Promotions in Sports and Entertainment

Promoting i n Sports an d Entertainm ent Promotions Basic 0 Traditional Types of Promotions: 0 Advertising 0 Sales Promotions

0 Publicity 0 Personal Selling 0 In Sports and Entertainment are new promotional tools available to marketers! Sponsoring and Endorsing 0 Sponsorships and endorsements have become a popular means of promotion in sports and

entertainment 0 Sponsorship is a marketing tool pay for some or all the costs involved in a project in return of recognition. 0 Sponsors aim to be associated with events and projects that are directly linked to their target audience. 0 Endorsing a brand they are publicly saying that they 'recommend' or 'suggest' you try a particular product because they think it's good

Sponsorships and Endorsements as Promotional Tools 0 Sponsorships 0 Purpose is to create associations 0 Underwriting an event for the purpose of gaining positive associations for a brand with the event, participants, or attendees 0 Reasons for sponsorships Why sponsor?

0 Reasons for sponsorships 0 Increase sales/profits 0 Introduce to a larger audience 0 Match event with target market 0 To create goodwill 0 Enhance image 0 Enter new market Endorsements 0 What is an endorsement?

0 A person's public expression of approval or support for a product or service Legal Restrictions 1. Truthful opinions and beliefs 2. Endorser must have real experience 3. Must not contain any deceptive or misleading statement 4. Must not be taken out of context or reworded

5. As long as endorser is featured in ad they must use the product 6. If product is altered endorser must be informed The Pros and Cons 0 Advantages to endorsement 0 Consumers buy more product with celebrity endorsements 0 Audience less likely to turn off commercial with celebrity

0 Consumers tend to believe celebrities 0 Disadvantages 0 Very expensive 0 Celebrities endorsing multiple products 0 Celebrity publicity=your publicity The Biggest Promotional Tool 0 IN SPORTS: 0 WINNING!!!!!

0 IN ENTERTIANMENT: 0 Ratings, Publicity Promotiona l Events Using Events to Promote 0 Sponsors often use events as a way to promote

products 0 Determine extent of investment 0 Trade Shows 0 Festivals 0 Awards Shows Trade Shows 0 People in related industry meet to exchange ideas, new products and update on trends

0 Example: South by Southwest Search and Share! 0 South by Southwest 0 Where does the event take place? 0 What types of products are they promoting? 0 What types of businesses present at SXSW? 0 What would be the benefits to

participating in this trade show? 0 What type of consumers do you think are most likely to attend this event? Festivals 0 Typically last a few days/week 0 Showcase entertainment acts 0 Serve to promote new and established entertainers

Awards Shows 0 Big Four 0 The Oscars 0 Movies 0 Sponsored by ABC 0 Studios spend $15 million weeks on marketing activities for nominees 0 Winners bring in extra $100 million 0 The Grammys 0 Music

0 The Emmys 0 Television 0 The Tonys 0 Theater Promotions in Sports and Entertainm ent

Unit 5 Intro to Spo rts and Ente rtainment Promotional Plans 0 Changes in technology have meant changes when reaching younger demographics, these changes make plans more important than ever!

0 Promotional Plans are written, detailed descriptions of how elements of promotions will be used 0 Can cover up to a year of time 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

ID Target Consumers Set goals Develop a promotional budget Select promotional mix Measure the results Promotional Mix 0 Blending of promotional efforts, advertising, sales promotion,

publicity and personal selling 0 Changes to advertising 0 Traditional forms advertising are effective when reaching baby boomers 0 Younger demographics require more technology driven, interactive media 0 Advergame

Trends in Promotions 0 Social Media 0 Increase in word-of-mouth marketing 0 Viral campaignsemail, blogs, social media 0 Increase use of technology has increased demand for outsourcing promotional plans to independent businesses Creating a Promo Plan for Your Team!

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