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Secondary School Leaders Forum Neil McDonald, Acting Chief Executive Officer What is QSA? Essentially a partnership of teachers, principals, public servants and other education stakeholders who perform functions defined in legislation. The Authority is a 20-person representative board The Office is responsible for implementing the decisions of the board The many thousands of teachers in hundreds of schools. 2013 Forums working closely with principals

and stakeholders Cairns Townsville Mackay Mt Isa Rockhampton Longreach Bundaberg

Maryborough Sunshine Coast Toowoomba Brisbane-Ipswich Gold Coast QSA Improvement Plan The Queensland Studies Authoritys vision is to provide quality, innovative and future-focused products and services to assist all Queensland educational communities. Snapshot of educational landscape

Review of QSA legislation Review of QSA legislation and functions: Conducted by Department of Education, Training and Employment Education (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Bill 2013 was introduced into the Parliament for its first reading 29 October The Bill has been referred to the Education and Innovation Committee for consideration New legislation planned for 1 July 2014. Parliamentary inquiry Parliamentary inquiry into assessment methods used in senior mathematics, chemistry and physics

in Queensland schools. Report containing 16 broad recommendations was released on14 October 2013. Parliamentary inquiry The Parliamentary Committee considered three main issues: whether current assessment processes are supported by teachers student participation levels ability of assessment processes to support valid and reliable judgements of student outcomes. The Government to respond within 3 months.

Review of senior assessment and tertiary entrance Review of senior assessment and tertiary entrance processes. ACER Gabrielle Matters and Geoff Masters. Report due in July 2014. Terms of reference very broad. Widespread consultation with stakeholders. Terms of reference for the review The review will consider the effectiveness of the systems and identify ways to improve, revitalise or reform them. With respect to assessment and reporting, the

review will consider: comparability of student standards of achievement appropriateness, validity and reliability of various types of assessment instruments form and content of reporting implications of the Australian Curriculum. Terms of reference for the review With respect to tertiary entrance, the review will consider: alternatives to the OP system how to include a wider range of achievements in the TE rank

the role and effectiveness of the QCS Test roles of QSA and QTAC. The review will also consider communication messages and strategies to help students, parents and others to understand the systems of senior assessment and tertiary entrance. The real story about eligibility rates Evidence that it is working

Percentage of population receiving an OP1 Percentage of population with an OP 1 to 5 QCS Test marking. 500+ Markers QCS Test marking Each aspect of SR testpaper is marked by at least 2 markers. Each WT response is marked by at least 3 markers. Analysis team monitor and identify discrepancies between markers.

Analysis of marker consistency 2013 online release of results and OPs Student Connect website ( From 9.00 am on Saturday 14 December 2013 LUI and password to login QSA needs your help to: make sure students have their LUI encourage students to log in and activate their learning account before they leave school. QSA Responding to stakeholder needs:

Secondary schools: strengthening the review panel system supporting implementation of EEIs Industry and schools: Essential Mathematics for the Trades Working with our stakeholders Primary schools: overcrowded curriculum resources to support schools. Working with our stakeholders Special needs: curriculum offerings

certification. Working with our stakeholders Special needs actions: Develop a small suite of adjusted subject area syllabuses (SASs). Develop of a curriculum framework (learning expectations) for QCIA. Provide information about recognised studies. Develop and implement communication strategy for the current QCIA requirements. QSA continues to work with special education stakeholders to progress the actions and provide professional development.

Curriculum for students with special needs Authority Syllabuses Overall Position (OP) Subject Area Syllabuses (SASs) Subject areas syllabuses for students with special needs Learning expectations for

the QCIA Individual Education Plans Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) Some useful new resources

Fractions Paper NAPLAN Test Reporting Handbook QCS Test guide for parents/carers and sample maths questions Australian Curriculum General capabilities: 21St Century Skills The 3-dimensions of Australian Curriculum F1 Di 0 L

sc ea ipl rn in e in g lea are rn as in g : s: e i rit o i pr s

um sue l cu y is i r ur rar c s- po s m o Cr nte Co

P10 Australian Curriculum Timelines Learning areas General capabilities Cross-curriculum priorities Mathematics Literacy Science

Numeracy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures History Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability

Phase 1 completed 2010 English Phase 2 and 3 to be completed 2013 Geography The Arts

Visual Arts Media Dance Music Drama Health and physical education Technologies Digital technologies Design and technologies Civics and citizenship Economics and Business Languages Work Studies Year 9-10

Critical and Creative Thinking Ethical Understanding Personal and Social Capability Intercultural Understanding Asia and Australias Engagement with Asia Sustainability P10 Queensland implementation 2012

2013 2014 English History Geography Mathematics Science

2015 2016 The Arts Health & Physical Education Civics & Citizenship Technologies Economics and Business Languages Implementation challenge 72%

79% 49% Australian Senior Curriculum ACARA subject content achievement standards QSA course

integrate national content and achievement standards add assessment and certification requirements School work program outlines how the course is implemented

Senior secondary Australian Curriculum: Ministerial decision The next step towards national consistency. The agreed and common base. ACARA is working with states and territories: common content validation of the draft achievement standards processes and timelines further senior secondary curriculum. 15 endorsed senior secondary Australian Curriculum subjects Australian Curriculum

Current Queensland Syllabus Essential English English Communication SAS 33% English English 74% Literature No Qld equivalent

English Extension (continued) English as an additional language/dialect English for ESL Learners 1% Essential Mathematics Prevoc Mathematics SAS 24% General Mathematics Maths A 56%

Mathematical Methods Maths B 36% Specialist Mathematics Maths C 9% 15 endorsed senior secondary Australian Curriculum subjects Australian Curriculum Current Queensland

Syllabus Chemistry Chemistry 20% Physics Physics 15% Biology Biology 29%

Earth and Environmental Science New Subject will replace Earth Science 1% Modern History Modern History 12% Ancient History Ancient History 10%

Geography Geography 11% Developing Queensland courses What resources do schools need? How do we engage relevant people in the process? What is the role of principals and curriculum leaders? Consultation Implementation strategy

Consultation Staged implementation or all at once? Sequencing subjects which ones first? Develop design briefs or wait till reviews are finalised? Syllabus and resource development Professional

development When is the best time for PD? Who should attend? Implementation

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