Seventh Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges

Seventh Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northwestern Conference 2005 University of Washington, Bothell In cooperation with SIGCSE Volunteers Steering Committee

Carol Zander Conference Chair Mike Panitz Site Chair George Mobus Registration Chair Ed Gellenbeck Webmaster Rob Bryant Program Chair Sharon Tuttle Papers Chair Adair Dingle Panels & Tutorials Chair Arnie Berger Student Poster Chair Bill Erdly Speakers Chair Creed Jones, Elaine Weltz Vendors Chairs

Volunteers Regional Board Phil Prins Regional Representative George Hauser Secretary (acting regional rep) David Wolff Treasurer

Brent Wilson Membership Jenny Orr Editor Jenny Orr Past Conference Chair Carol Zander Current Conference Chair Mike Panitz Current Site Chair Timothy Rolfe - Next Conference Chair Ray Hamel Next Site Chair And More Volunteers

Megan Hunter Administrative Goddess Keynote and Banquet Speakers Contributors Papers, Panels & Tutorials Student Poster Competition Participants Paper Reviewers Moderators (board/steering committee members) Conference Attendees Thanks to National Vendors Thanks to SafariU for sponsoring the Friday social

hour More Thanks for local support UW, Bothell Vice Chancellors Office (Vice Chancellor Tom Bellamy) UW, Bothell Computing & Software Systems (Director Chuck Jackels)

UW, Bothell Chancellors Office (Interim Chancellor Steve Olswang) Facilitating local support in Administrative Services Amy Van Dyke, Renee Pfingsten SIGCSE Outreach Support Project CCSCNW would like to thank the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education for providing support for Steve Wolfman and Rebecca Bates to present their tutorial, Kinesthetic Learning in the Classroom, at the 4pm concurrent sessions II this afternoon. This tutorial is based on work originally presented at SIGCSE 2004 and SIGCSE 2005.

Registration Folder Conference program (green) Speakers bios and support (purple) Conference evaluation form (pink) Paper reviewer volunteer forms (yellow) Preliminary call for participation

2006 Conference (blue) SIGCSE info and outreach support project Student poster competition participants abstracts Maps of hotel location, general area, campus A National Challenge: Computational Science across the Curriculum by Robert Panoff of the National Computational Science Institute is cancelled. Friday, Concurrent Sessions I, 2:30pm Logistics

Anyone interested in helping judge the student poster contest, please talk to Arnie Berger Moderators, panelists, tutorial leaders for technical difficulties, find the student in the hallway wearing the bright green badge saying CCSC staff If anyone needs anything else, ask Mike Panitz or me Papers, panels, tutorials in UW1, 2nd & 3rd floors

BOF groups, breaks, vendors, Friday social hour, student poster display are on UW1 3rd floor vista Friday banquet is in the North Creek Caf Saturday lunch and wrap-up is in UW2 Commons

Saturday parking no one on duty monitoring the garage Check email, web access Labs (in packet, written on campus map) Username: ccsc Password: Pass#456! Domain: UW1-102 open lab on Friday until 5pm, otherwise get access from CCSC staff or me into closed lab, UW1-120 Wireless in buildings UWNetID login: lawlib127 Password: knave+kurta

Interim Chancellor Steven G. Olswang University of Washington, Bothell The Keyhole Problem Scott Meyers Software Development Consultant Noted author of Effective C++ series

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