Mrs. Lee Tappan Middle School 2019-2020 ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Mrs. Lee Tappan Middle School 2019-2020 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS Literature is no ones private ground, literature is common ground; let us trespass freely and fearlessly and find our own way for ourselves. - Virginia Woolf Class Rules 1. Be Kind and Understanding Remember to greet you teacher and classmates 2. Follow class expectations Social Contract 1. How do you want me to treat you? 2. How do you want to treat each other? 3. How do you think I want to be treated? 4. How will we handle violations of the contract? 3. Raise your hand during whole class discussions 4. Make smart choices Class Expectations 1. Be Prepared Must be in your seat, with materials when tardy bell rings. Course Description Welcome to Sixth Grade English Language Arts! This year we will cover the power standards that are a subset of the learning standards that Ann Arbor Public Schools has determined to be the highest priority or most important for students to learn. As a class we will grow in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We will do this in a way that meets the needs of all students no matter their learning level. During the course of the year students will be reading literature in the form of novels, plays, short stories, and poetry, partaking in classroom discussions, and presenting creative projects. What do I get if I follow class rules? Your appropriate behavior in class assures everyone of an environment conducive to learning. Some possible rewards for continuous appropriate behavior are: intrinsic value (satisfaction of learning), improved skills, verbal praise, positive note to parents, tangible trinkets, and special class activities / privileges. What are the consequences if I dont follow class rules? 2. Be proper Make sure your heading on all papers, and electronic assignments . 3. Be Honest Do not use electronic devices in class without teacher permission. 1. Warning: The teacher provides a pre VOE and or verbal reminder to student. 2. Lunch Detention: Short time spent during lunch to contemplate conduct. 3. Demerits: A mark recorded for poor citizenship. Parent will be contacted. Wheretodo I go to findStudent readings and assignments? 4. Referral Administration: will be refe rred to 4.Use restroom during passing breaks. administration with a VOE is our class website. This site will house the weekly updates, assignment due dates, PDF copies of class handouts, important announcements, and more. 5.Maintain a clean and orderly work area. 6.Bring all of your supplies to class daily. 7.Complete all of your work and turn it in on time. Google Classroom is where many class some assignments, discussions, and projects will be posted and turned in. Class code: _________ What happens if I turn in an assignment late? Work not completed and turned in by the assigned date is considered late. If a student is absent on the date work is due, the assignment is due the first day the student returns to school. COMPLETED LATE WORK will receive partial credit INCOMPLETE LATE WORK will not be graded and will result in a zero for the assignment. MAKEUP ASSIGNMENTS/ASSESSMENTS are permitted. Email: [email protected], 1 8.All Tappan rules and policies shall be observed within the classroom. Mrs. Lee How will I check my grade in class? Grade Scale A+ = 100% A = 94% - 99% A- = 90% - 93% B+ = 87% - 89% B = 84% - 86% B- = 80% - 83% C+ = 77% - 79% C = 74% - 76% C- = 70% - 73% D = 64% - 69% F = 0% - 63% Tappan Middle School 2019-2020 PowerSchool Pass back bin Schedule a conference during lunch, advisory, or after school What do I do if I am absent? Always check the class site for agendas, handouts, and assignment due dates. A student has two extra days to turn in any work assigned on a day a student was absent. If a quiz was administered on a day a student was absent, the quiz must be made up on the first day the student returns. If previously assigned work was due on the day of the absence, the work is due on the first day the student returns otherwise it is considered late and will received late credit. What will I have to read outside of class? All students will be asked to read independently on a daily basis. Students must bring a reading book to school so they are prepared for independent reading during Advisory and Language Arts. *Book projects will be due throughout the school year and must be

completed on an independently read book the student finished that quarter.* What types of writing will I do this year? Research Argumentative Expository Narrative Brochures Advertisements Comic Books And many more What is an Interactive Student Notebook? Supplies Single subject COMPOSITION notebook--we will use this everyday! Pencils Multi Color Pens: blue, black, green, purple, red, etc. Two pocket folder Color Pencils, crayons, or markers Glue sticks or clear scotch tape The Interactive Student Notebook (IN) is a portfolio of student work. The notebook is organized in a left-side and right-side format. Every right-side of the notebook will house teacher directed notes / activities, while left-side assignments will showcase student understanding of right-side material in a creative and unique manner. A composition book will be used for the IN. Part of the ELA grade is based on the IN. The majority of classwork, notes, study guides, AND vocabulary, will be completed in the ISN, so it is imperative that it be complete and up to date. What are the required readings and units this year? Independent Reading*Word Study/Language*Argumentative Writing*Research Writing*Folktale Genre Study*Fantasy Genre Study*Narrative Writing*Adventure Genre Study Holt Literature Selections / The Giver/ Freak the Mighty/ Call It Courage / Eleven / All Summer In A Day / The Dog of Pompeii / Various poems / Informational Articles Email: [email protected], 2 Mrs. Lee Tappan Middle School 2018-2019 PLEASE READ THE COURSE INFORMATION, SIGN, AND RETURN THIS SHEET TO MRS. LEE Students: Please sign below to signify that you have read the course sheet for Mrs. Lees class, will keep it in your folder, and will be responsible for the information throughout the year, and will check PowerSchool at least twice per week at school or at home. _______________________________ Student printed name _____________________________________________ Student signature Parents/Guardians: Check all the statements that apply to how you would like to communicate with Mrs. Lee about your students progress. I will, of course, call for major concerns or accomplishments, but with approximately 130 students, I like to know how youd prefer to communicate. _____ I/We have internet access at home, so we will check PowerSchool at least twice per week to check on my/our students progress. I/We will contact Mrs. Lee about any concerns we have. _____ I/We plan to email Mrs. Lees weekly or monthly for an update. _____ I/We do not have internet access at home, but I/we would like to have regular contact with Mrs. Lee. I/we will call for an update on a regular basis. _____ Other: _______________________________________________________________________________ Please sign below to indicate that you have read the course sheet for Mrs. Lees class and that you will help your student be accountable for the information. If you have questions about the course or your students work, please do not hesitate to contact me; email is the best way to reach me quickly. See the front of this sheet for my email address. _____________________________________________ Parent/Guardian printed name Parent/Guardian signature ______________________________________________ Parent/Guardian e-mail Parent/Guardian daytime phone number (please print) Parents and guardians, please CIRCLE the best way for me to contact you: e-mail phone Email: [email protected], 3

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