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Sleep Hygiene NDSU Counseling Center Ceres 212 231-7845 What is sleep hygiene? Sleep practices that help you maintain your health.

These practices can help you get to sleep easier and feel more rested. Why does it matter? Sleep deprivation can cause the following shortened life spans increased risk of heart disease and stomach problems irritability, depression increased risk of automobile crashes decreased work performance and memory

lapses marital, social and employment problems difficulty learning Basics of Good Sleep Hygiene Protect your need for sleep Ensure that you have 7.5-8 hours set aside for sleep every day

Keep regular sleep hours an erratic sleep schedule messes up your biological clock and can make getting a full nights sleep more difficult go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning Basics of Good Sleep Hygiene

Avoid vigorous exercise before sleep Avoid late afternoon or evening naps Avoid eating large meals before bed Do not allow yourself to lie in bed and worry get up and do something to alleviate the worry (like journalling) Basics of Good Sleep Hygiene

Avoid caffeine before bed Take a warm bath before bed if you have a particularly difficult time getting to sleep Listen to soothing music Use your bed only for sleeping do not read, watch tv, or study in bed learn to associate your bed with relaxation

Basics of Good Sleep Hygiene Ensure a dark, quiet, cool environment Avoid oversleeping or lying in bed for prolonged periods of time after your sleep is completed If you cant sleep . . .

Try not to care whether you fall asleep or not - sometimes worrying about falling asleep is enough to keep you awake Do something relaxing to distract yourself from you inability to sleep If you cant sleep . . .

Avoid activities like housekeeping, laundry, reading, etc. that will get you active Try boring activities Eat a light snack To Learn More Visit with the Counseling Center 212 Ceres Hall - 231-7671 Visit Student Health Services Wellness Center - 231-7331

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