Variance and Silviculture: Lessons and Directions Nick Som

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Wheres the focus? Web of Science Search for silviculture related Forest Science variance, (auto)covariance, spatial statistics variance, (auto)covariance, spatial statistics 3 matches

mean or average 0.023 91 matches mean or average 133 matches Ratio: Search for silviculture related

14,174 matches Ratio: 0.006 Scott et al 1998 The two highest densities averaged better percent survival than lower densities, mean height increased as planting density increased, mean DBH also increased with closer planting density,

proportion of large trees was greater in the denser spacings, trees in denser spaced plots averaged greater DBH and height than those in EVIDENCE???!!!! nope Figure 1: Average percentage of trees in relative DBH classes for the 300-, 1360-, and 2960-tph planting densities across all locations (Scott et al 1998). Is it that much harder? 1* SE

Just put the confidence interval on there. Figure 2c: Effects of opening size and edge orientation on windthrow of live subalpine fir at 5 m (dark circles) and 25 m (open triangles) from edge of openings. Error bars are 1SE, based on three replicate units for each point (Huggard et al 1999). 1.96*SE 2.xx*SE Getting Better Basics can still lack More sophisticated use of variance

Hey, this stuff works And it works better Bibliography Huggard, D.J., W. Klenner, and A. Vyse. 1999. Windthrow following four harvest treatments in an Englemann spruce- subalpine fir forest in southern interior British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 29: 1547-1556. Scott, W., R. Meade, R. Leon, D. Hyink, and R. Miller. 1998. Planting density and tree-size relations in coast Douglas-fir. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 28: 74-78.

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