Sandra Kaplans Model Kaplans model can be used

Sandra Kaplans Model Kaplans model can be used in ALL disciplines! Math

Science Foreign Language English Fine Arts

Career Studies Social Studies Military Science Athletics

What are the icons? Language of the Discipline Looking at

Depth: Specialized vocabulary Skills and tasks specific to the discipline Tools used Benefit to society

What special vocabulary would a doctor use on a day Looking at Depth:

Elaboration Identify attributes Parts Factors Distinguishing

Traits Look at the details carefully. Can you find all 14 hidden Looking at

Depth: Identify reoccurring elements or events Determine the order of events Predict what comes next

What patterns do you see in this Looking at Depth:

Identify unclear ideas or missing information Discuss areas yet to be explored or proven Note conclusions that need further

evidence or support Ambiguity What questions does this picture bring to your

Looking at Depth: The Structure The Order The hierarcy or principles that are visible

The Classification of The Guidelines that affect it What rules must we follow when solving an addition

Looking at Depth: Note factors that cause events to occur: - Social - Economic

- Political - Geographic Identify patterns of change over

time What are the trends right now in clothing for kids? Any of these?

Looking at Depth: Determine elements that reflect prejudice, discrimination

Identify value ideas Note different points of view Look at the pros and cons, right and wrong

What ethical issues do you see in this picture? Looking at Depth:

Determine a rule or general statement that summarizes information or draws a conclusion based on evidence drawn from a collection of facts or ideas

What about citizenship, branches of government, different cultures, how people handle conflict, etc.?

What are the big ideas we study in social Looking at Complexity: Relate/integrate the area of study to include the

methodology of other disciplines Examples include: Math and Art; Music and History; Science and Literature

How might a scientist use this? A mathematician? An artist? A historian? An author? Changes Over

Time Looking at Complexity: Describe relationships between past,

present, and future Describe relationships within a time period Explain how or why things changed or

remained the same How have cell phones changed over time? Looking at

Discuss multiple perspectives Complexity: related to an area of study related to an

area of study Explore opposing viewpoints Reflect on advantages of diversity

How would this hamburger look to a: vegetarian, a cow, Shaq, Whats

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