As. Univ. Dr. A.R. Pintilie Fetus LIE the relation of the long axis of the fetus to the mother


EXTENSION Fetal ATTITUDE the posture of the fetus

Fetal PRESENTATION - that portion of

fetal body that is either foremost within the birth canal or in closest proximity to it. The presenting part can be felt through the dilated cervix only on vaginal

examination. Cephalic presentations A. Vertex; B. Sinciput

C. Brow; D: Face Frank (extended) breech

Complete (full) breech Breech presentations

Shoulder presentation

Fetal POSITION refers to the relation of an arbitrarily chosen portion of the fetal presenting part ( named DENOMINATOR) to an arbitrarily chosen point from the

pelvic inlet. Accordingly, with each presentation there may be 8 positions.

Fetal skull The pelvis is divided into 8 parts (the arbitrarily chosen points) for the purpose of description

Vertex presentation - denominator - occiput Sinciput presentation - denominator - bregma

Brow presentation - denominator (root of the) nose Facial presentation - denominator (mentum) or chin

Breech presentation denominator - sacrum Shoulder presentation denominator - acromion

Vertex presentationpositions Labour mechanism in L.O.A.

Uterine contraction the only active event of labour The passive processes of labour The

finish of the shape structure of the lower segment The passive

processes of labour: - The dilatation of the cervix - The formation of the

forewaters The passive processes of the labour: Labour mechanism in L.O.A. the cephalic extremity

Mecanismul de natere ANGAJAREA

Mechanism of labour in R.O.P.-flexion,engagement,internal rotation,descending,extension,expulsion Mechanism of labour in L.O.A.

The first stage of labour (or stage of dilatation) lasts from the onset of true labour until the cervix is fully dilated

The second stage of labour (or stage of expulsion of the fetus) lasts from full dilatation of the cervix until the fetus is born The third stage of labour lasts from

the birth of the child until the placenta and membranes are delivered and the uterus has retracted firmly to compress the

uterine blood sinuses

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