Virsraksts UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA 2011 STUDIES IN LATVIA Virsraksts Total number of students (2009/2010) 122 350 19 public HEIs (6 Universities) 18 public colleges 69% 3% Full time students 63% Studies funded by public resources

27% 15 private HEIs 25% 8 private colleges 3% Part time students 37% Studies funded by private resources 73% HIHGER EDUCATION Virsraksts SYSTEM IN LATVIA Virsraksts STRUCTURE UNI VERSI TY OF LATVI A Rector / Senate /

Administrative departaments / Services 18 000 students, 1200 academic staff, 2000 general staff UNI VERSI TY ENTERPRI SES CORE UNI VERSI TY I NTEGRATED I NSTI TUTES UL Foundation 13 Faculties, 7 Res. I nstitutes 2 Libraries Res. and Study Centres Botanical Garden I nnovation Centre 9 Res. I nstitutes 2 Medical Colleges Companies with the

UL participation, incl. Riga Grad. Scool of Law (250 stud.) and SSE Riga (400 stud.) DOCUMENTS Virsraksts REGLAMENTING STUDY PROGRAMMES Laws Law on Higher Education Institutions, Law on Education, UL Charter Legal Acts of the Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers regulations, e.g. Standards for Academic and Professional study programmes UL normative documents regulations of enrolment, on study programmes, procedures for approving study programmes, documents regulating study process MISSION

UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA Virsraksts (UL) UL provides opportunities for students to acquire the skills required for the labour market, gain a higher education and develop themselves through scientific and artistic creative work. UL promotes development of society and the state in Latvia. UL is an active participant in international academic life, facilitating cultural links, cooperation between branches of science and usage of knowledge. VISION In 2019 the UL is one of the leading research university in the Baltic Sea region and occupies a high place among the universities of Europe. UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA Virsraksts

University of Latvia integrates diverse fields of research and studies with creative initiative to provide the higher education of European standard, to cultivate the Latvian language and traditions of cultural cooperation. Integration of Science and Studies Physics Chemistry NUMBER OF STUDY Virsraksts PROGRAMMES IN UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA Undergradua Graduate Doctora te l Sciences 15 18

9 Humanities 14 14 5 Social sciences 20 21 9 Teacher education 7

7 1 Total : 140 56 60 24 UL BUDGET INCOME Virsraksts (2010, 50 M LVL in %) Research Income 12% Independent research Institutes 25% State budget

donation for studies 22% Investment projects 1% Services 4% Tuition fees Structural funds 7% 29% UL ACADEMIC STAFF Virsraksts (2010) STAFF IN UL DEPARTMENTS Virsraksts UL Departments Students

Ph.D. Students Biology 360* 63 52 Chemistry 407 39 31 Computing 892

43 40 Physics and Mathematics 739 80 80 Geography and Earth Sciences 577 72 38 Medicine 1032

48 49 Linguistics and Literature 2085 74 82 History and Philosophy 495 48 28 Theology 115

15 13 Law 1907 85 55 Economics and Management 3647 163 110 Social Sciences 1599

75 41 Education, Psychology and 7,93 MLVL; RESEARCH GRANTS IN 2009 Art 101 PUBLISHED SCI PAPERS IN 2010 2582 95 (Web of Science ) 01.10.2011 Staff 99 ACADEMIC STAFF IN LU

Virsraksts INSTITUTES - AGENCIES 2011 LU INSTITUTES - AGENCIES Biology 69 Mathematics and Computer Science 101 Solid State Physics 96 Polymer Mechanics 30 Physics 44

Latvian Language 30 Latvian History 36 Literature, Folclore and Art 38 Phylosophy and Sociology 26 RESEARCH GRANTS IN 2009 6,85 MLVL; PUBLISHED SCI PAPERS IN 2010 152 (Web of Science ) ACADEMIC STAFF IN LU Virsraksts INSTITUTES 2011 LU INSTITUTES Astronomy

12 Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy 36 Geodesy and Geoinformatics 12 Chemical Physics 11 Microbiology and Biotechnology 33 Experimental and Clinical Medicine 9 Cardiology

19 Social and Political Research 5 Pedagogy 6 Education Research 4 Botanical Garden 11 RESEARCH GRANTS IN 2009 1,12 MLVL PUBLISHED SCI PAPERS 2010 25 (Web of Science ) RESEARCH IN UL

Virsraksts PRIORITY RESEARCH AREAS Modeling of the Processes and Materials; ICT; Environment and Health ; Socioeconomic Problems of Transition Societies; Lettonica (Cultural Identity, History, Baltic Languages) RESEARCH IN UL Virsraksts HORIZONTAL PRIORITIES Doctoral studies and Doctoral Schools; Come back grants; Development of research infrastructure ; Development of technology transfer activities; Communication of Science Research Assessment Exercise in 2012 Doctoral Studies

Virsraksts Dostoral theses defended 72 2008, 76 2009, 85 2010, >100 2011 Multidisciplinary Doctoral Studies Programmes 15 doctoral schools established, established e.g., Biomedical Research and New Medicinal Technologies; Letonics and Intercultural Studies; Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies, etc. INTERNATIONAL Virsraksts EXCHANGES 109 bilateral agreements in 37 countries Participation in 6 Erasmus Mundus projects: Erasmus Mundus Action 1 Joint Europen Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion: MISOCO Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Lot Western Balkan Countries: JoinEU-SEE;

Lot Russia: Triple I; Lot Central Asia: CENTAURI; Lot Occupied Palestinian Territories: Lot 3b Lot SouthEastAsia: MOVER ERASMUS EXCHANGES Virsraksts STUDENT GUIDANCE (1) Virsraksts University of Latvia provides educational, career and psychological support, including dedicated support for students with special needs. Responsibility is shared between Student Service in Administration, Departments, Student Union and organizations in the Departments. Central

student The main responsibilities of the Student Service: - Admission(recruitment, management of enrolment process etc.) - Educational counselling (counselling about study programme etc.) - Career guidance (individual and group counselling, online resources) - Psychological support (individual and group counselling) - Support for students with special needs (individual counselling, online resource development) Student Guidance (2) Virsraksts Counselling and support at the Departments: study programme secretary (adviser, counsellor), study programme director. Some Departments have established their own Student Office; Student Union and student organizations at the Departments adaptation week for the first year students, coordinate culture and sport activities, participate in study programme quality assessment; provide communication between faculty

leadership and students. STUDY PROGRAMME QUALITY Virsraksts MANAGEMENT STUDYVirsraksts ORGANIZATION Academic calendar (2 semesters - 20 weeks each and the summer semester) Full time and part time studies Enrolment in UL ( Exhibition School, centralized examinations, study guide) Process of registration - For studies ( parts A, B , C) - For courses Scholarships, credits, patron stipends Rotation Status of listener (agreements with other higher education establisments, Riga Technical University contract) Further education Virsraksts

Locations of LU Virsraksts Thank you for your attention!

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