Recommendation of a Strategy - Lick Observatory

Planes will crash! Things that leap seconds didn't, and did, cause Steve Allen UCO/Lick Observatory 1970 IAU Comm. 31 Report

1970 IAU Proceedings 1970 IAU Proceedings 1972, Terrien in Metrologia 1978 CCIR

What is a leap second like? 6502 2005 leap second Automated Identification System (AIS) 6502 2005 leap second Automated Identification System (AIS) 6502 Also, something at Google ...

2008 leap second Linux kernel deadlock 6502 Meanwhile, at Google ...

Google leap smear 6502 Google is among the few agencies on the planet

capable of defining and distributing its own global time scale. The leap smear is a lie Cloud applications are generally not real-time systems.

2012 leap second derecho occurred 1 day before leap second 6502 2012 leap second Some Linux systems without a kernel patch from March

crashed all day before the leap if they ran NTP. Heavily loaded 6502 systems were more likely to crash.

Some Linux systems running old unpatched kernels (re)experienced the 2008 deadlock bug. Large amounts of speculation and misinformation Leap second did not crash Pirate Bay Nor fark

Some Linux systems running fully patched kernels experienced the 2012 livelock bug. Qantas reservation system Amadeus and many other sites, not all reported in the media. 2012 leap second

Linux kernel livelock 6502 2012-07-31, 2012-08-31 and 2012-12-31 NTP LI (leap indicator) bits roughly 10% to 20% of servers always wrong 6502 2012-11-19 Giant Leap and 6502 NTP servers reported year as 2000 Nov 19 14:22:16.062 MST: %SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE:

System clock has been updated from 14:22:16 MST Mon Nov 19 2012 to 14:22:16 MST Sun Nov 19 2000, configured from NTP by See threads NTP Issues Today and Possible NTP attacks? Posts reported sites having to reboot all systems.

What the computer is saying 6502 I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. I think you know what the problem is

just as well as I do. Skip Newhall Leap Second Party 6502 Masterclock TCD 26 (IRIG-B from Spectracom)

Spectracom Netclock/2 Model 8128 (WWVB) Symmetricom XLi (GPS) ESE Display 270U/9 (IRIG-B from XLi) ESE Model/85 (GPS) Symmetricom Syncserver S350 (GPS) Symmetricom Syncserver S250 (GPS)

Leap Second Party 23:59:60 6502 00:00:00 Leap Second Party

00:00:01 6502 00:00:02 2013, DevOps Reactions Say it with pictures. Describe your feelings about

your everyday sysadmin interactions. When I realized the leap second problem

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