A Patient Woman: Lesson 10 Martha, Martha, the

A Patient Woman: Lesson 10 Martha, Martha, the Lord answered, you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are neededor indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.

Luke 10:41, 42 God created each of us as unique individuals. Peoples temperaments and personalities differ widely. Reading about the different personality types can help us better understand ourselves and be more patient with those of different temperaments.

ACCEPTING PEOPLE When we realize that we are not responsible for the way other people are or behave, it takes a lot of pressure off. It is liberating to realize that God created us as unique individuals, and we dont have to conform to someone elses ideas, but neither should we expect others to conform to ours

ACCEPT, BELIEVE, COMMIT Jesus accepted Mary just as she was, with her weaknesses and her strengths. He loved her completely. Jesus believed in Mary and could see the hope and beauty inside her. He was positive. Jesus committed her to God. Jesus lifted her from

despair and ruin. He prayed for her. RATE YOURSELF Suppose the social committee in your church is planning a big picnic that will include food and games. What part would you like to have in the picnic? Choose which part you would feel most comfortable in.

WHICH TEMPERAMENT DESCRIBES YOU? If you picked player, you probably have a more SANGUINE personality. You like people and action, and like to be noticed by others. You like people to cheer you and laugh at your jokes. Being around

people gives you energy. Having lots of friends is important to you. PERSONAL GROWTH EXERCISES If you have never taken a temperament test, contact your local mission, church pastor, or Womens Ministries director. Someone there

may be able to give you a test or tell you about a coming seminar or workshop where you can do this. SUCCESS PRINCIPLE The most successful way to facilitate change in others is with the ABC model: A - accept them

B - believe in them C - commit them to God MY PRAYER FOR TODAY Dear, patient God, help me slow down, quiet my mind and heart, and listen to you and others. Help me to accept others when they dont agree with what I say or do and to be ready to hear their

opinions and ideas. Forgive me for being anxious and angry when others do things differently than I would. Help me to understand that You have made us all unique and that is okay. Thank You for Your limitless patience with me. Bless me with patience and acceptance of others.

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