Railroad SessionRailroad Acquisition, Crossings, etc.

Railroad Session Railroad Acquisition, Crossings, etc. September 5, 2018 ALLEN RUST, PE RAIL COORDINATOR KYTC DIVISION OF RIGHT OF WAY AND UTILITIES Railroads in Kentucky Railroads in Kentucky Railroad Miles of Track in KY

CSX 1,685 Norfolk Southern 429 Paducah and Louisville 280 RJ Corman 197 Illinois Central

98 TTI 50 Others 452 Total: 3,191 miles Railroad How RR

Acquisitions the process works specific requirements Railroad Plan Agreements reviews Agreement Railroad

drafting and execution Crossings overview Questions Right of Way Offer Offer to Purchase MAR/Valuation MOU

Plan Sheets Deed Description PDF and Word Railroad Requirements

CSX Aerial easements License Agreements for culverts in lieu of Permanent Easements Norfolk Southern Recordable Plat

Description with signed Surveyors stamp All corners marked with State Plane Coordinates CNO&TP parcels must go before Board of Trusstees Paducah and Louisville

May be able to use Right of Entry agreement in lieu of Easement RJ Corman Some ROW owned by CSX When to make RR offer ASAP 6 months to 2 years

Large impact by heavy turnover at RRs Special cases Right of Way Receive executed deed and MOU Submit Payment request and send to RR

Forward deed to District for recording Railroad Coordination Acquire Right of Way Coordinate plan review with RR companies Coordinate flagging to protect RR facilities

Ensure that Cabinet contractors perform to standards Initial Submittal Funding Primarily Can U use D or C

Preliminary Road Plans Preliminary Structure Plans Comments Exchange Railroad returns comments Designers address comments

May impact ROW Send revised plans to RR Agreement Force Account Estimate (FAE) Draft Agreement Execution

Agreement (cont.) Housed in KURTS Available upon request RR wont execute deed until Agreement Executed Communication

Rail Coordination Update Rail Coordination Status Report Rail ROW Status Report Crossings 2,106 Open, Public, AtGrade Crossings Crossings

Rail Crossing Inventory (RCI) Section 130 Program RRs must maintain crossings Questions? ALLEN RUST, PE RAIL COORDINATOR KYTC [email protected]

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