Chapter 11: lightning this girl is charged !!

Chapter 11: lightning this girl is charged !! Source: Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, Fundamentals of Physics Lightning is due to in-cloud electric charge separation. This separation can only be understood in view of cloud

processes. Lightning Conductor large electric potential small

electric potential Source: Viemeister, The Lightning Book lifecycle of a lightning strike

pilot leader stepped leader return stroke textbook, Fig. 11.28 Lightning Strike Frequency

Ground strikes /km2/yr Source: Ackerman and Knox, Meteorology lightning occurs mostly over land reasons: 1. CAPE and convective updrafts are weaker for marine thunderstorms 2. the marine environment has fewer CCN and fewer ice nuclei.

review Final will cover

chapter chapter chapter chapter 7 global winds

9 airmasses and fronts 10 extratropical cyclones 11 thunderstorms and tornadoes Final is similar in format and value to the two mid-semester tests Summary of chapter 7: how winds blow around the globe General circulation model Hadley cell, Ferrel cell, Polar cell

trade winds, mid-lat westerlies, polar easterlies Polar front; mid-latitude heat transfer by transient airmass advection jet stream above the polar front (thermal wind) effect of continents and seasons ocean currents, and upwelling Summary of chapter 9: airmasses and fronts

airmass classification cT cP mT

mP frontal classification cold fronts

warm fronts stationary fronts occluded fronts Summary of chapter 10: how a mid-latitude frontal disturbance works Fronts exist, may strengthen, and may evolve

Polar front (initial) Developing phase (open wave) Mature phase (occlusion first forms) Dissipating stage (low far into the cold air) This evolution is tightly connected to the jet stream

Evolution of a frontal disturbance Chapter 10 review contd

The jet stream is consistent with a large horizontal temperature gradient (the atmosphere is baroclinic). The jet stream has waves, called Rossby waves These waves may first form in the lee of mountains (lee cyclogenesis) These waves propagate, and are unsteady The shorter waves are important for weather at the surface, because

UL divergence causes uplift, and cyclogenesis near the surface. These waves, in turn, are affected by the low-level cyclogenesis.

UL divergence occurs ahead of the Rossby trof Warm advection ahead of the surface low builds the UL ridge Cold advection behind the surface low deepens the UL trof. The evolution of midlatitude frontal disturbances is understood by the synergy between UL wave evolution, and LL cyclone evolution (baroclinic instability).

Finally, the raison dtre of these frontal disturbances is to transfer heat poleward fast fast slow

Note the advection of cold and warm airmasses Chapter 11: review All thunderstorm types require static instability

The more instability, the stronger the updraft, and the more severe the storm can be Three types exist:

Ordinary (air mass, single-cell) Multicell Supercell The distinction between these types is based on wind shear

Low-level warm, humid air Upper-level cool air Ordinary storms: little shear short-lived Supercell storms: strong shear -> long-lived

Thunderstorms are sometimes organized on the mesoscale as large storm clusters (maybe squall lines) Chapter 11: review contd Supercell storms are marked by Rotating updraft Due to the tilting of horizontal spin (from the wind shear) Strengthened by vortex stretching

Separate downdraft Sometimes also a hook echo a bounded weak-echo region A v-notch Most tornadoes, and all severe ones (F3-F5), are spawned by supercell storms

The supercell mesocyclone may spawn a tornado by the same mechanisms: Vortex tilting Vortex stretching Tornadoes are classified from F0 to F5, according to intensity Lightning results from charge separation in a thunderstorm supercooled droplets need to collided with graupel/hail

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