Preparing for the Journey: Walking the Path Towards Truth and ...

Preparing for the Journey: Walking the Path Towards Truth and Reconciliation Presented by Jamie Lee Morin (York University Libraries), Melanie Ribau (Toronto Public Library), Desmond Wong (University of Toronto Libraries)

Desmond Wong, Outreach Librarian University of Toronto Libraries Call to Action no. 57

We call upon federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to provide education to public servants on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and AboriginalCrown relations. This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism

Retrieved from: Melanie Ribau, Senior Services Specialist Indigenous Community Connections & Partnerships, Toronto Public Library

Spadina Road Branch Photo credit: First Story Toronto (Retreived from Native Peoples Collections at TPL

Photo credit: Melanie Ribau Indigenous Languages Collections at TRL Photo credit: Melanie Ribau

Photo credit: Melanie Ribau TPL Strategies for Indigenous Initiatives 1. Breaking Down Organizational Barriers 2. Indigenizing Library Spaces: Physical and Virtual 3. Incorporating Indigenous Content into TPL Programming 4. Improving Access to Indigenous Content through TPL

Collections 5. Enabling and Empowering Indigenous Communities 6. Building Capacity and Staff Competency Staff Training, Competency, & Capacity Building

UofAs Indigenous Canada MOOC Unsettling Canada - Canada Must Read One Book campaign Book club sets purchased Book club programs

Unlimited eBook checkouts Over 850 downloads during a 2 week span 23 more holdable copies added to the system collection The Reconciliation Manifesto by Arthur Manuel (Unsettling Canada 150 2018 Canada Must Read title)

Ojibwe Language Story Time Learn how to incorporate Anishnaabemowin in your young ones life. We will share songs, games, ideas, experiences, and laughs. Discover how to substitute simple phrases in popular childrens books to enrich your childs language skills. Learn about the books

available from the Toronto Public Library to support your growth together. This program is aimed at children age 0-5 along with their families and caregivers. Everyone is welcome, and no language knowledge is necessary. Drop in! Rochelle is an Anishnaabe mother living in Toronto. These workshops are part of her efforts to create more

opportunities for children in Toronto to interact with Anishnaabemowin. Preparing for the Journey Education and Awareness

Meaningful relationships built on mutual respect and reciprocity

Photo credit: Melanie Ribau Time Jamie Lee Morin, Indigenous Digital Collections Project Assistant

York University Library Community perspective There is absolute and incredible value in creating and maintaining partnerships between your institutions and Indigenous communities in your area (and beyond). If you are interested in learning more but are unsure how, simply begin.

Examine how your institutions may be inaccessible to Indigenous communities, and work on increasing accessibility and visibility. Recommendation: to read and actively explore the full implementation of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations Truth and Reconciliation Committee Report and Recommendations. Examples of Outreach and Collaborations

1. The Creation of the Aboriginal Research Portal and the Four Directions Writing Guide, Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA) 2. My current work as an Indigenous Digital Collections Project Assistant (with many thanks to Young Canada Works), York Universitys Scott Library Both opportunities are In accordance is the CFLA TRC recommendation

#9: to establish living documents to highlight existing Best Practices of Indigenous Services in libraries, archives, and cultural memory institutions This among others has lead me to the hope of becoming an Indigenous To conclude Create and maintain meaningful relationships with Indigenous

communities. This can be done through reaching out to communities, Indigenizing knowledge keeping and sharing spaces and practices,, and through recruiting and keeping Indigenous candidates for the job. Zotero Together we have prepared a group library on Zotero to share some

resources that may be of interest. You may view it at: Contact Us Jamie Lee Morin @jme_morin Melanie Ribau

[email protected] Desmond Wong [email protected], @desmondcwong

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