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So, What is in it for You? Life hacks to being empathetic in the workplace Manisha Khurana, Senior Manager, Spice Digital Radhika Hari, Senior Technical Writer, Oracle India Script a Marvelous T eam Understand different personality types to motivate people and leverage their talents.

Understand ourselves to perform optimally. Tools - IDP/PDP, Performance Review, Development conversation, Stretch goals, Stay Interview, and Retention Checklist. They Walk the Red Carpet Myers-Brigg Type Instrument (MBTI, 1940) RIASEC (John L Holland) Triune brain Hogan Dark Side Business Chemistry (Deloitte) NeuroColor (Helen Fisher) StrengthsFinder 2.0 (Gallup/Tom Rath)

Doctor Strange Self-confident, selfcentered, phoenix. Needs to be reminded of others joys and pains. Life Hacks Employee Blog within or outside office, White papers. Gain visibility even while sharing knowledge.

Manager Use team diversity well. Supporting Role Encourage empathy. Acknowledge teams contribution to upper management. Oversee when collaborating with

others. Iron Man Out of the box thinkers, mavericks yet may have limited social skills. Want to be in every project but lose interest fast. Life Hacks Employee Initiate special projects or host a nerdy event. Email bulletins, short talk during

scrum, dev docs, cross-team projects. Manager Create a new doc methodology or encourage learning tech trends. Recognize contributors and work at teams pace. Supporting Role Encourage

innovation and knowledge sharing within team. Inhuman s SMEs, Reviewersneed we say more?! We need them but time is the crunch factor for these people. Life Hacks Employee Educate on your

processes, communication mechanisms, and timelines. Give clear status and plan your leave. Manager Process documents, checklists, videos, FAQs for new joinees or customers. Invest in e-library, Style

Guide/Editor. Supporting Role Smooth communication mechanism within team and with stakeholders. Hawkeye Stickler for rules, an authority figure, troubleshooter, go-to person, faces challenges of gig economy and virtual teams.

Life Hacks Employee Plan your time well. Manager Engage with team. Be upfront about your skills and what you will bring to the table. Be transparent. Mix with the

team. Reward the Giver and ensure collaboration is acknowledged. Supporting Role Help the Givers manage their time better. Continuous improvement, buddy program, account for Influencers/Cultur e.

Ant Man Skilled yet not confident, wallflower, drifts with crowd, good at implementing to the dot, diligent. Life Hacks Employee Volunteer, be a buddy. Audit, data analysis, design workflows.

Manager Involve in Customer Feedback surveys and such others that require attention to detail. Supporting Role Verify if resource has interest in reviews or other tasks. Institute buddy or shadow program.

Hulk Niche skills, intense, focused, self-confident, sociable, may become a peripheral player due to being perceived as aloof. Life Hacks Employee Keep up the dialog, be specific and clear in communication. Manager

Open door policy. Supporting Role Be tuned in. Schedule me time. Create an idea bank. Agent of change. Good manners are unisex. Reviewer/Editor if

good at critiquing. Devolve work. Thor Risen through the ranks, comfortable with seniors, shares info only if instructed, sporadic mentor, nit picker, and competitive. Life Hacks Employee Work out your schedule with

your manager. Contribute in knowledge building. Good at analysis. Manager Automate your info sharing write in advance and release as per an event trigger. Maintain a journal or delegate. Supporting Role

Try gamification of tasks. Vision Dependable, on-track career, sympathetic, mediator, listener, walks away with rich experience. Life Hacks Employee Volunteer, host meetings, liaison between teams. Look at new roles,

such as Community Manager. Manager Initiate buddy program and also monitor its success. Be a buddy yourself. Help plan career or write customerfacing CVs. Supporting Role Ensure sense of participation and level playing field

at lateral level. Credits Special thanks to all the people and resources who made this happen: Our managers and colleagues at Spice Digital and Oracle India. Apple and Nike campaigns Presentation template by SlidesCarnival Future Forward Dialog, volunteer, and foster a sense of

community. Process improvement. Share ideas and not time. No - rewards, halos or horns, gender biases, zero sum situation. Excelsior !

Any questions? You can find us at: [email protected] and [email protected]

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