Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2

Reading Test Study Guide QTR 2 The test will contain Vocabulary definitions only Multiple choice based on questions covered in class Short answer questions One short 2 paragraph essay question Articles covered are difficult conversations Accused the Nose Knows Guilty or innocent Animal News Words you need to know Use a dictionary to find the meaning of

negotiation Unruly Detonated Escalation Canine RegimenLegitimate Accomplice EmpathyLegendary Oblivious Neglected Prospective frenetic dire

abandoned synchronization Receptors MediatorAcknowledging humane sanctuary Questions Accused Why were Mr. Gregorys tests legendary? What does little bubbles of anxiety mean? Have you ever had a similar feeling? What was Marisa worried about? Why

did no one mess around in Mr. Gregorys class? How was Mr. Gregory oblivious? What do you think a rash of cell phone cheating means? What was the accomplice to her crime? Questions Animal News What tasks does a volunteer at an animal shelter do? What definition of Justice does the article contain? Scan the heading learning from loss Why is it called this? What are the important ideas? What is the most important idea in this section?

What award does Ariel get awarded? How is Ariels pace frenetic? What does this mean? Use details What is Ariels long term goal? Rank the tasks she does from least pleasant to most. Why? Animal news continued 1. Who is receiving justice in this article? 2. Why is this considered justice? 3.

Of the animal assistance programs Ariel has worked for, which one interests you the most? Why? 4. What event in Ariels life led to her commitment to helping animals?\What does a selection about animals have to do with Justice? 5. Imagine Ariel never had a pet, how might her life be different? 6. What is the best expression for (5) grammatically? 3rd Conditional If + Past Perfect +would/nt have + V3 If I had studied harder, I would have got a better result Condition Result

If + I had studied harder I would have gotten (v3) a better result Now think of five of your own. Topics could be music, sports, grades, homework, friends, family, vacations etc Questions The Nose Knows Why do animals work for biscuits? What does spring into action mean? Who springs into action? How many more times is a dogs nose more powerful than a humans? What does evacuated the area mean?

How long have dogs worked with police? When did this first happen? What How? different government groups use dogs? What are the different ways dogs noses have been used? (there are at least four) How many basic chemicals are dogs trained to detect? How many explosive devices can these chemicals make? What How do dogs need to do to make the grade?

many lives have bomb detection dogs saved? What does Pups for peace do? What do bloodhounds do? How are different types of dogs better at smelling than other dogs? Questions difficult conversations 1. How does Patton define a difficult conversation? 2. Why are they difficult? 3. What are some cues the body gives you to let you know a difficult conversation in underway? 4.

How are the words negotiation, legitimate, empathy and acknowledging used in this article? What do they help you understand? 5. What strategies can kids use to help in a difficult situation? 6. From what youve read so far, do you think these strategies would work in real life? Questions difficult conversations 1. What does a mediator do? When should a mediator be included to help? 2. What are the good ways to start of a difficult conversation? 3. What is SCRAM? Why would students use it? What are the benefits

4. What is arbitration? 5. What is mediation? 6. How are mediation and arbitration different? 7. What strategies in this article will you use in the future? Why? 8. The article states that arbitrators are often retired judges. Why does this make sense? Questions Guilty or Innocent What was Alger Hiss convicted of?

Do you think the trial took place recently or many years ago? What happened in winter 1934? What happened in April 1945? Why do you think the USA was so concerned about people connected to the Communist party? Why did Whitaker Chambers introduce himself to Hiss as George Crosley What evidence led to Hisss conviction for perjury?

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