Starbucks Time Line Launches Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Starbucks Time Line Launches Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee, Revamps food offerings, Partners with RED and is awarded the most engaged brand in social media Schultz founds II Gliornale, offering beverages made from Starbucks opens first store 1971 1982-1984 Howard Schultz jioins Starbucks & Travels to Italy where he's impressed with the

popularity of coffeehouses 1985 II Giornale acquires Starbucks 1987 Offers full time benefits to both full and part time employees 1988 1995-1996 Introduces Starbucks super-premium ice cream & begins selling bottles

Acquires Tazo, extends into grocery channels & launches 1998 2000 Establishes licensing agreement with TransFair USA Establishes licensing agreement with TransFair Introduces the Starbucks Card 2001 Acquires

Seattle Coffee Co. 2003 2007 Offers full time benefits to both full and part time employees Starbucks closed 600 store locations 2008 2009 Our COFFEE, Our PARTNERS, Our CUSTOMERS, Our STORES, Our NEIGHBORS & Our SHAREHOLDERS Mission: To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time (

Company Starbucks Allen & Company LLC Ariel Capital Management, LLC Juniper Networks, Inc. PepsiCo, Inc. Kissinger Associates Facebook, Inc. Trinity Ventures Colgate-Palmolive Co. J.C. Penny Company, Inc. PepsiCo, Inc. Board of Directors Position Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Managing Director President Chief Executive Officer Retired Executive Officer Managing Director Chief Operating Officer General Partner Emeritus Retired Vice Chairman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Retired Chief Executive Officer

Name Howard Schultz William Bradley Mellody Hobson Kevin Johnson Olden Lee Joshua Cooper Ramo Sherly Sandberg James Shennan, Jr. Javier Teruel Myron Ullman, Ill Craig Weatherup Title Chairman, President, and CEO President, Starbucks Coffe e US President, Starbucks International President, Global Consumer Products, Foodservice President, Global Development President, Seattle's Best Coffe e Chief Marketing Offi cer Chief Financial Offi cer, Chief Administrative Offi cer Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations Chief Information Offi

cer, Executive Vice President, Digital ventures Executive Vice President, Partner Resources (Human Resources) Executive Vice President, Public Affairs Senior Vice President, Global Strategy Name Howard Schultz CliffBurrows John Culver JeffHansberry Arthur Rubinfie ld Michelle Gass Annie Young-Scrivner Troy Alstead Paula Boggs Peter Gibbons Stephen Gillett Kalen Holmes Vivek Varma Mary Egan Community Service, Youth Action, Starbucks (RED) & The Ethos Water Fund Weve always believed that businesses can and should have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Recycling, Energy, Water, Green Building & Climate Change Ethical Sourcing: Farmer Support Wellness: Health Care Reform, Menu Labeling & Sodium Reductions External Environment Natural and Societal Natural Environment Growing water scarcity Energy availability a growing problem Increased focus on sustainability Growing recycling focus Societal Environment Economic Technological > 3 million payments by phone since the launch of the mobile app 1.3 million followers on Twitter 4.5 million Foursquare check-ins 20 million fans on Facebook

Political/Legal Porters Five Forces: 1.Current Competitive Force 2.Threat of Potential Entrants 3.Bargaining Power of Buyers 4.Bargaining Power of Suppliers 5.Threat of Substitute Products Starbucks is always managing the tension between opposites. One the other hand, Id say were comforting and predictable. Yet on the other hand, were constantly surprising and delighting. Starbucks Coffee Worldwide Locations We believed the best way to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers was to hire and train great people, we invested in employees who were zealous about good coffee. STARBUC KS FINANCIA LS

NSRGY. Industry PK SBUX PVT MCD Market Cap: 29.41B N/A 88.44B 204.34B 272.47M Employees: 137,000 10,751

400,000 281,000 15.90K Qtrly Rev Growth (yoy): 9.90% N/A 8.90% N/A 20.90% Revenue (ttm): 11.19B 577.10M 24.58B 129.41B

1.60B Gross Margin (ttm): 58.61% N/A 39.95% 57.20% 34.97% 1.99B N/A 8.76B 20.68B 266.74M 13.00% N/A

30.39% 13.42% 6.32% 1.09B 26.90M 5.07B 10.86B N/A EPS (ttm): 1.43 N/A 4.73 12.53 1.57

P/E (ttm): 27.41 N/A 18.01 5.01 27.65 PEG (5 yr expected): 1.48 N/A 1.66 3.63 1.62 P/S (ttm): 2.62

N/A 3.62 1.58 2.43 EBITDA (ttm): Operating Margin (ttm): Net Income (ttm): *SBUX = Starbucks *Pvt1 = Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc. *MCD = McDonald's Corp. NSRGY.PK = Nestl Industry = Special Eateries 1 1 INTERNAL EXTERNAL


Weaknesses The ability to sell a "Status" Social Responsibility Program Ability to reach consumers wherever they may be Vertically integrated Social networking, word of mouth and image advertising Outstanding customer service & staff Human Resources Innovation /Technological development Website presence (My Starbucks) Extremely Profitable Outstanding reputation "Third Place" Wi-Fi access Increase Outsourcing

Higher prices Brand dilution Market Saturation Starbucks Coffee International, Joint Ventures Don't participate in traditional marketing Board of Directors demographics Privacy security for electronic transactions High operating expenses Profits are dependent of coffee products POSITIVE NEGATIVE Opportuntiies Threats Established industry leader Offering unique products and atmosphere Long term agreements with current suppliers to control costs Increased consumers and need for more store locations Well developed research and development team Store locations are unique Controlled access to distribution channels Global expansion Customers appear to not be price sensitive

Economic situation Competitors now offering similar products Increase in Coffee Prices Starbucks Effect Change in societal expectations High Real-estate expenses Change in import laws and regulations Health conscious epidemic STRENGHTS 1. Social Responsibility 2. Social Media 3. Third Place WEAKNESSES 4. Brand Dilution 5. Market Saturation 6. High Operating Expenses OPPORTUNITIES 7. Increase Consumer Means Increased Store Locations

8. Unique Store Locations 9. Customer Are Not Price Sensitive THREATS 10. Competitors Offering Similar Products 11. Starbucks Effect 12. Change in Societal Expectations 1. Reevaluate store locations to consider less populated and affluent areas 2. Focus less on increasing output and locations and more on quality on brand image 3. To continue operating in a non-franchise manner 4. Release new products and services that are more unique/innovative than their competitors 5. Maintain long-term contracts with suppliers 6. Expand globally in a more timely manner ANY QUESTIONS?

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