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Bell Ringer Monotheistic Ten commandments List three beliefs of Bible Jesus Christianity. Churches The Roman Catholic church becausewas everyone What the was focus of

scared to go to Hell Medieval Europe? Why? They can make copies quickly and cheaply What is the benefit of a Printing Press? A small group. Most often used in religion when there are What differentisgroups.

a sect? Christianity: Catholic vs Orthodox Protestant Reformation In Medieval Europe, the Roman Catholic Church was all powerful. No one dared question its authority, for fear of Hell. Over time the Church became rich and powerful, leading to corruption.

The Church even controlled politics, threatening excommunication on any leaders who disobeyed. Review Church Money The Church made money in several ways: -Charging for baptisms, marriages and other sacraments -the 10% tithe -The selling of indulgences

The Church claimed to use the money to feed the poor and care for the sick. However, there were large sums spent on lavish homes, fancy clothes and large banquets. The church also spent large amounts of money to beautify churches throughout Europe Church Corruption As the power and wealth of the Church grew, so did the corruption and worldliness of the Clergy Some members of the clergy lived in fancy

houses, dressed in luxurious robes, ate banquets and even were frequently drunk and visited by prostitutes. ClergyOfficials of the church (priests, bishops, etc.) Indulgences In order to make more money the Church began selling Indulgences. Indulgences were pardons for sins committed in a persons lifetime. Originally indulgences were only given for great and good deeds. Over time they

became a source of profit. IndulgencesPardon for sins Reformers The Church had become both very powerful and corrupt. Some reformers spoke out against the church: -Erasmus -Martin Luther -Calvin Bell Ringer They had become worldly

Whywere was Luther and they selling Indulgences, instead of the frustrated with stressing faith They would partake in worldly

like the In whatpleasures ways were alcohol, and they lived rich Clergy corrupt and and fancy lives They could not read the bible for themselves and Why did the people trusted the church When you are kicked out of

the Church and can no What is longer receive the Excommunication? sacraments Church? believe in Indulgences? worldly? Erasmus Erasmus was a Dutch (Netherlands) humanist

who believed the Bible should be translated into the Vernacular. He translated the New Testament (Christian portion of the Bible) into Greek and Latin. Erasmus wrote The Praise of Folly, a humorous expose of the churchs worldly practices and immoral behavior Vernaculareveryday language Martin Luther Martin Luther: Martin Luther King

Protestant Jr.: American Civil Reformation Rights Movement He was disappointed by the corruption he saw in the Martin Luther was a German Monk from a middle class family. He was originally trained as a lawyer but joined the Clergy after a near death experience. Church. He was particularly offended by the selling of Indulgences. Martin Luther Martin Luther was a German Monk from a middle class

family. He was originally trained as a lawyer but joined the Clergy after a near death experience. He was disappointed by the corruption he saw in the Church. He was particularly offended by the selling of Indulgences. Luthers 95 Theses In a nearby town Luther encountered Johann Tetzel selling indulgences. The claim was that these indulgences could not only spare the buyer, but all of their deceased relatives. Angry and seeking to restore Christian values, Luther wrote the 95 Theses, a list

of his complaints with the corrupt church. 95 Theses Luthers 95 Theses have three main arguments: -The Bible does NOT offer indulgences as a way out of sin -Pope cant free people from Purgatory- clergy have no special powers -Christians can only be saved through faith According to Luther, true salvation can only truly be attained through Repentance.

Repent- sincere regret about ones sin Spreading Luthers ideas Martin Luthers ideas quickly spread due to the Printing Press. Luthers supporters quickly printed many copies of the Theses, and they were distributed throughout Europe. Soon the Pope in Rome knew of Luthers act. Roman Catholic reaction The church tried to get Luther to recant (give up his

beliefs) but he refused and became even more radical, pushing for a total reform within the church. The Pope excommunicated Luther and even the German princes, bowing to pressure from the Pope, declared him an outlaw Luther sought refuge with a brave and forward minded German Prince. Bell Ringer Leaders should do whatever it takes to gain and maintain What is Machiavellis power view

onjustifies government? The ends the means Because they were Why are protesting theLuthers Roman Catholic church called followers

protestants? Made quick and cheap copies thethe 95 Theses How ofdid printing press help spread the protestant reformation? Worldly, not religious

What is Secular? Lutheranism= Protestants Luthers followers soon became known as Protestants, because they were protesting the Roman Catholic Church. Luther continued to develop his ideas and pushed for several important changes: 1) Salvation through faith alone 2) The Bible is the only source of Religious Truth

3) Christians have equal access to God through Faith and the Bible Northern Protestants The Protestant sect quickly spread throughout Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Despite their growing popularity the Roman Catholics continued to persecute the Protestants. Eventually they reached a truce with the Peace of Augsburg. This treaty allowed German Princes to decide their religion. Most northern princes

convert to Protestant Lutheranism, while the South remained Roman Catholic Roman Catholic vs Protestants John Calvin John Calvin was a Protestant from France. However, he did not think that Luther had gone quite far enough. He agreed, however, that the Bible was the only true source of religious information, and that Salvation can only be achieved by faith

Predestination Calvin put forth the idea that God had chosen long ago who would achieve Salvation. These people were pre-determined to gain Salvation No one can know if theyre meant to be saved or not, so you must live a devout and religious life just in case. If you are predetermined to go to Heaven but are not devout, you may be denied. Calvins Geneva Geneva, Switzerland appreciated Calvin's views and asked him to lead their government. Calvin set up a Theocracy and punished anyone who was not

devout. Genevas citizens created a truly Christian society and stressed hard work, discipline, thrift, honesty and morality. Theaters were closed and elaborate dress was prohibited Theocracygovernment run by religious leaders Reformation Though Europe remained Christian, there were several sects competing for followers:

-Roman Catholic -Orthodox -Lutheran (protestant) -Calvinists -Anglican

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