1 Planning Signpost to Success The world will

1 Planning Signpost to Success The world will step aside for the man [or woman] who knows where he [or she] wants to go. Anonymous possibly Henry David Thoreau 2 Planning is basic It is about Excellence in leadership and management of resources Program offerings Values, skills and competencies Academic & administrative processes Organizational culture Encourages excellence and confidence by providing A road map

Knowledge of what specific changes need to be made Priorities for work What needs to be retained and what left behind Training in new skills 3 Planning and the road map Annual Unit Plan Colleges Strategic Plan To do list List your top priorities for the year With an eye to lessons learned from past year and looking ahead to the next year Align your goals with Best practices Your Vice President

Colleges Strategic Plan A five-year plan with annual and five-year goals Reviewed annually by the Strategic Planning Committee to ensure its continuing relevancy Includes: Mission statement Vision statement Core values Strategic planwith 7 goals and 38 objectives 4 Model of planning is changing Ten Years Ago Planning Execution Ten years ago90% planning/10% execution Today Planning

Today70% planning/30% execution Executio n Ten years from now40% planning/60% execution Ten Years From Now Planning Execution 5 Compliance Assist includes: SACS Compliance Report Strategic Plan Student Learning Outcomes QEP Annual Unit Level Plan Budget Information

Program Review Planning is streamlined in Compliance Assist This combination of planning, budget, and accountability functions in a single software program should enable us to realize the planning standard of 40% planning to 60% execution 6 Your ULP General guidelines The 3-year vision 1. Goals (points of focus on annual to-do list)what you are seeking to accomplish & linked to MCCs strategic plan 2-6 (average is 3) 2. Strategies (methods of accomplishing your goals)how will accomplish

Generally it takes 2 strategies per goal 3. Measures (a specific date, number, or measurable result that will let you know you accomplished what you set out to do)helps you define the target/ finish line Normally the number of measures are about the same as number of goals (with a single measure being used for multiple strategies) Most recent year completed What are lessons learned to improve/revise upcoming year? Current year Gather documentation and results throughout the year for inputting end-of-year results Up-coming year Based on findings from past and current year, develop a revised plan that will maximize improvement and make a compelling case for the upcoming budget allocations

7 Words of wisdom? The planning process is the setting and your units work is the gemstone. Make sure youve sufficiently engaged in the planning process to show off your unit to others Missing key to-do items from your annual plan can result in: Failure to support and receive annual budget requests Missing recognition for your units efforts and accomplishments Diminished respect for your unit both on and off campus Have an annual planning meeting for your unit and include all unit membersmake sure to maximize time for sharing and creative out of the box thinkingprior to finalizing your annual plan (preferably each summer) 8 ULP help Online http://mcciep.mclennan.ed u/UnitLevel/help.php

Email, Phone, or Face-toFace Planning Assistance Tom Proctor Planning Coordinator 119 LH McLennan Community College 1400 College Drive Waco, Texas 76708 [email protected] (254) 299-8619 Technical Assistance Laura Wichman Database Admin Specialist McLennan Community College (254) 299-8093 [email protected]

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