Training, training, training! Master that gun! Master that

Training, training, training! Master that gun! Master that gun!... We used to say that our gunners got so good, you know, that they could dissemble a gun, put it in a scoop and throw it in the air, and itd come d own assembled and shoot.- E.S.Russenholt, 44th (Manitoba) Battalio Vimy, Pas-de-Calais, France April 9 12, 1917

The attack began at dawn on Easter Monday, April, 9 in 1917. The Canadians had taken over the crest of Vimy Ridge by afternoon that day. By April 12, the Canadians controlled the entire ridge. Preparing for the battle

Formerly, maps were only to be used b y officers and they were rarely seen by the men. All 40,000 men were given a marked m ap for the battle of Vimy Ridge. The troops were conducted over a replica of the battlefield w ith tapes, flags and signposts indicating German trenches, b arbed wire entanglements, machine gun posts, and other st rong posts. Each man was told what to expect and when to

expect it, what his objective was and how long it would take to get there Daniel G. Dancocks Week of Suffering New Tactics Vimy Glide advancing at a measured pace of 100 yards every 3 minutes to match a c reeping artillery barrage.

McNaughtons Flash spotting and sound ranging A series of microphones were set up along t he front. It would pick the sounds as the s hells moved through the air and the locati on of the gun was determined from the ti me intervals between the microphones by McNaughton and his staff.

Machinery Canada Weapons machine guns Weapons

asphyxiating (suffocating) / blistering gas Weapons grenades Statistics 20 000 dead or wounded

4 000 captured # of soldiers involved unknown 3 598 dead, 7 004 wounded 100 000 soldiers involved

In previous Allies attempts to take over the ridge, 200 000 Canadians, British, French and Germans were killed and buried. Sir Julian Byng commander of the British and Canadian Corps the capture of Vimy Ridge

Byng had relied on General Arthur Currie to capture Vimy Ridge A.W. Currie Arrived at the front in the spring of 1 915 and became the commander of t he 1st division that September. Emerged as a hero in the second battle of Ypres and

became the commander of the senior Canadian Divisional Commander. Billy Bishop Top Canadian flying ace during World War one. Took part in the battle of Vimy Ridge as one of the

fighter pilots Nor could I believe that the little brown figures moving about below me were really men- men going to the glory of victory or the glory of death. Air Battle over Vimy Ridge

The Royal Flying Corps had 369 observation planes and 385 available fighters. Germans had one third of this total.

However, the Germans had more advanced guns and they also had the Red Baron and his legendary Flying Circus. Bloody April The month of April became to be

known as Bloody April because of the warfare in the skies above Vimy. The Red Baron alone had made thirty kills during that month. Victory

By mid-afternoon, April 12, 1917, the Canadians had earned complete victory over the Germans. Not only did the Canadians gain Vimy Ridge back from the Germans, they had earned pride and recognition as an independent nation. Vimy Ridge Battle Honours

Major General Arthur Currie Knighted Victoria Cross to Private William Milne Victoria Cross to Lance-Sergeant Ellis Sifton Victoria Cross to Captain Thaine MacDowell Victoria Cross to Private John Pattison Bibliography "Battles: the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 1917." First World War. 25 Oct. 20 07 .

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