Reducing Chutes and Ladders for Customers


BOB GUNTER B LU E O P S , I N C . P R ES E N T E R Bob Gunter Pre si den t B l ueO ps , In c. BlueOps, Inc. is a Maryland-based consulting firm,

providing Workforce Development and other services to government, private and non-profit clients. BlueOps currently serves as the One-Stop Operator for Frederick and Anne Arundel Counties. Connect with me: ME ET CHLOE

Ch lo e i s a 35 ye a r o ld s i n gl e p are n t, wh o j u s t lo s t h er jo b of 8 ye ar s . Ch lo e wor ked a s a wa reh ou s e s u p er vi so r f or a l a rg e re ta il c h a i n th a t j u st wen t b a n kr u p t. Ch lo e n e ve r c om p l e ted H i gh S c h oo l a n d s p e a k s En g li s h flu en tly bu t h as di fficu lty wri ti n g in h e r s e co n d l an gu a ge . S h e i s f a c in g evi c tio n at h er ap ar tme n t a n d i s tr yin g to b orrow mo n e y fro m

f ri e n d s i n ord er to h e lp p ay for gro ce r ie s f or h e r f a m il y. Ch lo e' s ca r wa s rep os s e s s e d s in c e sh e wa s n o t a b l e to m a ke th e m on th ly p a ym en ts. Ch lo e a p p li ed f o r u n em pl oym e n t i n s u r a n c e b e n e fit s a n d a tte n de d a n PO SSIB L E SE RVICES I DENTI FIED T O ASSIST

CHLO E Leg a l Ai d L o c al Wo rkfo rc e Ag enc y Evic tio n Preve n ti o n C a re e r Tr a in i n g & As s i s ta n ce

G u i da n c e C o u nt y C o mm uni ty C o mm uni ty Ac t io n C o l le g e A g enc y

G ED Prep C la s s es Foo d ba n k ES L Cl a s se s H o u s i n g As s is ta n c e De p t. of So c i a l S ervi c es

H ea lt h Dep art ment TAN F /Ca s h A ss is ta n c e H e a lth I n s u r an c e S N A P/ Fo od S ta m p s C h il d Ca re A s s is ta n c e

Agencies 6 Locations 6 ST E P 1 -Chloe catches a ride from a friend and applies for SNAP and TANF services at the local social services office. -She has to retell her story all over again

-Received an appointment to come back to the office in order to provide the necessary documents to verify income and household occupants ST E P 2 -Chloe misses her appointment at Social Services because she could not get a ride and has to call to reschedule

ST E P 3 -Attends her re-scheduled appointment at Social Services and submits completed application for benefits -Told to visit local workforce agency to get help with finding a job ST E P 4 -Chloe calls workforce agency and is told she must come into the office in person

-Waits until friend can drive her to office ST E P 5 -Chloe eventually visits local workforce agency and retells her whole story -Told that she cant register for services because she did not bring documentation regarding her TANF benefits -Intake specialist calls Social Services to request documents but is told that they wont release to

ST E P 6 -Chloe is assigned a case manager at DSS and is informed that she must submit proof that she is working with the workforce agency or her TANF benefits will be terminated ST E P 7

-Chloe returns to her local workforce agency with the necessary paperwork but is told that she probably should start at the community college first because she is unlikely to find a new job without a high school diploma E X P EC T E D O U T C O M E S?

The CIRCUMLOCUTION Office American Bureaucracy Programmatic Requirements C H LO E

P R O GR A M R EQ U I R E M E N T S SOLUTIONS? Federal, State, Regional, County, City & Municipal Agencies

Government Department of ALL Se WIOA REFERRALS W I OA R E F E R R A L S Use of Referrals are authorized (and required) by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

WIOA funds to be used for the: provision of referrals to and coordination of activities with other programs and services, including programs and services within the one-stop delivery system and, in appropriate cases, other workforce development programs 29 USC 3174 W I OA R E F E R R A L S

Referral appears in the text of the statute Times 26 D E SI G N I N G A R E F ER R A L S Y S TE M

A Case Study: Frederick County Workforce Development System WIOA Referral Process STEP 1 FO R M A TE A M Frederick County Partners formed a Local Implementation Team (LIT) to

lead the process of developing referral process LIT comprised of leaders from the following partners: -Frederick Community College (WIOA Title II) -Frederick County Workforce Services (WIOA Title I) -MD Division of Rehabilitation Services (WIOA Title IV) -Frederick County Dept. of Social Services (TANF) -Team expanded to include MD Dept. of Labor (WIOA Title III) -Eventually, responsibility for referral system shifted from LIT to all WIOA Partners -Beginning in 2018, the One-Stop Operator assumed role of facilitator

STEP 2 E S TA B L I SH A P L A N The following goals were developed: 1) Educate staff members about the services offered within the WIOA local system. 2) Encourage and facilitate client engagement with the WIOA system, linking customers with the services and benefits that they need. 3) Facilitate warm customer hand-offs between WIOA partners.

4) Provide for a more seamless customer transition and positive experience when navigating multiple partnering agencies. 5) Reduce duplication of efforts when and where possible. 6) Share customer information and pertinent documentation ST E P 3 D EV E LO P R E F E R R A L FO R M AND T O O LaSreferral

When developing form, consider: -Identifying the who, what, why, where -Barriers to employment -Benefits/Public Assistance that customer is currently receiving -Space for details and

additional information -Authorization for release/sharing of information and documents Agency One-Sheeters When developing one-sheeters, consider: -Brief Agency mission -Brief program narrative

-Eligibility requirements -Intake process -Office Location and Hours -Website -How to connect -Key Staff Contacts -One-Sheeter for each program? -Other helpful information for staff



O N G O I N G E FF O RT S RECAP Step 1 - Form a Team Step 2 - Establish a Plan Step 3 - Develop Referral Form and Tools Step 4 -Vetting and Improving Step 5 - Educate and Foster Connections Step 6 - Beta Test Step 7 - Deploy System

Step 8 - Monitor, Evaluate, Improve and Ongoing Efforts Step 9 - Celebrate Successes! IM P ROVED OUT COM ES FO R CHLO E - S t a ff h a v e p r og r a m m a t i c k n o w l e d g e about other agencies and share with Chloe -Minimize retelling her story

- Pa r t n e r s s h a r i n g d o c u m e n t a t i o n , b e n e fi t s i n f o r m a t i on a n d a s s e s s m e n t s -Wa r m h a n d o ff s s o C h l oe k n o w s w h a t t o expect, where to go and what is required in advance - Pa r t n e r s w o r k i n g t o g e t h e r t o s u p p or t Chloe and helping her resolve her Questions? Thank you!

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