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The Lions Guide to Course Registration 11th Grade 2018-2019 Howard High School Mr. Glenn (A-B) Mrs. Green-Lewis (C-G)

Mrs. Sutter (H-Mb) Ms. Grieve (Mc-R) Mrs. Snyder (S-Z) 10th-12th Counselors Objectives

Students will : Know the graduation requirements Know the course registration timeline Create their senior schedule based on their knowledge of graduation requirements Know course options available for seniors GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Credit Requirement Service Learning High School

Assessments World of Work Credit Requirements English 4 credits Health Social Studies

3 credits Fine Arts 1/2 credit 1 credit Mathematic Technology 4 years s* Ed. 1 credit

Science 3 credits Program Choice 2-4 credits Lifetime Fitness 1/2 credit

Electives 1-3 credits Planning on College? THREE or more years of a world language Program Choices World Language or 2 credits Career

Advanced Academy Technology or Completer 2 credits 4 or 5 credits Career Academy Programs Aerospace Engineering: PLTW *Accounting *Architectural Design *Automotive Technology

*Biotechnology Career and Research Development Child Development Computer Programming *Construction Culinary Science *Cybersecurity Networking Engineering: PLTW *Finance *Health Professions *Homeland Security and Emergency Management

*Hotel and Restaurant Management Marketing *Systems and Project Engineering Teacher Academy of Maryland *Visual Communications CURRENT JUNIORS You can sign up for an ARL academy class as an elective, but you may lose your space if the program is filled. ARL Information Sessions

December 13, 2017 ARL Information Night at the Miller Branch Library 7-8pm January 9, 2018 ARL Information Night at the ARL 7-9pm January 30, 31 and February 1 ARL Shadow Days *Applications will be available in Student Services Service Learning 75 hours of service which includes planning, action, and reflection.

Did you complete? Check report card or ask counselor Dont have the hours completed? Consider taking Leadership! WORLD OF WORK Personal Personal Essay Essay & & College College Applicatio Applicatio

n n Cover Cover Letter Letter & & Resume Resume Mock Mock Intervie Intervie

w w This requirement will completed through your English class during junior year. High School Assessments/PARCC PASS TAKE American Government HSA Biology HSA

PASS English 10 PARCC TAKE Algebra I PARCC or previous Alg 1 HSA score Weighted Grading Scale Grade Standard Honors GT/AP A 4.0 4.5

5.0 B 3.0 3.5 4.0 C 2.0 2.5

3.0 D 1.0 1.0 1.0 E 0 0

0 Weighted GPA is used for eligibility, honor roll and high school transcripts. What is academic eligibility? Allows participation in all voluntary extracurricular activities. Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average AND no more than 1 failing grade for the marking period prior to the

start of the activity. Attendance Policy All students are expected to attend regularly in accordance with Maryland public school laws. Any student with lawful or unlawful absences of more than 5% of the course may be considered for denial of credit.

http://www.hcpss.org/jumpstart/ COURSE REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND PROCEDURES Scheduling Calendar December 11-21: December 11-22: Core class teachers (English, math, science, social studies, and level 1 and 2 world language) post online

recommendations in Synergy January 10: Scheduling kick-off for grades 9-11 Distribution of Course Selection Sheets, pd. 3HR January 10-19: Students enter remaining course requests, alternates, in HCPSS Connect January 9:

January 10 (Wed) January 10-18 January 29-February 15: Course Registration Meetings with Counselors AP Information Sessions including

Lions Night: Essential Academic Planning Elective Fair during Lunch Shifts Teacher conversations with students AP Summit Schedule Dec. 11 (B) AP English 11 AP English 12 Auditorium Dec. 12 (A) AP Micro/Macro R120 Dec. 18 (A)

AP Computer Sci. Auditorium Dec. 19 (B) AP Biology AP Chemistry Auditorium Dec. 13 (B) AP World History AP Human Geo. Auditorium Dec. 20 (A) AP Physics AP Environmental

Auditorium Dec. 14 (A) AP Psychology AP Government Auditorium Dec . 21 (B) AP Calculus AP Statistics Auditorium Sessions will be held during all lunch shifts! There will be counselors available at each session if students are interested in Shadow Days to experience these classes in person.

G/T Independent Research and Intern-Mentor Program G/T Research Program Information Night: January 9th, 5:30pm, Howard High School Media Center Application Packets will be available at the Information Night, from Ms. Curtin (V130), in Student Services, and online starting December 19th Applications due : Ms. Curtin in her classroom (V130) by January 31 st An interview is required for Intern/Mentor! Sign-up when you drop off your application. Register for 1 credit on Course Registration Forms Course #GT-430-1 - An interview is required!!!

Howard Scholars Program Any student who thinks that they will graduate with: 6 AP courses (4 must be in main content areasMath, Social Studies, Science, English) Have you completed a Howard Scholars Application? 11th Grade is the last year that this application can be completed. Applications available in Student Services January 5th Applications will be due: January 31st Course Requests will now be completed

through HCPSS Connect Students can see Core Course Recommendations and Graduation Requirements in Synergy Students can search for courses by Department, by Course Title, or for just Electives Students will select requests and alternates. Course Placement Review Form If you and your parent would like to consider a different option than what was recommended, YOU AND A PARENT should talk with your teacher BEFORE completing this form.

Process after you submit a Course Placement Review Form: Your school counselor and/or administration will follow up with you regarding: Current placement and progress Rigor and Balance SAT/ACT Spring of Junior Year SAT and ACT- collegeboard.org, actstudent.org SAT- March and May or June ACT- February, April, June If in Algebra II as a Junior, wait until May or June to test for the first time Test again October of Senior Year

2-year schools- SAT scores can be used in place of the Accuplacer/Placement Exam (500 or better in each section) SAT Subject Tests- Some top schools require or if you are an elite student in a specific content area Use PSAT Results! PSAT to SAT Free SAT Practice www.khanacademy.org/sat THINK: Challenge AND Balance Dont overload your schedule

just because it looks good. Think about academics in addition to extra-curricular activities and other commitments (job). Highlight your strengths. Dont feel like you need to take advanced courses in EVERY subject area. Class sizes are FULL. Commit to the schedule you sign-up for. UPCOMING EVENTS Lions Night Essential Academic Planning Who: Parents and Students

What: We will discuss the course registration process and our recommendations to help you become career and college ready. When: January 9, 2018 Where: Howard High School Junior College Night Who: Current Juniors and Junior Parents What: College planning for current juniors as they transition to senior year When: March 22, 2018 Where:

Howard High School Your 4-year plan Update your 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes in Naviance Add your 2018-2019 courses to your courses record page on Naviance. Left hand side of page manage my course plan Courses Tab in Naviance

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