Preparing to teach your First (ever) College Class

Preparing to teach your First (ever) College Class John Jones Director, Media Resources Center Introduction: Why Listen to Me? GTA/Adjunct/Instructor

Corporate Training developer Instructional trainer and support staff Media Resources Center Five Teams to support the university and its faculty

Academic Accessibility and Accommodations Campus Media Services Instructional Design and Access

Video Services Web Services Why this is an important conversation Academics are Smart, Independent people But independent thinkers are not always on the same page

We are here because we love our subjects But in most cases we havent focused on how to teach that subject Teaching may be a means to an end But we have responsibilities that we need to be clear about Teaching is the last step towards mastery

Welcome to the Life Academic Life is important Academic Life is rewarding Academic Life is not 9-5. Academic Life becomes who you are, not what you do.

The Implicit Contract You have sacred responsibilities:

Your responsibility to the university and your department Your responsibility to your students The university and your department have responsibilities to you Your students have responsibilities to you Your responsibility to the university and your department

Provide Instruction Meet Objectives Your responsibility to your students Deliver the content (based on the stated outcomes) Grade them fairly

Prepare them for the next class Respect them The university's responsibility to you Provide tools Provide training

The Student's responsibility to you Come to class Do the assigned work Be respectful of you and the other students Engage with the process Imposter Syndrome

Photo by Alan Levine on Get Ready A Clear Path Organization and Clarity are critical

Consistent, predictable methods to find things Clear expectations Syllabus Start with the university template Use what your department provides Beg, borrow, or steal from your colleagues

Clear Goals (Course Objectives) Clear Objectives are a requirement for HLC Course level objectives Unit level objectives Objectives should be clear and measurable

Students will learn the quadratic equation is not measurable Students will be able to describe and use the quadratic equation is measurable Activities, Assignments, and assessments in class should be mapped to objectives in your syllabus.

Textbook Selection Is this the content my students need? Is this the best way to provide access to the content? Creating your course schedule Know the university calendar Know your department calendar

Creating predictable patterns Think about your own workload Take advantage of Blackboard Creating assignments and assessments Variety helps students with different skillsets and abilities Encourage a variety of interaction (student to content, student to

instructor, student to student). Group work supports important skills our students need Are students creating content for other students to use? Think about grading strategy Set expectations about grading timeliness Classroom Community

Understanding your new role Our students are not our friends, but we want to be welcoming and open Our students come from very different backgrounds, with very different ideas, and we need to take care not to alienate some who thing differently

Creating some social distance between yourself and your students is useful Understand who you are Many factors impact how your students react to you: Gender Ethnic background

Age Use what you have Be firm and formal; relax later in the term Think about how you dress First impression tricks

Establishing Rules, Respect and Authority Set expectations for student to student interaction Make sure you model that behavior Disagreement is good and healthy; It must always be respectful Get to know student names Remember to balance your own teaching

and learning Your teaching work is new Your personal work learning, research, creative is not Remember to love your content Your students want you to share your passion for your subject

Questions? Need Extra Help with these topics? Come to the IDA Blackboard Labs Tuesday and Wednesday (every week) 1-3pm

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