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The goals of the ECT** a) to arrange in-depth research on topical problems at the forefront of contemporary developments in theoretical nuclear physics b) to foster interdisciplinary contacts between nuclear physics and neighbouring fields such as particle physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics and the quantal physics of small systems c) to encourage talented young physicists by arranging for them to participate in the activities of the ECT*, by organising training projects and establishing networks of active young researchers d) to strengthen the interaction between theoretical and experimental studies. ECT* EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR THEORETICAL STUDIES in NUCLEAR PHYSICS and RELATED AREAS NUCLEAR STRUCTURE


M. Birse, University of Manchester (UK), (first BM: Feb. 2003) P. Braun-Munzinger (Chairman), GSI Darmstadt (D), first BM: Oct. 2001 M. Harakeh, NuPECC/KVI Groningen (NL), first BM: Feb. 2003 P. Hoyer, University of Helsinki (FL), first BM: Oct. 2004 F. Karsch, University of Bielefeld (D), first BM: Oct. 2004 V. Pandharipande, University of Illinois, Urbana (USA), first BM: Feb. 2005

F. Thielemann, University of Basel, first BM: Oct. 2004 P. Van Isacker, GANIL Caen, (F), first BM: Sep. 2005 W. Alberico, University of Torino (I), first BM: Sep. 2005 Scientific activities at ECT* International workshops and collaboration meetings (projects) Training

Doctoral training programme Schools Local research Postdocs (D.Binosi, M. Cirone, C. Ewerz, A. Ipp, O. Leitner, D.Triantafyllopoulos, C. Ratti) Visiting scientists TeraFlop Cluster (Ben) Scientific activities at ECT* 13% 38% 16%

Training Visitor Program Workshop Postdocs 33% Joint Position in Hadronic Physics ECT* - HadronPhysics I3 The ECT* (European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas) and the Hadron Physics I3 open a joint position for a Research Associate (assistant professor level) at ECT*. The successful candidate is expected to contribute to the scientific activities of ECT* and carry research in the field of hadronic physics (including Quantum Chromodynamics and hadron structure, matter under extreme conditions and ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions). The initial appointment is for 3 years with a possibility of extension depending on scientific policy considerations and availability of resources.

Deadline for applications and receipt of recommendation letters is January 15, 2006. The selection will be carried out by a joint committee ECT* - HadronPhysics I3. PROJECTS 2006 (Workshops and Collaboration meetings) The Physics Opportunities with EURISOL (16 21 January) Organisers: Robert Page (Coordinator) and Angela Bonaccorso QCD at finite density (21 25 March) Organisers: Sourendu Gupta (Coordinator) and Edwin Laermann New Directions in Nonperturbative QCD (27-31 March)

Organisers: Gernot Akemann (Coordinator), Poul Damgaard and Jac Verbaarschot Numerical simulation of heavy ion reactions in the Fermi energy domain (10 14 April) Organisers: Joerg Aichelin (Coordinator ), Pawel Danielewisz, Massimo Di Toro, Francesca Gulminelli, Ono Akira and Wolter Herrmann Gamma-ray spectroscopy in Europe: present and future challenges (8-12 May) Organiser: Silvia Lenzi (Coordinator) The Physics of High Baryon Density (29 May 2 June) Organisers: Bengt Friman (Coordinator), Volker Koch and Peter Senger

Generalized parton distributions the present status (5-10 June) Organisers: Peter Kroll (Coordinator), Nicole DHose and Ralf Kaiser Exotic Hadronic Atoms, Deeply Bound Kaonic Nuclear States and Antihydrogen (19-24 June) Organisers: Catalina Curceanu (Coordinator), Akaki Rusetsky and Eberhard Widmann Heavy ion reactions at ultrarelativistic energies (26 June- 1 July) Organisers: Maria Paola Lombardo (Coordinator), Joerg Aichelin, Carsten Greiner, Jochen Wambach and Peter Levai

Observables in antiproton-proton interactions and their relevance to QCD (3-8 July) Organisers: Helmut Koch (Coordinator), Mauro Anselmino, Ulrich Mosel and Dan-Olaf Riska Hadrons and Strings (17-22 July) Organisers: Misha Stephanov (Coordinator), Nick Evans, Christian Korthals-Altes and Dam T. Son Heavy Quarkonium and Related Heavy Quark States (17-31 August) Organisers: Thomas Mehen (Coordinator), Nora Brambilla, Antonio Vairo and Joan Soto Jet Physics in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC

(1-6 September) Organisers: Andreas Morsch (Coordinator) and Yves Schutz Heavy Flavor Physics in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC (7 10 September) Organisers: Gines Martinez (Coordinator) and Federico Antinori TRAINING 2006 ECT* School Renormalization Group and Effective Theory Approaches to Many-Body Systems (27 February 10 March) Organisers: Achim Schwenk and Janos Polonyi ECT* Doctoral Training Programme (13 March - 26 May) Computational Techniques in Strongly Interacting Field Theory

Organisers: Simon Hands, Pietro Faccioli Summer School on Exotic Nuclear Beams (11-15 September) Organisers: Jim Al-Khalili A. Vitturi, P. Van Isacker , M. Pftzner and P van Duppen VISITOR DAYS spent at ECT* in 2005 1000 800 600 400 200 0 UK

Italy USA IndiaIsrael Brasil Chile Spain Korea Japan Russia Austria France Greece Poland Taiwan Cyprus Mexico Croatia Finland Bulgary Canada Belgium ArmeniaAustralia Portugal RomaniaSlovakiaSweden

Denmark GermanyHungary Argentina Azerbaijan Switzerland Czech Republic The Netherla From NuPECC Long Range Plan NuPECC recognizes that in the last decade not enough attention has been put into maintaining the expertise and activity in theory at universities across Europe. The current situation requires vigorous and instant action to ensure that the physics goals presented in the LRP can be realized. In this context, NuPECC also recognizes the very positive role played in nuclear theory by the ECT* in Trento, especially in its mission of strengthening unifying contacts between nuclear and hadron physics. Therefore the future support for this Center should be maintained and expanded. Protocol of Agreement between NuPECC and ECT* (renewed in 2003 for five years)

NuPECC as a part of its efforts to strengthen and coordinate nuclear physics and nuclear science, will assist ECT* in its initiatives aimed at securing financial support, on a international basis, for the scientific activities of ECT*. Financial matters - ECT* budget 18% 18% 2% 5% France - Germany - Italy All other Countries 57% ITC Extra Contributions

EU NuPECC-Countries supporting ECT* activities Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland FRANCE GERMANY ITALY Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden United KIngdom

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