Rainey Endowed School Year 13 Induction 2017 Mrs

Rainey Endowed School Year 13 Induction 2017 Mrs P Cooke Head of Year 13 Mr C McDonnell Head of Careers/Year 13 SLT Link Mr M McCullough Principal Study and Time Management Responsibilities and Privileges Whole School Aims

Our AS journey starts here Year 13: The Year Ahead Term One: Sept-Dec Study/coursework/deadlines Continuous assessment November report Finding work experience placement Parents meeting Familiarisation/Entrance Examination Carol service/discos/non-uniform days Contribution to school community

Term Three: April-June Final examination preparation Prefect election Practicals AS examinations Term Two: Jan-March AS Mock Examinations Year 13 School Report Work Experience Interview Skills Research for Post-18

Careers Interview Course choices Study/coursework/deadlines Continuous assessment School Open Evenings Contribution to school community Building personal statement Successful AS study requires a different approach from GCSE Different paths to success

3 or 4 AS subjects? MLP subject? Controlled Assessment? Coursework? Applied subject? Practical assessment? Fieldwork? Fewer subjects but more work One hour of study per subject each day

Read over lesson material and make revision notes Read ahead for next topic Try extra examples Write your own exam questions Plan an essay Get ahead on an assessment Preparing for Post-18 Personal Statement Research possible options after sixth form Teacher Reference will take account of each students:

Attendance Enthusiasm Reliability Motivation & Commitment Class participation & teamwork Interpersonal skills Approach to work Oral and written communication skills Problem solving

Predicted Grades for UCAS based on AS grades achieved in Year 13 Study Part-time job Sport Find the right balance Contribution to school community

Assessments/ Coursework Work experience

Rugby Tennis Ichthus Public speaking School Council Subject mentoring Peer mentoring

Hockey Music School Choir Charity fundraising Non-uniform days School Discos Clubs and societies Successful, Independent and Confident Responsibilities and Privileges The School Day

8.50am All pupils should be in school

8.55am Assembly or extended registration 9.05am Registration 9.15am Period 1 10.05am Period 2 10.55am Break 11.15amPeriod 3 12.05pm Period 4 12.55pm Lunch 1.35pm Bell to signal end of lunch 1.40pm Period 5 (Second registration in class) 2.30pm Period 6 3.30pm End of school day Assembly: Tuesday

Friday Extended Registration: Monday Wednesday Thursday ATTENDANCE Full benefit of teaching. Copying-up missed notes is just that! Job references require percentage attendance figures over the last 5 years. Patterns of absence are also requested by employers. ACCOMMODATION

10 has been collected from all pupils in the Sixth Form along with the signed Sixth Form Agreement. (This helps to offset the costs of all the refurbishments that have been made to the Rec Centre and any future maintenance) SIGNING IN / SIGNING OUT Pupils may not leave school during the school day To leave school for a legitimate reason, students must bring a signed note to their Registration Tutor who will issue a Green Slip Students MUST sign out of school and back in on their return in the book at the school office SIGNING IN / SIGNING OUT Please arrange medical and dental appointments outside school hours. Hospital appointments are an exception.

Pupils will only be permitted to arrange driving lessons in their study periods preferably period 5 and Period 6. Under no circumstances must you miss timetabled classes PRIVILEGES Sixth Form Study Centre If in Study Centre Periods 2 or 4, students may go to the canteen 5 minutes before the bell rings. Pupils are not permitted to jump the queue in the canteen! Computer access Sixth Form Toilets STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE SCHOOL AT BREAK OR LUNCH Breach of these rules may result in the withdrawal of Privileges and/or DETENTION

Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may result in refusal of entry to Year 14 Substandard performance in examinations may result in refusal of entry to Year 14 2017-2019 Vision Statement: making the best even better Context Caring school Committed to excellence for the whole community Global citizens in 21 century Pupils are the key focus

We want all young people in our school to become: Successful Learners Who enjoy learning, make progress, choose learning pathways that are appropriate to them individually and that achieve their full potential Confident Individuals Who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and who have high

aspirations for themselves, are adaptable and willing to take risks Responsible Citizens Who make a positive contribution to society Achievements & standards 53% of all A Level passes were at grade A*/A 84% of all passes were at grade A*-B 95% of all passes were at grade A*-C 100 90

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 A*-A A*-B A*-C

%3+ A*-C A Level Grades 90 88 86 84 82 Rainey NI Average 80 78 76 74

72 70 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Quality of Provision September 2017 ETI-best practice learning and teaching, leadership and

management, achievements & standards all lessons are very good or better- 80% outstanding broad and varied curriculum outstanding pastoral care Quality of Provision September 2017 substantial 7m investment Sixth Form study areas Sports Hall upgraded heating, re-wiring new windows, improved disability access provision new flooring & refurb of locker bays & bag rooms internal and external painting new roofing / walkway to sports hall reprographics refurb

new drainage, re-surfacing of the quad demolition of Rainey St buildings cashless canteen Quality of Provision moving forward plans for 4 million new phase of works school at break even point financially highest ever number of pupils on roll 740 Sunday Times school of the year Eco schools International Schools Award Global Leaders Programme Pupils

Data Coordinator F Ferguson LLW Coordinator P Wharry Assistant Principal/ Head of House Assistant Principal/

Head of House Assistant Principal/He Calvin Parker Salters Walker House

Pupils House Pupils House Pupils House Pupils Teaching & Learning Numeracy &

Careers Pastoral Care Lead ALN Whole school admin Literacy PRSD/Staff Development House system

overview J Quigley Enrichment ad of House lnclusion SENCO Selfevaluation Classroom Assistants

Assistant Principal/ Head of House School Community Liaison officer X3 Subject Leads X3 Subject Leads

All pastoral teams X3 Subject Leads Year 8 Years 13 &14 Year Leaders 11&12 Years 9 & 10

Assistant Teachers Bursar Kitchen Maintenance Caretaking Cleaners Finance Reprographics Technicians Health and Safety Procurement

HR Personnel Disclosure Access Admin Literacy Coordinator/ Gender & achievement CDR Numeracy Coordinator D Laughlin

Celebrating excellence & PR C Bingham 2017-2019 challenge and excellence How? WHOLE SCHOOL APPROACH Role of BoG, SLT, subject leaders, year heads, SENCO, non-teaching staff, Tutors, parents and pupils 3 way partnership Support/challenge/accountability

Compassion Courage Hope Integrity Justice Resilience Respect Responsibility We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle Why? make the best even better enable us to have our greatest year

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