Using MiBLSi Data to Write a Gap Statement

Using MiBLSi Data to Write a Gap Statement and a Cause for Gap May 17, 2011 Some material taken from MiBLSi Spring Data Review Improving Decision-Making From Problem To

Problem Solution Problem Solving Information Rob H. Horner, George Sugai, Teri Lewis-Palmer, & Anne W. Todd, 2005 Solution

How MiBLSi Work Can be Made Visible in Your School Improvement Plan Examples: Through references to data Through strategies and activities related to the core principles of Response to Intervention, a Schoolwide Reading Model and Positive Behavior Supports These should reflect the integrated nature of the work you are doing in reading and behavior Non Examples: We will implement MiBLSi.

We will get trained on MiBLSi. Flow to the Study Phase CAUSE FOR GAP GAP STATEMENT Critical Features of Team Conversations During the Study Phase: Have conversation that revolves around the data. Have data available and organized in a central location

(data binder, assessment booklet). Ensure all team members are actively engaged in the data review process and conversation. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of the data. Note items for celebration to share with staff. Document areas of need, action items, and plans. Define Gap Statement and Dig Deeper to Identify a Precise Problem Statement What is our gap? Where are we compared to our objective(s)? Review Progress Toward Previous Goal(s)/Objective(s), Strategies and Activities

What were our previous goals/objectives? See School Improvement Plan Have we met those goals/objectives yet? For some grades (K and first)

Is the gap getting smaller, staying the same, or getting bigger? Smaller for K and first, getting bigger in other grades, especially third. Did we complete the strategies and activities to support attainment of each goal/objective? We did not have the strategies and activities documented in a format that easily allowed us to monitor them.

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