will be SOV This can change each year with the change of your revenue units. THE DIFFERENCE Revenue units

CAG: Cost Ascertainment Group. Method that classifies Post Offices according to their volume of revenue generated. Each year, Post Offices are categorized by revenue and mail volume, which means that a Post Offices CAG classification might change. The following table shows the CAG categories: CAG Office Revenue Units

AG 950 or more HJ 190 to 949 K 36 to 189 L Fewer than 36 CAG revenue units Blue page

Variance programs SOV Pick area to be activated Pick scope(district) Pick POOM Pick your office SOV How to get there SOV

Pick Ad-hoc reports Pick current 52 week spread Submit

Click on your office SOV How to get there Things to take note of

Workload value hrs (earned in pink/totals in grey) Retail hrs (earned in pink/totals in grey) Postmaster admin hrs (earned in pink/totals in grey SOV

SOV Go to the SOV formula Do NOT round up or down Add workload value hrs Add retail hrs Add Postmaster Admin hrs Divivde by 302(6 retail days) or 282(5

retail days) SOV SOV Formula SOV_Office%20Calculator.xlsx

SOV This will determine your workload earned hours. Check formula page for the criteria for a

2/4/6/8 hour office Anything SOV over 5.75 is an 8 hour office Find

your office Right Look side of screen is the menu button at every item on the menu SOV Menu

Business services-make sure you are getting the right credit Complement-check earned and current on the rolls

Data stream-make sure information is current-it is the map of your office SOV Menu Delivery admin-make sure all data is

correct(if you have a clerk that travels to a RMPO then you should have time in the off site travel line). FDB-make sure all information is correctyou can update in FDB SOV Menu

Productivity-look at all LDCs to make sure you have credit for what you do in your office. Retail ANC-shows you what is clerk work

RMPO-make correct SOV Menu sure your RMPO level is WOS-earned

hours divided by 52 What if---you can change info to see what your office will look like if you increase revenue or deliveries. Workload-manual-earned

SOV Menu box-improve Go to your Form 150 to verify that it matches your SOV information SOV complement-management/automatedps150.htm PS Form 150 Check to verify that the information here

is the same as in SOV SOV CSV offices are determined by your CAG level. CAG levels A-G will use CSV Use this formula to calculate CSV CSV_Office%20Calculator.xls

CSV Blue page Variance programs CSV Pick area to be activated Pick scope(district) Pick POOM

Pick your office CSV how to get there Pick ad hoc-use a current 52 week spread Take

note of LDC 41,42,43,44,45,48 Use earned hours This data will be put into the CSV formula

CSV Right side use menu-look at all choices Compliment-check earned and currently on the rolls Data stream-make sure the information is right-this is a map of your office FDB-verify that the information is correctyou can make adjustments in FDB

FTEs-verify employees CSV Menu LDC 41 LDC 42 LDC 43 LDC 44 LDC 45 LDC 48

Productivity-look at the LDCs to make sure you have all that you use in your office Workload- verify data is correct in each LDC Staffing/scheduling to work load(SST/1994) CSVMenu Take

your numbers from LDC 41 42 43 44 45 48 and

CSV insert into the formula Find your Form 150 and verify that those numbers match the CSV numbers CSV form 150

PS Form 150 complement-management/automatedps150.htm PS Form 150 If

you are in Business Services and Delivery Admin(in SOV) and LDC 48 (in CSV) pages- the bolded lines can be adjusted. You need to contact your district OPS office to see what the procedure is to

update for your district so you get full credit for what your office earns. Helpful Hints Before attending your convention print out a copy of an SOV and CSV office(all pages).

Keep a printed copy of your SOV/CSV pages every six months to check on updates. Helpful Hints

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