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Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology Keith Smyth and Stephen Bruce Edinburgh Napier University SEDA Annual Conference 2011

Session learning outcomes 1. Identify a range of key ways in which technology-enhanced learning can help meet learner needs, common teaching challenges, and institutional challenges in HE 2. Discuss how HE institutions have tended to approach introducing minimum benchmarks for the use of technology in learning, teaching and assessment

3. Describe and reflect upon the rationale for Edinburgh Napier Universitys new 3E Framework approach to embedding the active use of technology across modules. 4. Consider how the 3E Framework approach could be adapted to support institutional strategy and culture in technology-enhanced learning, including in staff development and informing teaching practice

Overview of session 11.15 - Introduction and overview of TEL in HE 11.25 - Exploring institutional minimum thresholds for TEL 11.35 - Introducing the 3E Framework 11.55 - Engaging with the 3E Framework (individual task) 12.05 - Exploring potential for application (small group activity) 12.25 - Benefits and implications (open floor discussion)

12.40 - Conclusion of session 1. TEL in HE 2. Exploring institutional minimum thresholds for TEL

2004: Roll-out of WebCT Vista a minimum presence to be established for every module, and that this be input by either the module leader or a school administrator using central information and information provided by the module leader. Minimum presence - embrace or evade?

Faculty A One school embraced technology and saw the value for engaging students . No administrator input, and recognised their support needs and proactively sought Professional Development Other school quietly embraced technology without administrator input or seeking central support

Minimum presence - embrace or evade? Faculty B Initial use of WebCT coincided with a move to purpose built campus with IT facilities in each teaching room impetus and a cohesive approach across schools Efforts made to move beyond minimum presence and

administrator input help meet the requirement. Largely file repositories, but also quizzes and assignment submissions Minimum presence - embrace or evade? Faculty C Huge variation in the subject disciplines

One school relied heavily on school administrators to meet the requirement Another school already using technology so made the best use of WebCT and their own web resources Another school lacked administrator input and uptake was very patchy

MLE Evaluation 2009 Focussed mainly on WebCT, and also included other technologies used in the support of learning Executive Summary Overall student learning experience is perceived to have been enhanced

Students now expect WebCT as a normal part of module support Staff are more confident and are interested in using interactive features Range of issues Significant quantity of students studying modules that lack effective

WebCT support or have no support at all. Students need to recognise their own responsibility to regularly check WebCT and to fully engage with the resources and activities provided. Embedding effective and innovative use of WebCT and other technologies has a significant resource implication. The importance of local support: Learning Technologists for

practical support, and Online Learning Advocates for advice and assistance, and sharing of effective practice. Minimum thresholds in your institution? What does your institution have? What is the nature of this? How has it evolved?

3. Introducing the 3E Framework Development of the 3E Framework Originally developed and employed as the 3E Approach on a cross-institutional technology and transformation project Used in the redesign of a range of modules and courses at

various credit levels in FE and HE and across disciplines http://www2.napier.ac.uk/transform/transformation_pc.htm Embedded in institutional learning and teaching strategy Embedded in staff CPD provision e.g. HN Units Curriculum design model for SEDA accredited Pg Cert/Pg Dip/MSc Blended and Online Education

The 3E Approach on the MSc BOE 4. Engaging with the 3E Framework http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/ academicdevelopment/TechBenchmark/Pages/ home.aspx

Activity 1 (10 minutes) Use the mapping template provided to map one of your own module/courses to the 3E Framework, thinking about current or potential use of technology in that module/course. Alternatively, explore the 3E Illustrative Examples (Section 7) in your copy of the University Benchmark document you have and consider how these may map to your own

institutions strategy or staff development provision in TEL. 5. Exploring potential for application Activity 2 (20 minutes) Working in small groups, please discuss/critique the 3E Framework and the extent to which this or a similar

framework would work in your own institutional contexts. What factors or challenges would need to be addressed in the successful embedding of such a framework? Be prepared to report your key points back. Implementing the 3E Framework Alignment with move to new institutional VLE (Moodle)

Embedding within Professional Development events, and as theme for 2012 institutional staff conference Initial focus of the new Teaching Fellows Special Interest Group in Technology-Enhanced Learning (SIG-TEL), and of the work to be undertaken by staff being sponsored to complete our Pg Cert Blended and Online Education Dissemination via LTA Resource Bank (tagging of case

studies and development of new case studies) http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/academicdevelopment/LTA/resources/Pages/resources.aspx 6. Benefits and implications Activity 3 (15 minutes)

Small group report back and discussion around the benefits and implications for institutions seeking to adopt a benchmark focused around active use of technology 7. Conclusion Please use the post-its to tell us either/all of the following:

One thing you liked about the session (if you did!) Provide a general comment on the 3E Framework (positive or not, including changes that could improve it!) A thought or idea youll take away from the session And thank you Contact details

Keith Smyth [email protected] Twitter @smythkrs Stephen Bruce [email protected] Twitter @sbruce123

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