Integration of health in transport planning: the Health

Integration of health in transport planning: the Health Economic Assessment Tools (HEAT) for walking and cycling Practical tool for transport planners to estimate the economic value of the health benefits of regular walking and cycling Recognition of the importance of economic analysis in transport planning Effects on premature mortality only Evidence-based, transparent, adaptable and conservative

Health Economic Assessment Tools (HEAT) for walking and cycling A collaborative project Harry Rutter, Francesca Racioppi, Sonja Kahlmeier, Nick Cavill, Pekka Oja, Heini Sommer, Hywell Dinsdale, Charlie Foster, Paul Kelly, Thomas Gtschi, Christian Schweizer Karim Abu-Omar, Lars Bo Andersen, Hugh Ross Anderson, Finn Berggren , Tegan Boehmer, Nils-Axel Braathen, Dushy Clarke, Andy Cope, Audrey de Nazelle, Mark Fenton, Jonas Finger, Francesco Forastiere, Richard Fordham, Eszter Fzeki, Frank George, Regine Gerike, Mark Hamer, Max Herry, Marie-Eve Heroux, Gerard Hoek, Luc Int Panis, Michal

Krzyzanowski, I-Min Lee, Christoph Lieb, Brian Martin, Markus Maybach, Christoph Schreyer, Marie Murphy, Nanette Mutrie, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Laura Perez, Gabe Rousseau, David Rojas Rueda, Candace Rutt, Tom Schmid, Elin Sandberg, Mulugeta Yilma, Daniel Sauter, Peter Schantz, Peter Schnohr, Dave Stone, Jan Srensen, Gregor Starc, Marko Tainio, Sylvia Titze, James Woodcock, Wanda Wendel Vos, Paul Wilkinson Applications of HEAT Project website visited over 40,000 times by over 26,000 visitors; Online trainings Modelling; interventions; steady state Used by policymakers;

academics; advocates Method adopted by Sweden, England and London Dissemination events in 2015 Webinars (English and German) in collaboration with ECF Interactive, over 400 participants so fa, building a community of users Through European Commission (DG SANCO, DG MOVE, DG EAC) PASTA project (7 case study cities) VeloCity 2015

THE PEP workshop in Irkutsk (September 2015) 1st International Conference on Transport and Health (July 2015) Informal Council of transport ministers on cycling (Luxembourg, 7 October 2015) Polis 2015 Annual Conference (November 2015) EU Transport Council, October 2015: Declaration on Cycling |7

Success: case studies England Part of official toolbox for the assessment of transport projects (WebTAG) Austria Health effects of national cycling master plan USA Evaluation of 4 FHWA non-motorized transportation pilot projects

London Action plan, recommendation for using HEAT in business cases |8 Recent and ongoing updates in 2014/15 Keep HEAT abreast of scientific developments Updated relative risks functions Updated VSL (OECD)

Expanding functionality Air pollution Injuries Morbidity CO2 emissions Improve accessibility Translate to French and German Air pollution update Air pollution effect estimates

Health impact in travellers Based on the difference in the intake of PM2.5 while cycling/walking compared to not travelling Background PM2.5 or converted PM10 Where cycling/walking takes place Only inputthe required: Linear dose-response function (w/c RR adjusted to AP)

Default values for ventilation rates, conversion factors for PM2.5 Copyright: Harry Schiffer | 10 Air pollution update Other updates Updated population mortality rates Updated national VSL estimates

Usability improvements Copyright: Harry Schiffer German and French translations (thanks to France and Switzerland) | 11 Next events Launch of air pollution module (December 2016)

Translations to French (France) and German (Switzerland) (January 2016) Dissemination: webinars, conferences Scoping exercise on next steps User consultation on strengths and weaknesses Comparison with other models Core group meeting on scope of next update (Feb 2016) Beyond 2016: further development through EC (DG RESEARCH) project PASTA to address injuries, morbidities and CO2

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