Certification Update A Day with the GaPSC Spring

Certification Update A Day with the GaPSC Spring 2017 Certification Update Agenda Certification Reminders Renewal Testing Update Performance Evaluations Tiered Leadership Certification Rule Update Certification Reminders All student teachers placed in your district must hold a Pre-Service certificate

regardless of whether the program is administratively based in Georgia or another state TPMS (Traditional Program Management System) enrollment and completion must be used for all endorsement programs. Candidates who started programs prior to 9/1/14 would not be entered in TPMS. Use CERT portal electronic completion process. Use the current 2015/2016 versions of our application forms or the online application via MyPSC. Old versions should be discarded. Use the CLAIMS application for paraprofessional, aide, adjunct, support personnel and clearance certs available on gapsc.org Certification Reminders Follow special application process for converting Teacher Support Specialist (TSS) to Teacher Support and Coaching (TSC)

If you are a strategic waiver district and have questions regarding waiving certification you must contact the GaDOE for assistance. Educators who are not required to hold state certification must still hold a clearance certificate. Continue to advise educators to use the Upgrade Advisor Tool on our website when seeking advanced degrees. Do not attempt to advise them. Candidates who complete student teaching in Georgia are not eligible for initial certification via the Interstate Certification Agreement (reciprocity) to bypass meeting special Georgia certification requirements Renewal What you need to know Those with professional certificates expiring 2011-2017 do not need renewal credits

Those with professional certificates who are employed expiring 6/30/18 and beyond must complete a Professional Learning Plan (PLP) or Professional Learning Goals (PLG) to renew, depending on the specific needs of the educator. This includes paraprofessionals. Professional certificate holders that are not employed and whose certificate expiries 6/30/18 and beyond must complete 6 semester hours of college credit, 10 approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or 10 Professional Learning Units (PLUs) to renew Employment is required to renew unless the educator has at least 1 year of acceptable verified teaching experience in Georgia on their Professional certificate at anytime in their career Renewal What you need to know

For those educators who are not employed and wish to complete PLUs for renewal, these credits may be completed at any RESA or a Georgia school system that offers GaPSC-approved programs. Testing Update What you need to know GACE in Technology Education changes to Engineering and Technology October 2016 GACE Ethics Exit for Leaders (Test 380) is required if applying for leadership certification based on a GaPSC-approved leadership program after 7/1/16

GACE Teacher Leadership (TL). Candidates completing TL programs Spring 2014 through Summer 2016 must attempt GACE in TL. Those completing TL programs after Summer 2016 must pass the GACE in TL. A Non-Renewable is still issued to allow time to test. GACE Instructional Technology and Curriculum & Instruction. These assessments are readily available now. As of 6/30/16 no more NonRenewables are issued in these fields to allow time to pass these assessments. Testing Update: edTPA Remember The edTPA is a special Georgia certification requirement edTPA is required for all candidates completing state-approved initial certification preparation programs and student teaching in Georgia 9/1/15 or later. It must be attempted for program completion and passed for

certification. If it is not passed a 1-year Waiver certificate is the only option for certification. edTPA is also required for all out-of-state educators certified in their state after 9/1/15 with less than 1-year teaching experience who have not already completed a GaPSC-accepted content pedagogy assessment. The edTPA or the PPAT must completed prior to conversion of the IN3 teaching certificate. Performance Evaluations What you need to know All overall unsatisfactory, ineffective, needs development evaluations must be reported on the UNSAT Portal on gapsc.org by June 30 of the academic year in which the evaluation was conducted and superintendent must also sign off by June 30. Remediation should also be entered by June 30.

The GaPSC has posted notification letters to all educators who have a least one unsat to their MyPSC account so they are aware they are not eligible to renew should they earn a second unsat evaluation. Late reported unsats will not impact the renewal process but still can impact employment and should be remediated. You may request a 1-year Waiver certificate for educators who cannot renew due to having two overall unsat evaluations to allow time to meet remediation A paraprofessional license cannot be issued for an educator with two unsat evaluations; however, a waiver may be granted to allow for deficiencies to be remediated while in a Paraprofessional position If the information is not provided in an accurate and timely manner as established in the rule, the GaPSC reserves the right to report the superintendent or designee responsible for reporting performance to the Ethics Division Tiered Leadership Certification

All existing professional leadership certificates were all converted to the Tier II Educational Leadership field on 1/15/16. Tier II is acceptable for all leadership positions. Tier I is for assistant principals and those who do not supervise other leaders Tier II is for principals and superintendents or those central office positions that supervise other leaders Non-Renewable for Tier I requires bachelors degree and taking the GACE Ethics for Leaders Entry 370 test Non-Renewable for Tier II requires masters degree and taking the GACE Ethics for Leaders Entry 370 test Tiered Leadership Certification (cont.) Current GaPSC-approved Educational Leadership programs will sunset and stop admitting new candidates Spring 2017. Completion of these programs will result

in the Tier II performance-based leadership certificate. Tier I programs began Summer 2016 Tier II programs will begin admitting candidates Summer 2017 Out-of-state leadership applicants who qualify are issued a Professional certificate without any special GA requirements and must complete these at first renewal (GACE in Educational Leadership, GACE Ethics for Leaders Exit 380, exceptional child course) Certification Rule Update New CTAE Fields Computer Animation

Industrial Maintenance (included in the Construction sub areas) Permits available for some CTAE fields Computer Science P-12

Industrial Maintenance Effective 10/15/16 Included as an option/area under the Construction specialization Qualifications: Hold a minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent; Pass the NOCTI Teacher Assessments in Industrial Maintenance Mechanics or hold one of the following: a valid Level III or IV certificate in Industrial

Maintenance Mechanic issued by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER); Have at least two (2) years of occupational work experience in the field. Career/Tech Specialization: Computer Animation New field is effective 10/15/16 Qualifications:

Hold an associates degree or higher from a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution in computer animation. OR Hold an associates degree or higher from a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution in a GaPSC-determined equivalent field to computer animation and have at least two years of occupational work experience in the field. OR Hold an associates degree or higher from a GaPSC-accepted accredited institution in any major and have expertise in the software used in the industry such as Alias PowerAnimator/Maya, Kinetix 3D Studio Max, SoftImage, Lightwave, Adobe Animate CC or a GaPSC-determined equivalent.

Computer Science P-12 Can be added to a certificate in a teaching field by passing the Computer Science GACE Educators certified in Math, Science, Business and Engineering and Technology are currently in-field to teach certain computer programming courses requiring the Computer Science certificate. Once these educators are identified, they will be notified that they must pass the GACE to add the field of Computer Science to continue to teach the programming courses after 7/1/18. The other option would be to complete the Computer Science endorsement program through RESA. A Non-Renewable certificate in Computer Science or Computer Science endorsement can be requested by the HR Director to allow time to take GACE test or complete the Computer Science endorsement program

Permits for Career/Tech Specializations and Healthcare Permit Rule Revised Effective 10/15/16 Must meet entry-level requirements for a Career/Tech field and/or Healthcare Science as outlined in those rules including the minimum education level, two years work experience and licensure (if required up front for the field) A Permit can be issued in the CTAE field of Engineering and Technology but not in the other CTAE fields such as Agriculture, Business, Marketing, Family and Consumer Science, Computer Science The Online Teaching Endorsement can be added to a Permit in a teaching field Certification Rule Update Retired Educator Certificate

Includes an option for educators retired from private schools to qualify If educator is eligible for a regular renewal we will go ahead and renew and they can apply for the Retired Educator Certificate at the next renewal Certification Rule Update Proposed: Induction Pathway 4 validity change

IN4 certificate will be issued initially for 1 year if not enrolled in an approved program at the time of application Once enrolled in approved program the IN4 certificate can be extended the additional two years Certification Contact Information Educators: Metro Atlanta area and outside Georgia: 404-232-2500

Outside metro Atlanta area, within Georgia: 800-869-7775 General email inquiries: [email protected] Upgrade and Ed. Leadership inquiries: [email protected] LUAs, EPPs, RESAs: Metro Atlanta calling area: 404-334-6462 Outside metro Atlanta area: 800-390-6698 *Certification inquiries: [email protected] *Please do not give this email address to educators and refrain from copying the educator in any email inquiries submitted to the cert helpdesk. Questions?

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