Welcome to Graduate and Seminary New Student Orientation

Welcome to Graduate and Seminary New Student Orientation Fall 2010 Graduate Orientation Fall 2010

Dr. Douglas Mann Director of The Graduate School at Liberty University & LU Online Associate Dean for the college of Arts and Sciences Dr. Ron Godwin Vice Chancellor & Acting Provost Dr. Ron Hawkins Vice Provost for The Graduate School and Online Programs Nathan Habecker Financial Aid

Larry Shackleton Vice President for Administrative Information Management/Registrar Robert Jarman Student Accounts Larry Provost Director of Commuter Affairs Pat Faulkinberry- Liberty One Card Office 10 MINUTE BREAK Nicole Coldren Residential Graduate Admissions/New Enrollment Nicole Coldren Graduate International Advisor Mike Floyd Director of Residential Graduate Student Affairs

Randy Miller Library and Research Dr. Emily Heady- Graduate Writing Center Clint Melton Assistant Director of the Career Center Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Director of The Graduate School & LU Online Associate Dean for the

College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Douglas Mann Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Vice Chancellor & Acting Provost

Dr. Ron Godwin Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Vice-Provost for the Graduate School and Online Programs Dr. Ron Hawkins

Financial Aid Nathan Habecker Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 FAFSA www.fafsa.ed.gov Stafford Loans, Grad PLUS loans Dropping or withdrawing from classes: Aid will change ASIST check financial aid awards,

messages, documents needed and more Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Vice President for Administrative Information Management/Registrar Larry Shackleton

Student Service Center One Stop Shop Registrar Financial Aid Student Accounts

Hours 8:30 4:30 every day we have classes Registrars Office Responsibilities Scheduling of Classes Class Registration Recording of Grades Academic Standing Degree Audits

Commencement Registration Class Registration is via the Web Late October for Spring Registration Late March for Fall Registration Add/Drop Week Last Date to Withdraw from a Class is the last day of classes

Plagiarism High standard Professor makes decision F Grade is posted Appeal process Class can be repeated but grade can not be removed Only one chance

Withdrawal from Liberty In writing Up until the last day of class Grades will be posted with W grade Registrar Web Site www.liberty.edu/academics/registrar Routine Tasks

Registration Calendars Catalogs Commencement Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Student Accounts Robert Jarman

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Student Account Responsibilities Process Payments Provide Counsel Process Refunds Issue Monthly Bills Cash Personal Checks Commuter Meal Plans

Assist with Financial Check-In and Book Voucher Advances Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Accessing Information on ASIST Our online services include: Student Account Make A Payment Financial Check-In

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Financial Check-In Complete Financial Check-In online through ASIST. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Financial Check-In

ALL students must complete Financial Check-In online each semester. This includes those receiving financial aid, loans, scholarships or payments that result in a credit balance. Attendance, schedule, housing, and financial arrangements are confirm through Financial Check In.

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Financial Check-In Upon registration for each semester. Deadlines for each upcoming semester are posted to the Splash page and listed on the Student Accounts web site. It is the students responsibility to resolve all Financial Check-In issues by deadlines.

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 If the Financial Check-In Deadline is Missed Subject to losing Resident Housing assignment and class schedule. Student will have to re-register, and may not be able to get courses all courses reinstated. $125 late check-in fee Graduate Orientation Fall 2010

Installment Payments are Automatic Payment plans with installments will automatically be drafted from the bank account or credit card information entered on the system. Students are contacted by LU email and telephone regarding all draft issues. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Installment Adjustments

Will be needed whenever there is a change on the student account as shown in Financial Check-In. It is the students responsibility to check the Financial Check-In area of ASIST monthly, at least 5 days prior to scheduled payments. Payments will NOT be adjusted automatically. The system will always draft the last confirmed amount. The new draft amount must be confirmed by the student through Financial Check-In.

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Refund Process BEFORE REFUND IS RECEIVED, STUDENT MUST: Register refund preference with Liberty ONE according to the instructions provided with the new ID card choosing from the following options: Activate the card as a free debit card account and have all credit balances refunded to that account. (FASTEST METHOD)

Have the money refunded via electronic funds transfer to the students checking account. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Refund Process (continued) We have two refund processes: AUTOMATED (preferred) - 3 business days from the day the loan money is credited to the student account.

MANUAL - Student need to refund request in writing by email, letter, FAX or in person at our cashier counter. 10-14 days (email is preferred): email sent to: [email protected] Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Receiving the Refund WE CAN ASSURE STUDENT THAT THE REFUND WILL BE RECEIVED WITHIN THE FEDERAL STANDARD

OF 14 DAYS FROM THE TIME THE CREDIT APPEARS ON THE STUDENTS ACCOUNT. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 The Refund Recipient PLUS Loan: The parent, unless they have authorized Student Accounts in writing that the student can have the refund. All Other Loans: The student.

Overpayment: The student submits written request with payee name and address. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Bills The bill will be sent on or about the 26th of each month via email. Finance charges of 12% APR will be charged to any unpaid balances starting in October.

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Book Voucher Available only if the student has a Credit on the students account (as viewed in Financial Check-In) and choose not to wait for a refund. Otherwise, books can be purchased directly from the bookstore or other sources.

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Processing the Book Voucher

Log onto ASIST Choose Financial Check-In Choose year and term (i.e. Fall 10) Go to Book Voucher link CAUTION: The amount entered cannot be changed, increased, or removed. Fee Appeals Process Give students the opportunity to address

fees that have been assessed to their account that they wish to dispute. Financial Check-In must be completed for the current term. All supportive documentation must be included with the appeal as attachments. Must have been a university error. Fee Appeals Process

www.liberty.edu/studentaccounts Fee Appeals Process Fees that can be Appealed: $125.00 Late Check-In Fee $35.00 Returned Payment Fee $79.00 Transportation Fee $265.00 Activity Fee

An appeal must be submitted within 30 days of billing/notification. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Key Contacts Email: [email protected] Phone: 434-592-5100 or Toll Free at 888-632-5551 Fax: 434-582-2620

Commuter Affairs Larry Provost, Director North Campus Tilley Student Center 2nd Floor www.liberty.edu/commuter [email protected] 434.592.3067

Commuter Web Site www.liberty.edu/commuter Spiritual Support Moving Off-Campus Find a Place to Live Commuter Resources Campus Connections Lynchburg Community

Contact Info FAQ Finding a Place to Live LU Apartment Finder www.liberty.edu/apartmentfinder Please be aware that the City of Lynchburg allows

only three (3) unrelated people to occupy a dwelling. Fall Apartment Fair Monday, November 1, 2010 11am-3pm DeMoss Hall 15+ Exhibitors Free food and giveaways!

Resources for Commuters Research Crime Statistics in Your Area Cindy Kozerow Crime Prevention Specialist Lynchburg Police Department (434)

455-6145 Renters Insurance What if

Someone breaks in and steals my stuff? Fire or water damages my apartment and my stuff? My dog bites my neighbor? A friend sprains his ankle while visiting on my property? Consider protecting your stuff with Renters Insurance for the small price of a pizza a month.

ALLSTATE, STATE FARM, NSSI.COM & OTHERS Online Student Center www.liberty.edu/onlinestudentcenter Buy & Sell Books, Furniture, Cars, etc.. Commuter Meal Plans http://libertydining.com

UPASS Ride the GLTC bus for FREE anywhere in Lynchburg, with your Flames Pass! NEW! COMMUTER

BUS ROUTES www.liberty.edu/transit Direct Service to: Cornerstone Walden Pond Old Mill Forestbrook County Green

Park and Ride (and $ave!) Park your car at one of the following locations and step off the bus on campus. Available from: The Plaza (Memorial Avenue) (Bus 4F) Macys (River Ridge Mall) (Bus 4F) LU Residential Annex (Odd Fellows Rd) (Bus L3)

DOOR-TO-DOOR CONVENIENCE NO COST(Must register) Learn more: www.liberty.edu/transit Join a Carpool www.liberty.edu/transit Best parking on campus! Lower vehicle

registration fee Save up to $800 per year Carpool hangtags used on any vehicles registered Commuter Meet-n-Greet

Where: Legacy at Linden Park When: Monday, October 25, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm FREE FOOD & DRINKS SPIRITUAL SUPPORT COMMUTER MENTORING PROGRAM

For students looking to go deeper with God while meeting with a mature Christian on a weekly basis. Participating churches include: Thomas Road Baptist Church Timberlake Baptist Church Hyland Heights Baptist Church Blue Ridge Community Church To get involved, e-mail [email protected]

Liberty OneCard Office Director Pat Faulkinberry [email protected] Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Located just inside the Campus North student entrance.

Monday Friday, 8:00 AM 4:30 PM 434-582-7771 Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 The official campus ID card, must present valid government issued photo ID to pick up the card. Flames Cash, meal plans, student activities, LaHaye Student Center, athletic events, LU Transit, LU Post Office, ILRC

The replacement cost is $25.00 Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Flames Cash is a declining balance account. Any funds deposited into this account can be spent with any participating merchant both on and off campus. For a complete listing of participating merchants visit www.liberty.edu/cardservices. COMING SPRING 2011

Students will use Flames Cash to print on campus All resident student book vouchers will be deposited into Flames Cash SNACK VENDING Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Liberty Higher

One Card -Higher One is the banking partner used by the university to disburse refunds -Every Liberty University student is issued a Higher One card -The card is the tool needed to select a refund preference -There are two refund options available: 1. EASY REFUND (Open the OneAccount): an FDIC insured checking account . The Higher One card serves as the DEBIT card to use anywhere DEBIT MasterCard is accepted. Four ATMs on campus. 2. ACH TRANSFER (Transfer to another bank): Refunds will be

electronically deposited into your existing bank account. Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 10 Minute Break Residential Graduate Admissions/New Enrollment

Nicole Coldren 2668 Campus North (Resident Enrollment Area) [email protected] Welcome to Liberty University! Registration and Administrative Process Graduate Resident Students Admissions through first-time registration

Registration and all other administrative issues after your first enrollment is complete Student Service Center (FA, Registrar, Student Accounts) Utilize your faculty advisor for course planning throughout your program International Office Graduate

International Advisor Nicole Coldren [email protected] International Student Orientation Saturday, August 21st 1:00 - 5:00 PM DeMoss Hall Room 1090 This is Required!

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Director of Residential Graduate Student Affairs Mike Floyd [email protected] 434-592-4080 Campus North 1580

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Where do I go for Important Student Information? www.liberty.edu/gradstudentaffairs This page you will find information to help you get accustomed to life as a student. The page includes a section on complaint procedures and a section on the Code of

Honor Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Library and Research Randy Miller Services the ILRC offers Homepage: www.liberty.edu/library

Quarter-of-a-million books cataloged in LUCAS Electronic books via NetLibrary and other e-book providers Over 200 subscription databases Over 33,000 electronic journals Extended reference consultations Services the ILRC offers

APA, MLA, Turabian sample pages Worldcat provides citations for books, Ebsco databases for periodicals APA Towns, E. L., & McIntosh, G. (2004). Evaluating the church growth movement: 5 views. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. Turabian Towns, Elmer L., and Gary McIntosh. Evaluating

the Church Growth Movement: 5 Views. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2004. Services the ILRC offers Use EZ Proxy for off-campus access to subscription resources Use journal finder to find specific journals when you have a citation Use interlibrary loan to obtain materials from

other libraries first time users must create an ILLiad account As a graduate student, you may check out up to 35 books for 30 days You will publish your thesis in our new Digital Commons Graduate Writing Center

Dr. Emily Heady Services Offered One-on-one tutoring Documentation help Grammar help Research help In-class presentations E-mail quick answers

What We Do Diagnose and treat your primary writing problems Provide in-depth, interactive conversations with tutors trained in writing pedagogy and other graduate disciplines Seek to teach writing skills (rather than writing for you) Support and augment the efforts of your

professors What We Do NOT Do Proofread Contradict LU faculty Rewrite your work Encourage passive learning Focus only on grades

Nuts and Bolts To schedule a consultation, choose one of the following options: Come by Campus North 1877 Call 592-4727 E-mail [email protected] Visit www.liberty.edu/graduatewritingcenter Graduate Orientation Fall 2010

Career Center Assistant Director Clint Melton Calendar of Workshops Resume Workshop: 1st, 3rd & 5th weeks of every month-Tuesday at 4:00pm 2nd & 4th weeks of every month- Wednesdays at 11:30am

Professional Etiquette Workshop Monday, November 1st at 4:00pm Financial Workshop Thursday, October 7th at 4:00pm Huff Stewart and Carlton-Justin Victor Calendar of Workshops Job Searching/Networking Workshop Thursday, September 23rd at 4:00pm

Monday, November 15th at 4:00pm Speed Interviewing Workshop Thursday, September 9th from 4:00pm-5:00pm at North Campus Tuesday, November 9th from 4:00pm-5:00pm at North Campus Advanced Resume Workshop:* This workshop is only for those who have gone to a regular resume workshop or has had a meeting one-on-one with a critique.

Thursday October 14th at 4:00pm Career Center Services

Career Direct / Career Assessment Job Search and Research Resume Assistance Internships and Experience Interviewing / Mock Interviews Networking Branding

Graduate Orientation Fall 2010 Department Sessions Campus North Departmental Breakout Session Schedule 10:45 AM-12:45 PM History CN 1881 Seminary

CN 1500 Communication CN 1886 Counseling

CN 1491 English CN 1960 Seminary Graduate Programs* *Includes MA in Religious Studies, MA in Global Apologetics and Ph.D. in Theology and

Apologetics CN 1500 and then later in 1945 Sport Management CN 1953

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