Resident Assistant Interest Session!

Resident Assistant Recruitment Interest Session Leave Your Legacy Be an RA! Who Are Resident Assistants? RAs are student staff members whom are expected to play a variety of constantly changing roles and are responsible for creating and maintaining a residential environment that is conducive to living and learning. Each RA must be flexible and creative in meeting the residents needs by serving as a: role model mediator university resource advisor community developer programmer educator mentor friend

Requirements for Application Live on Requirement 2 semesters of living on campus by the end of Spring 2019 UTA residence hall or UTA on-campus apartment or Centennial Court GPA Requirement 2.50 Cumulative GPA at time of application 2.00 Fall 2018 Semester GPA Disciplinary Status Requirement in good standing with Office of Community Standards & Apartment & Residence Life

Housing Rent & meal plan paid and current 2015-16 Benefits Benefits Residence Halls UTA Apartments Remuneration Paycheck: $552/month* Paycheck: $702/month* Rent Arlington, Vandergriff, KC Hall, West Campus Hall - Arlington Double Rate minus $500 for the year 45% rental reduction

Lipscomb & Trinity - Lipscomb Private Double Rate Timber Brook & The Heights eff./1bath, fully furnished Receive private without 1.7x rental upgrade Value of discount: $192 - $340/month Ability to choose a roommate with the exception of the Heights on Pecan. Value of discount: $288 - $387/month Scholarship for Bronze Value: $330/month** No meal plan Meal Plan

East and West Campus - 1 bed/1 bath, unfurnished Compensated only when University is open adjusted for partial work months & holidays * 2019-2020 benefits are subject to change ** Based on 10 months of employment Benefits (continued) Personal and Professional development opportunities: Training & developing transferable skills in communication, conflict mediation, goal setting, and working in a team, just to name a few Leadership opportunities provided through conference attendance (Leadership Retreat, RA conference) and departmental committee involvement Networking & Making Connections through community development, programming and supporting UTA

events Maverick Pride by bringing residents to events like: Welcome Week events Oozeball Bed Races Halloween Casino Night Athletic events Homecoming events Late Night Breakfast Block Party and much more! Employment dates Apartments Residence Halls Through August 1, 2020 Through Early May 2020 * May work holidays/breaks

*RAs may have the opportunity to work during winter break in certain residence halls. Additional responsibilities Newsletters Cleaning inspections Community walks Door decs Floor/ramp meetings Front desk shift On Call Shifts Varies per community. At least 1 Primary and in some communities 1 Secondary as well per shift 1-2 RAs on call per night, depending on community.

Rounds 3 times per week (Thursday-Sunday) East & West Campus Nightly HOP 2 times per night Other Plan events Weekly staff meetings / one-on-one meetings Know your community and residents; visibility Committee participation Bulletin boards responsibilities Residence Halls UTA Apartments Know your residents!

Act as a resource for your residents Programming Bulletin Boards Door Decs HOP & TB Bulletin Boards/Door Decs get creative! EC & WC Weekly Meetings On-Call Duties Front Desk Responsibilities Holiday/Weekend Requirements Weekends Some weekends Holiday breaks Thanksgiving and Spring Break Winter break: RAs may have the opportunity to work during winter break in certain residence halls. Some weekend and holiday work is

required. Employment Dates UTA Apartments and Residence Halls: Apartment RAs: August 2019 August 1, 2020 Residence Hall RAs: August 2019 May 2020 Must attend a mandatory training at the beginning of August Summer Employment available Job Application Details o Apply via SNAP JOBS (#10588) by February 3rd at 11:59pm. o Submit a Supplemental Application [] by February 3rd at 11:59pm. o Applications are read and reviewed to determine eligible and qualified candidates o Submit 2 References by March 10th at 11:59pm. o Attend Interview Day if Selected for Interview Applications Due February 3rd at 11:59pm! Interview Process SAVE THESE DATES: February 27th & 28th

If selected to move on in our process, you will be required to attend Interview Day to remain eligible. Interview Day Will receive an email if chosen to interview Candidates will select their interview day and time The interview will consist of a professional thirty minute interview and a thirty minute group activity Business casual attire After the Interview If selected for a position, you will be notified by March 13th You will need to accept or decline the position by March 22 nd ? s n o i t s Que Email: u

d e . a t u @ s u p m a c livingon The Leadership Team, Residence Directors, and Assistant Residence Directors of Apartment and Residence Life.

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