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The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Essential Question #1 How do effective writers create mood in their poetry? Readers respond to the use of literary techniques used in poetry to feel the mood of a poem. Writers use sound devices such as

rhythm, rhyme, onomotopoeia and alliteration as well as literary techniques like imagery, personification, and figurative language to create the mood. Essential Question #2 How can readers analyze the tone of a poem? Since tone refers to the writers feelings,

readers must analyze the word choice of the poem, looking for specific vocabulary as well as repetition to find the emphasis from the writer. By analyzing word choice, readers can better understand the content and the development of those ideas by the writer. From Edgar Allan Poes The Philosophy of Composition The Philosophy of Composition"--The essay first appeared in the April

1846 issue of Graham's Magazine. It is uncertain if it is an authentic portrayal of Poe's own method. I had now gone so far as the conception of a Raven, the bird of illomen, monotonously repeating the one word "Nevermore" at the conclusion of each stanza in a poem of melancholy tone, and in length about one hundred lines. Now, never losing sight of the object supremeness or perfection at all points, I asked myself- "Of all melancholy topics what, according to the universal understanding of mankind, is the most melancholy?" Death, was the obvious reply. "And when," I said, "is this most melancholy of

topics most poetical?" From what I have already explained at some length the answer here also is obvious- "When it most closely allies itself to Beauty: the death then of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world, and equally is it beyond doubt that the lips best suited for such topic are those of a bereaved lover." "The Raven" In the essay, Poe traces the logical progression of his creation of "The Raven" as an attempt to

compose "a poem that should suit at once the popular and the critical taste." He claims that he considered every aspect of the poem. The raven itself, Poe says, is meant to symbolize Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance. This may imply an autobiographical significance to the poem, alluding to the many people in Poe's life who had died .

Source: Wikipedia Poes Motivation After reading a quote from Poes The Philosophy of Composition, originally published in April of 1846. What was Poes motivation for writing The Raven? According to Poe, what is the most poetical topic in

the world? The Narrative Even though this is a poem, it tells a story about a man who has lost the woman that he loves. In his anguish, he begins a conversation with a raven, a bird of ill omen, and drives himself mad with grief. As we read, look for all of the elements of a

narrative poem: plot, setting, character, dialogue, and conflict. Introduction with BrainPOP http://www.brainpop.com/english/ famousauthorsandbooks/edgarallanpoe/ As you read To begin, we are going to listen to the poem.

Then, as we analyze, make notes on your copy of the poem to help with your understanding of the poems content and literary devices. Reading of The Raven http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=sXU3RfB7308

Interactive Website www.teachersfirst.com/share/raven/ Post-Reading Activity Characteristics of Horror Tales Does the characteristic Writers fully understand the frightening power of the unknown and the

supernatural apply to The Raven? In your notes, state your opinion on this idea and provide at least two examples from the text to support your thoughts. SOAPS Title of Poem: The Raven Author & Facts: Edgar Allan Poe One of Americas most famous writers

This is the most popular poem in American history Subject: a man speaks to a raven about his lost love Occasion: possibly personal experience or he needed the money Audience: someone who has lost a loved one; general audience Purpose: to entertain and tell the story of Lenore Speaker: Lenores lover and the raven

The Raven Courtesy of The Simpsons http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php? video_id=251203

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