Rigidity Detection in Parkinson's Disease

Quantitative Detection of Parkinson's Disease Symptoms Advisor: Dr. Chris Kao Project Team: Kylen Bares Eddie Cao Dr. Changquing (Chris) Kao, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor in Department of Neurosurgery at Vanderbilt University Clinical interest: Microelectrode brain mapping for target localization of deep brain stimulation treatment of movement disorders

Research focus: Electrophysiology in nerve stimulation, epilepsy, pain control and head injury What is Parkinsons Disease? Neurodegenerative disorder caused by damaged or dead dopamine-neurons in the substantia nigra

Dopamine: neurotransmitter that carries information from neuron to neuron and eventually out to the muscles Brain no longer able to direct or control muscle movement in a normal manner. Half a million people every year are affected by Parkinsons

Symptoms Tremor or trembling in hands, arms, legs, jaw, and face Rigidity or stiffness of the limbs and trunk Slowness of motor movements Postural instability or impaired balance and coordination Reduced blink rate of eyes

Treatment Drugs: Levodopa/ L-Dopa Drugs designed to mimic dopamine effects or counteract acetylcholine effects Pallidotomy: Section of globus pallidus removed Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) : Implants

stimulators that block brain signals causing rigidity, tremors and other symptoms http://www.pdmdcenter.com/articles/HopkinsWeb/index.html http://www.pdmdcenter.com/articles/HopkinsWeb/index.html Problem Quantifiable measurement of the symptoms of Parkinsons disease is

needed to maximize therapy. Unfortunately, there currently does not exist a method known to be reliable. Our Proposed Device Diagnostic tool that uses pneumatic cylinders to cause movement of the arm before and during DBS surgery. Displays the pressure needed to move the arm. This pressure is multiplied by the cross-sectional

area of the cylindrical piston to calculate the force. Force needed to move the arm is directly proportional to the rigidity of the muscle. Our Device A pneumatic-actuated frame that fits around the right arm - uses air pressure for individual flexion of the fingers, hand, and forearm

- measures the pressure exerted on the actuator piston - this pressure corresponds to the force needed to move the arm and, therefore, the rigidity of the arm muscles Each patient will be their own control since we only need to measure effectiveness of treatment Our Device Composed of two main parts

Control Box Contains the pneumatic valves and pressure manifold Arm frame Encloses the arm and translates motion of pneumatic cylinder into motion of arm Current Status Acquired materials for control box and

pneumatic actuators for arm frame Control box is complete, pending a minor change in tube layout. Acquired access to a life-size dummy to design our frame around Ultimate Goals To create and test the viability of a fully controllable pneumatic device that forces movement in the arms of actual

Parkinsons patients and accurately displays the required pressure to induce movement. To enable the device to adjust in order to comfortably fit multiple patients.

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