Patient Presentation for Radiology-Pathology Correlate Iris Lin, MS4

Patient Presentation for Radiology-Pathology Correlate Iris Lin, MS4 August 11, 2017 Initial presentation Patient TM is a 55 year old post-menopausal female, presenting to UVA ED via transfer from outside hospital on 7/28/2017. Only relevant history is of tubal ligation. Presenting symptoms Nausea, 4 episodes of nonbloody nonbilious emesis Worsened abdominal pain: 10/10, constant sharp lower abdomen 8 9 lbs unintentional weight loss over past week

Recent symptoms LLQ abdominal pain: 4 mo. history, cramping & occasionally sharp, radiates to left back Constipation, Increased belching LE swelling Evaluated at MJH Large heterogeneous left abdominal mass appearing to arise from left ovary Leukocytosis 15,000 Lactic acidosis 1.6 Transferred to UVA Brief history Medical Hx

Anxiety & Depression Hypertension OA Surgical Hx Tubal ligation Family Hx MGM: stomach cancer Social Hx Never smoker Occasional EtOH Married, 3 children, 11 grandchildren Runs a pre-school out of her home

Imaging Heterogeneous and enlarged left ovary, continuous with a superiorly extending heterogeneousl y attenuating mass Likely arising from the left ovary Imaging

Large multilobulated heterogeneously attenuating mesenteric mass noted, measuring approximately 11.2 x 12.8 x 15 cm No clear fat plane separates mass from left psoas muscle Imaging No clear fat plane separates mass from loops of

small bowel Peritoneal carcinomatosis Highly suspicious for metastatic ovarian cancer Pre-Procedure Informed consent obtained Labs

PT: 15.1 INR: 1.3 Plts: 260 CA-125: slightly elevated CEA: normal Biopsy US guided FNA Anterior approach

Patient supine FNA Findings Spindle cells?!? 2 core biopsies taken Core Biopsy Findings Core findings: Cellular spindle cell proliferation Frequent mitotic figures (up to 40 per 10 hpf)

Nuclear pleomorphism Tumor necrosis Differential: leiomyosarcoma vs GIST Immunohistochemistry: Positive staining with SMA and desmin Negative for c-kit (CD117), Dog-1 and CD34 Diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma supported Leiomyosarcoma Most common uterine sarcoma; accounts for 1 2% of uterine malignancies Aggressive, associated with poor prognosis and high risk of recurrence (53 - 71%) Vast majority are sporadic; leiomyomas are not

precursors Clinical-pathologic features Peri- or postmenopausal age Extrauterine extension Large size (over 10 cm) Infiltrating border Necrosis Path Presentation Pathologic features Hypercellularity Severe nuclear atypia High mitotic rate Well-differentiated

Spindle cell variant Immunohistochemistr y Usually express smooth muscle markers Histone deacetylase 8 (HDCA8) Smooth muscle actin (SMA) Desmin H-caldesmon Malignant? Malignancy judged based on Stanford criteria: (1) cellular atypia, (2) mitosis, (3) coagulative necrosis

Staged using the 2009 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) staging system Treatment & Prognosis Overall survival rate 15 - 25%, with median survival of 10 months (in one study) Cohort of 2017 National Cancer Database study of N = 7455

showed 10 - 14% 5-year survival in metastatic leiomyosarcoma Size, grade, and stage help in prognostication Survival decreases dramatically with increasing tumor size Early and complete surgical resection remains the best-evidenced effective treatment Once disease has spread beyond uterus, likelihood of achieving longterm survival is low with current therapeutics Influence of adjuvant therapy on survival is uncertain

Radiation may be useful for local recurrences Chemotherapy increases survival of women with metastatic leiomyosarcoma, although the survival benefit may not persist and longterm survival, or chance of cure, remains low Case follow-up Results of biopsy conveyed by GynOnc to patient TM via telephone encounter Planning to do chemotherapy due to size of mass and involvement of great vessels References DAngelo E, Prat J. Uterine sarcomas: a review. Gynecol Oncol. 2010 Jan;116(1):131-9.

Seagle BL, Sobecki-Rausch J, strohl AE, Shilpi A, Grace A, Shahabi S. prognosis and treatment of uterine leiomyosarcoma: A national Cancer Database study. Gynecol Oncol. 2017 Apr;145(1):61-70. Domanski H.A., Akerman M., Rissler P., Gustafson Pelle. Fine-Needle Aspiration of Soft Tissue Leiomyosarcoma: An Analysis of the Most Common Cytologic Findings and the Value of Ancillary Techniques. Diagnostic cytopathology. 2006 Aug;34(9). UpToDate. Treatment and prognosis of uterine leiomyosarcoma. Accessed

August 7, 2017. Smooth Muscle Actin, Alpha (SMA). Leica Biosystems. Accessed August 7, 2017. Questions?

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