Divine Chocolate: A Fairtrade company coowned by cocoa

Divine Chocolate: A Fairtrade company coowned by cocoa farmers What is Divines Social Mission? Improving the lives of cocoa farmers To grow a successful, global, farmer-owned chocolate company, using the amazing power of chocolate to delight and engage, and bring people together to create dignified trading relations, thereby empowering producers and consumers. Divine is a 100% fairtrade company All Divine Chocolates products carry the Fairtrade Mark. The Fairtrade Mark is an independent guarantee that producers in developing countries get a fair deal. That means farmers get a fair price for their products

and their communities receive a Fairtrade premium. The Divine Story Begins with cocoa farmers in Africa . . . Ghanaian cocoa farmers typically earn about 1 each day Farmers have little control over the price they receive for their cocoa beans Wanting to gain more control, farmers pooled resources to create a cooperative of cocoa farmers, known as

the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union Kuapa Kokoo means good cocoa farmer in Twi, the language of the cocoa farmers The Divine Story Kuapa Kokoo Together the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo provide over 1% of world cocoa output The Fairtrade market is not yet large enough for them to be able to sell all of their beans on Fairtrade terms As demand for Fairtrade products rise farmers are able to sell more of their crop through

Fairtrade channels The Kuapa Kokoo slogan, Pa Pa Paa, means best of the best In 1997 Kuapa Kokoo made the major and innovative decision to set up a chocolate company in the UK in order to get more value from their cocoa. The Divine Story Then moves to the UK where Divine is created Divine produces and sells chocolate made from Fairtrade cocoa beans bought from Kuapa Kokoo Farmers sell

Fairtrade cocoa beans to Divine Chocolate The better Divine performs the more it can spend on improving the supply chain, paying dividends to its farmershareholders, and on education The more Fairtrade beans are sold the more the farmers income increases and the more social premium is earned to the benefit of the community The Divine Story the chocolate market

Global Market Part of the huge confectionary market. Global chocolate market worth 60.36 billion Global cocoa market worth 5 billion Global market value 60 Bn 5 Bn Chocolate market Cocoa market UK market

Three companies control 67% of the 4.1bn UK confectionary market The average UK family spends more in a year on chocolate in a year than a cocoa farmer earns in a year The Divine Story Big companies join Fairtrade but commitment is half hearted Cadbury Cadbury Dairy Milk, the UKs favourite chocolate bar, went Fairtrade in 2009, tripling Kuapa Kokoos Fairtrade cocoa sales. In 2016, Mondelz, the multinational that owns Cadbury, replaced the Fairtrade Mark with their in-house fair trade scheme, Cocoa Life. Mars In 2012 Mars Maltesers became Fairtrade.certified. In 2015 Mars Bars carried the new Fairtrade Cocoa Program Mark, sourcing Fairtrade cocoa but not Fairtrade sugar. Nestl

In 2010, the UKs favourite chocolate biscuit bar, Kit Kat, went Fairtrade. Divine Branding Adinkra symbols What Success looks Like for divine chocolate Divine Chocolate Ltd is profitable with good sales growth and has been able to pay dividends to shareholders Year Turnover

Net profit 2015/16 12,062,000 443,000 But sales and profits are only one measure of success What Success looks Like Social objectives Year

Tonnes of Fairtrade cocoa used Tonnes of Fairtrade sugar used Tonnes of Fairtrade almonds used Tonnes of Fairtrade mangos used 2015/16 882

307 6.1 2.6 Divine sources Fairtrade ingredients from seven different countries worldwide If the Fairtrade Mark is on a product it means that any ingredient that can be Fairtrade must be Fairtrade It has always been our aim to source as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible for our products, thereby delivering

benefits to an increasing number of farmers. Sophi Tranchell, Divine Group CEO, 2017 What Success looks Like Divine income to Kuapa Kokoo Year Fairtrade sales Fairtrade Premium Producer support Shared

profits 2015/16 $2,700,000 $176,000 241,000 69,000 For us, farmer ownership always made Divine Chocolate special. For the first time our members benefit as owners of a wonderful chocolate brand, and not only as suppliers of excellent fairly traded cocoa. Mr Ohemeng Tinyase, MD of Kuapa

Kokoo Ltd until 2009 Kuapa Kokoo sold 882 tonnes of Fairtrade cocoa beans to Divine Chocolate in 2015/16 There are four different income streams from Divine Chocolate to Kuapa Kokoo What Success looks Like for the community water wells What Success looks Like for the farmers children - schools

What Success looks Like For women - empowerment Fatima Ali President of Kuapa Kokoo What Success looks Like for the cocoa farmers themselves Ownership in Divine Tangible benefits for farmers Intangible benefits for farmers Move up value chain

Pride Sit on the Divine Board Respect Part of decision-making process Status Reputation Profit share Inclusion Access to capital

Knowledge A seat at the table in Summary Divine Chocolate Limited has shown that it is possible for smallholder farmers from Africa to co-own a successful company in one of the most competitive and mature markets in the world.

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