Senior Design Capstone Project I - Computer Science

Senior Design Capstone Project I Bishwo Gurung Shifali Kumar James Chou Introduction Bishwo

Shifali James Idea & Purpose We intend to develop software for people with disabilities such as

blindness, so that they can use the program to aid them in their daily needs independently. Supplies & Materials Needed 2 Webcams Laptop/ Computer

Programming Languages Python Matlab Software Details Identify objects

Process objects based on shape/size/colors/features Audio Input - users voice Audio Output - programs result Functionality Scan the area Process the captured

data Identify possible recognized objects Retrieve the object name through memory Output the name of object by using audio

Topics to be Implemented Computer Vision Machine-Learning To implement features such as: - depth perception

- blob counting - edge detection - image correlation Technical Perspective Example of Object Recognition

Real Life Applications People with disabilities could find things within their area without seeking assistance from others. This will help them retain their independence. So far, the software will primarily

aid those with vision impairment. Real world applications People with disabilities could cross the street on their own without the need of a human/ animal support. The software can be

implemented on more convenient, portable hardware. The program can include emergency sounds and vibrations to be more alerting.

Conclusion We hope our project will have a helpful impact on those with disabilities. We expect to learn more in this field and wish to make further

improvements during its development to make it more simple to use but also more useful. Thank you!

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