Recommending a Strategy

See Distance Education with a twist Ann Doyle Manager, Arts & Humanities Initiatives

Reunion de Primavera CUDI 2002 March 28, 2002 Variations Indiana University

Variations Recording Studio that Spans a Continent

University of Southern California McGill University McGill University

Twelve uncompressed highquality audio channels streamed over Abilene and CA*net3

USC engineers mixed the audio for a live audience in LA ASL Poetry Georgetown University

ASL Poetry A Real-time Visualization System for Large Scale Urban Environments

UCLA Source: UCLA Urban Simulation Team Last Expression: Art of the

Holocaust Northwestern University Last Expression

Last Expression Teleimmersion University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois-NCSA

Old Dominion University The CAVE Immersadesk

Distributed nanoManipulator University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Master Classes

University of Oklahoma New World Symphony Columbia University Manhattan School of Music

University of Oklahoma Felicia Moyer New World Symphony Michael Tilson Thomas

photo by R. Andrew Lepley Columbia University, Manhattan School of Music and CANARIE Inc.

Pinchas Zucherman Live Performance Events Live Performances

Native Alaskan Performance, University of Alaska Dance Demonstration, Virginia Commonwealth and Virginia Tech The Great Link, The University of Michigan

The Technophobe & The Madman, distributed musical, New York University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Live Performances

Distributed recording studio, University of Alabama at Birmingham Distributed brass quintet, University of Oklahoma Dancing Beyond Boundaries, University of

Florida More Info ... [email protected] Ann Doyle Internet2 3025 Boardwalk Suite 100 Ann Arbor, MI 48108


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    This is your presentation title -

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