Introduction to Primary Care Networks DR JUDY LINDSAY

Introduction to Primary Care Networks DR JUDY LINDSAY DR DAVID NEWMAN What are they?

Neighbouring GP practices sharing a vision and values Neighbouring practices working together to deliver services that they could not do alone. Neighbouring practices working together to improve outcomes for their population This is NOT a practice merger we will still be separate partnerships. There is a clinical director providing strategic direction Access to funding to support additional workforce Working with other organisations to help provide health and social support to improve health outcomes for their population

What does it mean for me ? Improved resilience for your practice Improved access Primary Care Appointments in evenings and Saturday mornings More involvement and control in the decisions about your care Greater focus on prevention to improve overall health & wellbeing Improved communication with and better access to Specialists Additional Workforce working across the PCN

Proactive Care nurse working with our elderly Clinical Pharmacist improving prescribing safety Social Prescriber improving the connections on non health matters With possibility for a physiotherapist in future years Shaping our vision and values

- together DR NICOL A DECKER What is our vision? We work together to keep well, drive improvements and thrive with our communities What are our values?

Person centred - doing whats best for our local communities, putting the person at the heart of all the conversations we have together Dynamic - proactively seeking ways in which we can strengthen the network, continuously seeking to learn, improve and grow together Committed to each other - we learn and develop together, being supportive & respectful to each other, understanding each others challenges / pressures, sharing best practice, engaging with our communities Open & honest - with our community, patients and staff, having difficult conversations, transparency, listening, willing to adapt and change, courage

Multidisciplinary Team Work DR JUDY LINDS AY What does this mean to me? Do I always need to see a GP? Is there another member of the team who can help? We are now working with many other clinicians and care providers who may be able to help you.

Practice Teams Doctors Practice Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and Phlebotomists Clinical Pharmacist Receptionists Admin secretaries and clinical PAs Primary Care Network

(PCN) team Clinical Pharmacist Fiona Bhandari First Contact Practitioner MSK Proactive Care Nurse Maria Scott, supported by Gemma Hart Community Connector Tracey Powell Closer working relationship and improved communication with Hospital Consultants Community Partners Local Pharmacy and the pharmacist

Me and my medicine campaign New medication service Advice re minor illness Community Partners British red Cross and our Social Prescriber Andover Mind and our support worker Citizens Advice - Tadley Smokefree Hampshire ( Quit4life) Weight Watchers

Local community groups (This list is only some of the support / resource available) PERSON CENTRED CARE What is Person Centred Care Person centred care involves knowledge of the individual as a whole person, involving themselves and where appropriate their family and

friends to help assess their own needs and plan their care. Interventions Outcomes People Reduced Unplanned Care With complex Integrated Personalised Care Needs Integrated Care

(specialised interventions) Personal Health Budgets Health Coaching Enhanced Knowledge, Shared Decision People with long term Skills and Confidence

physical and mental health conditions Informed Choice (targeted interventions) Making Community Base Support

Proactive Care Whole Population ( universal interventions) Community resilience + relationships

How does this look across our PCN? Watership Down Health and Tadley Medical Practice are beginning to adapt a service around the individual. Treating the family and carers as partners, encouraging engagement and activation. Building connections with our community. Listen and learn with the person involved. Modernising access

and communication SUSIE ALTMEYER-ENNIS Many ways to connect Telephone Face to Face Via Text messaging (e.g. AccuRx, From Clinical System, MJOGs) Via Email Via practice Website Via apps ( eg Patient Access, Evergreen, I love my GP, NHS ) which can send

messages, book appointments, repeat prescribing or give direct access to your patient record or as a Proxy user Under development is Video Consultation E-consult service via practice websites Improved Access (evenings and Saturdays) to appointments Time to connect Introductions to wider team

CAB Rachel and Caroline Overton Recreation Centre - Graham Andover Mind - Emma Overton Village Agent - Janet Introductions to each other In groups share thoughts on our vision and values (improve them if you


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