M A S E L P Starter Spot

M A S E L P Starter Spot the difference Lesson Title: What are the features of a Stone Square Keep? Know the different parts of Stone Square Keeps M A S

Understand how these features offer the castle protection Skills: interpreting information, matching, explanation E L P Crenelation Offered the archers on the wall an area to hide in front of M A S

This gave them more protection E L P Murder holes Allowed defenders to shoot down at or pour things on to attackers below should they breach the outer defences M A S

E L P Arrow slits These were holes in the walls where arrows could be fired at enemy attackers M A S E L P

Spiral staircase These allowed defenders to quickly get up onto the castle walls M A S E L P Portcullis This was a drop down gate

which could block access to the castle entrance M A S E L P Wall walk This allowed archers to stand high on the walls to fire at any enemy attackers

M A S E L P Dungeon This was a room where captured enemies could be kept securely M A S

E L P Moat This was a physical barrier M A S A large trench filled with water which surrounded the castle E L

P Drawbridge This bridged the moat M A S The bridge could be raised and lowered, allowing men to access the castle E L P

Task Cut out and stick down the pictures showing the different features of castles Cut out the name and description of each feature of the castle and match them up to the pictures Stick the matching picture with the matching feature description in your exercise book M A S Fill in the gaps on each of the feature description cards using the words below: Words to use: fired quickly

gate room holes archers moat water murder holes crenelation E L P

Plenary Out of the nine defensive features of a castle weve looked at today, which do you think is the best defensive feature and why? M A S Discuss this question in your table pairs Write down the three most effective defensive features in the back of your book Be prepared to justify your choices!

E L P Homework Look at the homework sheet You are going to plan your perfect castle But youre not made of money, you have 70 shillings to spend! M A S Which of the features would you add to your castle and why? You must have a square keep, so thats

20 shillings spent straight away Write out your shopping list and then explain why you have chosen the features you have for your homework Make sure you make it clear how much you have spent and how much youve E L P

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