OCTOBER: ADVISING for SPRING 2019 In ST-424 Academic

OCTOBER: ADVISING for SPRING 2019 In ST-424 Academic Calendars https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/registrar/fall-2018-academic-calendar https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/registrar/spring-2019-academic-calendar October 12 Friday

November 01 Thursday November 06 Tuesday Deadline for filing application for degree for January and February 2019; INC grades for Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 for Undergraduate students convert to FIN:

Course withdrawal period ends. Last day to withdraw from a class with the grade of W; Registration appointments for Winter and Spring 2019 begin for continuing students. Check your CUNYFirst account for your appointment date and time; Think about: Your plans for the next semester Your plans for the graduation Your plans for after graduation

Please schedule appointment at https://doodle.com/poll/qdt4zn4b3q dv4h7p Bring with you: Advising form (see Appendix 1) ESE curriculum sheet (see Appendix 2) FACTS current eligibility sheet (see Appendix 3) When Where Up to 20 students/

session, please freshman everybody Sign for appointment Come to the advising meeting Fill the forms: if you are freshman, please fill blank form

Otherwise, update the form from last semester E-mail forms to [email protected] I will send you revised advising form and remove the hold. You can start registering for classes at enrollment appointment. Please store the form for updates for next semester. Scholarships, fellowships, internships, study abroad, research..

Use multiple resources https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/enveng/apply-internship-research-opport unities-scholarships-fellowships https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/engineering/internship-research-opportu nities And others Will increase your chances to get great job in the future And will give you extra green for now Need help? Tutoring

https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/academics/tutoring If you want to grad uate asap Required /must ta ke courses for Spring: If you are sophomore, planning to graduate in Spring 2021: CSc 102, Math 203, Phys 208 If you are junior, planning to graduate in Spring 2020: EAS 217, and three of Engr 301, Engr 59910, CE 365, CE 372

UR ON YO DING DEPEN SCRIPT ! TRAN Elective courses Water resources Energy

Remote sensing Follow the link: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/enveng/technical-electives-ese-concentrations Subject to changes! Elective courses offered Spring19 CE 56600 - Engineering Hydrology EAS 33400 - Phase

II Environmental Site Assessments CE 57100 - Water Quality Analysis EAS 34500 Hydrology EAS 42700 - Remote Sensing of Ocean Processes EAS 41300 Environmental

Geochemistry EAS 48800 - Climate and Climate Change EAS 32800 - Global Environmental Hazards EAS 56100 - Geophysics Elective courses offered Spring19 ENGR 59920 - Bldg Mod & Simulatn ENGR 55600 - Nuclear Reactor Design, Operation And Safety ENGR 51003 - Independent Study ENGR 31230 - Energy and the Environment

ME 32200 - Computer Methods in Engineering ME 43300 - Heat Transfer ME 55600 - Advanced Fluid Mechanics Elective courses offered Spring19 EE 20500 - Linear Systems Analysis I EE 31100 - Probability and Random Processes EE 33000 - Electromagnetics EE 35700 - Electric Power Engineering EE 42800 - Photonics Engineering Laboratory EE 45500 - Elements of Power Systems

And graduate level classes if your GPA>2.75 If you need more information, please see Water resources Prof. Krakauer Prof. Devineni Prof. Wittig Prof. Gilerson

Faculty advisors Remote sensing Prof. Gross Prof. Moshary Prof. Gonzalez Energy Prof. Castaldi

Prof. Ramamurthy Are you close to graduation ? YES Provide with the graduation check NO

Plan for it Not sure It is never too late to start thinking about it After graduation Think about

FE exam: please take it asap Grad schools: MS in ESEE and other Jobs at: Agencies, industry, etc Appendix 1, please fill these cells with your information tr Sp15 A Please remember about Liberal arts requirements See the links https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/engineering/flexible-core to follow Pathways requirement and

https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/engineering/gsoe-liberal-arts GSOE Liberal Arts is required for ESE students. If you have BA, BS, AS degrees, please meet with your advisor 2-level and Engr 27600 is required for EVERY ESE student! Appendix 1, please fill these cells with your

information Appendix 2, Curriculum Sheet, mark semester and grade tr Fall17, A Appendix 3, FACTS eligibility report

You must provide your eligibility report to get the advising hold removed

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