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MAIN STREET CUPERTINO 180 room hotel, 260K sq. ft. of office, 130.5k sq. ft. of retail, and 120 apartment units Tenants include: Lazy Dog, Philz Coffee, Eureka!, Alexanders,

Pieology, 85 Degrees, and much more APPLE CAMPUS 2 (AC2) Replace 2.6 million sq. ft. of office space with 3.4

million sq. ft. that includes a 1,000 seat auditorium, fitness center, parking facility and R&D offices HYATT HOUSE HOTEL 148-room hotel with restaurant, bar, and conference rooms

FOOTHILL LIVE/WORK New six (6) townhomes with five (5) detached work spaces FOOTHILL APARTMENTS

15 apartments units on an existing vacant lot THE HAMPTONS Replace 342 apartments units with 942 apartment units (600 net new)

MARINA PLAZA 188 apartments units, with a 122 full-service hotel, and approximately 22,600 sq. ft. of retail THE FORUM

Proposed additions and renovation to an existing retirement care facility Includes 25 new independent living villas, 36 beds, 39,755 sq. ft. of renovation, 43,017 sq. ft. of new additions

VERANDA 19 unit affordable senior citizen housing development PARTICIPATE IN THE VALLCO SPECIFIC PLAN

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Save the date of upcoming design workshops (aka charrettes) April 9-13 and May 21-25 at City Hall PARTICIPATE IN THE VALLCO SPECIFIC PLAN

Planners are on tour! Look out for us at the Creekside Farmers Market on Friday mornings starting 2/16 Host a civic dinner Dates and other locations TBD VALLCO SPECIFIC PLAN

COMMUNITY INTERVIEWS We are looking for seven (7) volunteers to participate in group community interviews Must be available on February 6th at 6:00pm

Sign up with Planning Department Participants will be randomly selected from the sign up sheet

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