Healthy Living with Arbonne Did You Know? The #1 killer of men and women in Canada is heart disease Almost 60% (or 14.1 million) of Canadian adults are overweight or obese Canadian adults consume approx. 371g of added sugar each week! An estimated 1 out of every 4 Canadians is expected to die from cancer Toxins Are Everywhere We Ingest Them Through Our: Lungs- The air we breathe Skin- The products we use

Mouth- The food we eat Some are unavoidable, but most are by choice! How Do We Process Toxins? Our detoxifying organs: Skin Colon Kidney Lungs Liver

A Fresh Start The liver does more than 500 jobs inside your body Dr. Oz Detoxifies your body Strengthens your immune system Regulates cholesterol Stores vital nutrients

Helps hormone balance Metabolizes fats, proteins and carbs Balances blood sugar Healthy Liver & Weight Loss Fat is a Symptom- Dr. Barbara Beaty, PHD Toxic Liver = Toxic Fat There Is Good News

What about YOU? Are you or anyone you know experiencing? Fatigue Poor digestion Low energy Abdominal bloating Poor High blood concentration pressure Poor memory High cholesterol

Feeling moody Food allergies Feeling Skin problems depressed Excess weight Joint pain Frequent What do these all have in common? Stiffness headaches

4 Weeks to a New You! A Plan That Works Drop unwanted pounds (especially around the middle) Increase energy Boost Immunity Improve sleep Enhance digestion and elimination Decrease joint pain Increase mental clarity ARBONNE Gluten Free No artificial colors Dairy Free No artificial flavors

Cholesterol Free No artificial sweeteners No Soy Lecithin Lactose Free E S S E N T I A L S Arbonne 30 Day Feeling Fit Plan E

S S 2 2 2 2 1 1 Protein Shake Mix Meal Replacements Energy Fizz Tabs Fit Chews Herbal Teas Daily Fibre Boost Feeling Fit Guide

E N T I A L S Arbonne Feeling Fit Guide Highlights a profile of how you feel now and what being fit means to you suggested meal plan options for weight management healthy living fitness healthy food and snack options

protein shake mix meal replacement recipes exercise recommendations calendar for tracking E S S E N T I A L S Omega-3 Plus 1000 mg of Essential Fatty Acids Helps to reduce inflammation Promotes cardiovascular health Helps lower bad and raise good

cholesterol Increases skin hydration Improves memory and concentration Made from grains, plants & fruit! Daily Power Packs Where Healthy Meets Convenient Highly absorbable 20 essential vitamins & minerals Enzymes Probiotics Broad spectrum of antioxidants Whole food superfruits

ORAC Score= 10,000! Customized for men and womens specific needs! Arbonne 7 Day Meal Plan E S S E 7 Day Meal Plans For 1 meal replacement per day 2 meal replacements per day Full Ingredient Lists Food Exchanges

N T I A L S Feeling Fit Lifestyle Whole Foods Good Digestion and Absorption Balanced Blood Sugar Hydration

Healthy Fats Exercise Mindset Skin Care (Detox) R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S Arbonne

4 Ways to Order E S S Retail Order Preferred Client Host Rewards Independent Consultant Arbonne Special Delivery E N T I

A L S Arbonne Todays Special SAVE $193.20 30 Day Feeling Fit Plan Daily Power Packs Omega 3 Tax Shipping Total SRP $336 $106 $43 $63.05 $22 $570.0 5

Option of $120 for TODA Y $218.4 0 $68.90 $21.50 $63.05 $5 $376.8 5 E S S E N T I A

L S Arbonne E S S E N T I A L S

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