Shaping The Entrepreneurial University Founded in 2004 with

Shaping The Entrepreneurial University Founded in 2004 with a grant from the Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri Main purpose is to stimulate entrepreneurship across the entire campus The Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Defines entrepreneurship in a comprehensive way

Transforming ideas into ventures that create valueto help Provides resources make entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Infrastructure and Support Advisory Board Deans

College of Fine and Applied Arts College of Applied Life Studies College of Engineering Graduate College College of Business College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Larry Schook College of ACES Rajshree Agarwal College of Business Institutional Support Staff of 10 support and professional staff Assessing Opportunities and

Challenges On Line Faculty Survey 542 responses received (27%) Open to a broad interpretation of entrepreneurship More than half reported barriers to being entrepreneurial (entrepreneurship should be rewarded) Over 60% are interested in taking workshops offered by the Academy Over 50% interested in faculty development opportunities Assessing Opportunities and

Challenges Graduate Student Survey 2,500 responses (25%) surveyed Students from every major academic unit responded Two-thirds expressed a desire to start own company or be self-employed at some point One-third feel prepared to accept a position with a start-up or entrepreneurial firm 70% would accept an offer from a start up business after graduation Major Strategic Initiatives

Strengthen Entrepreneurship as a Respected Field of Study Expand National and International Identity for the Academy Cultivate Entrepreneurial Perspective and Skills Engage Entrepreneurship Champions Create Sustainability for the Academy Strengthen Entrepreneurship Study Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund Collaboration with the Vice Chancellor for Research and Illinois Extension

Visiting Scholars Program Invited lectures in collaboration with Academic Units on campus Entrepreneurial Opportunity Fund Support for Creative and Innovative Projects Expand National International Identity Presentations at National and International Conferences AC21 Conference NCGE conference

USASBE Academy of Management Partnership with International Organizations WUN University International Studies, Center for Global Studies Illinois State-Wide Expansion of Entrepreneurship University of Illinois - Chicago Cultivate Entrepreneurial Skills Wide Range of Workshops and

Lectures 29 Workshops covering diverse topics Inspirational Speakers and recognized Scholars Curriculum Components for Class Instruction Business Simulation Assessment tools Opportunity Scorecard and Entrepreneurship assessments Business Plan Competitions Local and National Competitions Engage Entrepreneurship

Champions Faculty Fellows Program 15 Fellows from Across Campus Diverse Curriculum Designed for Specific Disciplines Faculty Affiliates Program Engagement of Entrepreneurial Faculty Academy Advisory Board Deans from Colleges at UIUC Recruit Entrepreneurial Alumni Serve as Judges and Mentors

Base of Financial Support Create Sustainability Raise $15 million Endowment Major Donors and Alumni support Secure University Commitments Undergraduate Minor Curriculum commitments University Support A resource for the University Strategic Plans Financial commitments

Faculty Fellows 2005-2006 Ann Abbott Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Steven Anderson Social Work Hamish Gow Agriculture & Consumer Economics & Business Administration Darcy Lear Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese

Lawrence Schook Animal Sciences & Institute for Genomic Biology Joseph Squier Art & Design Faculty Fellows 2006-2007 Rajshree Agarwal-Tronetti Business Administration Liora Bresler Curriculum and Development Les Christianson

Agricultural and biological Engineering Paul Ellinger Agricultural and Consumer Economics Gordon Hutner English Gale Summerfield Women & Gender in Global Perspectives Michael Twidale Graduate School of Library & Information Science

Madhu Viswanathan Business Administration Gary Xu East Asian Languages & Cultures Ali Yassine Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering Shaping Entrepreneurship Through Partnerships in Creativity and Innovation

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