LINC Y GOGLEDD Tony Heaton University of Wales

LINC Y GOGLEDD Tony Heaton University of Wales Bangor LINC y Gogledd Cross sectoral library partnership Four full members: University with three public library services.

Three associate members: FE colleges Unlocks the wealth of resources available for learners in North-West Wales What makes LINC different? LINC A broke down barriers to borrowing

free reciprocal borrowing scheme Users to books, or books to users From little acorns.. University off-campus students Public

libraries learning support role Heads of Service agreed common interest Concordat for partnership agreed and approved by Committees and Councils Steering Group Examined

existing policies, procedures, systems and infrastructures To identify best means of inter library requesting, lending, delivery, recall, return (and non-return) ICT A systems and physical infrastructures

name! LINC y gogledd Pilot scheme in October 2002 Formal existence in North-West Wales since March 2003

Splendid isolation Access to library resources is absolutely essential to any learner. This need is even greater for those attempting to study in isolated communities with none of the usual support structures available to campus-based students 20% of the total land area of Wales with 10% of the population. Population density 7.9 people per km sq.

Mountains! The case of the Off-campus student Mrs. Jones Part-time student Working

mum 2 children and elderly relative. Lives far from Bangor What Mrs. Jones did next Go to her local public library Asks

for the book. Public Library emails University Library Same procedure for all users Personal Borrowing via LINC Traditional for universities to charge for external borrowing privileges

No If charge for personal borrowing registered with scheme partner Personal application form Boring Statistics of 2004 Personal registration with UWB through LINC 632 people; 3177 items borrowed

UWB items supplied to public libraries 573 items to 29 branch libraries Public Library items supplied to UWB 37 items from 13 branches Issues Core reading texts

Perception of service dilution to core users Staff resource issues as net lender Managing expectations Learning curve for Ynys Mon re email Staff awareness Correctly following procedures Benefits University Off-campus students benefit Powerful marketing and recruitment tool Public library

Increases range of titles available Reduced Interlibrary loans expenditure Value added benefits Media Basis coverage; Political kudos of further joint projects; Funding Getting No to know each other is enriching

hesitation now in contacting public libraries with queries and vice versa The future Other partners: Expansion Health & Special libraries? east along A55 or South along

A470? Joint projects; Sharing other media Remarketing and branding Conclusion LINC y Gogledd is Proven successful scheme to support community-based lifelong learning

Already embedded into mainstream library provision in the four services Helps break down barriers to learning to make Wales the Learning Country Credit where its due Collaboration in resource sharing by the

four partner library services, through removing barriers to borrowing, is unquestionably an essential key in helping achieve these Government priorities in North-West Wales

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