Area 42 Fall Assembly 2017 Delegates Report Presented

Area 42 Fall Assembly 2017 Delegates Report Presented by: Phil W., Panel 67 | [email protected] The Room Agenda 1 Overview of General Service Overview of the General Service Conference 2 5 6 3 AA World Services Report 4 AA Grapevine Report Financial Report Committee Reports and Advisory Actions Overview of General Service

Conference Report Highlights 2017 Circles of Love and Service Working to ensure every AA members voice can be heard A.A. is made up of interconnected circles of people within the Fellowship, who work together to carry A.A.s message of hope. But in order for A.A. to run itself without bosses or rules, in accordance with our Twelve Traditions, we need a system of communication for finding out how A.A. as a whole feels about its world affairs, and how it wants to operate. If you are listening to this report, you are HERE! *AA Pamphlet P-45 Circles of Love and Service A Simplified View of the Upside Down Triangle our objective is always a spiritual one, nevertheless our world service is a large business operation. The 12 Concepts for World Service Illustrated Provides Input & Guidance Delegates Decision-making Serves as the Voice and Conscience of the Membership to Make Recommendations

Empowered to Manage & Conduct World Service Affairs The strength of our whole AA service structure starts with the group and with the General Service Representatives the group elects. I cannot emphasize too strongly the GSRs importance Bill W. Overview of the General Service Conference Conference Report Highlights 2017 Why do we need a Conference? The late Bernard B. Smith, nonalcoholic, then chairman of Board of Trustees, and one of the architects of the Conference structure, answered that question in his opening talk at the 1954 meeting "We may not need a General Service Conference to insure our own recovery. We do need it to insure the recovery of the alcoholic who still stumbles in the darkness one short block from this room. We need it to insure recovery of a child being born tonight, destined to alcoholism. We need it to provide, in keeping with our Twelfth Step, a permanent haven for all alcoholics who, in the ages ahead, can find in A.A. that rebirth which brought us back to life. "We need it because we, more than all others, are conscious of the devastating effects of the human urge for power and prestige which we must insure can never invade A.A. We need it to insure A.A. against government, while insulating it against anarchy; we need it to protect A.A. against disintegration while preventing over integration. We need it so that Alcoholics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous alone, is the ultimate repository of its Twelve Steps, its Twelve Traditions, and all of its services. "We need it to insure that changes within A.A. come only as a response to the needs and wants of all A.A., and not of any few. We need it to insure that the doors of halls of A.A. never have locks on them, so that

all people for all time who have an alcoholic problem may enter these halls unasked and feel welcome. We need it to insure that Alcoholics Anonymous never asks of anyone who needs us what his or her race is, what his or her creed is, what his or her social position is." CONCEPT I: Final responsibility and ultimate authority for A.A. world services should always reside in the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship. Who Makes Up the General Service The 67 General Service Conference consisted of 136 members from across the US and Canada Conference? th 59 Average Age of Delegate 75 Oldest Delegate 37 Youngest Delegate Average Length of 23 Sobriety 51 Longest Sobriety 10 Shortest Sobriety 19 Average Length of Service 93 Area Delegates (69.9 %) 7 Class A Trustees (NonAlcoholic) (5%)

12 Class B Trustees (Alcoholic) (9%) 15 GSO & Grapevine Staff (11.3%) 9 NonTrustees Directors (4%) CONCEPT IV: Throughout our Conference structure, we ought to maintain at all responsible levels a traditional Right of Participation, taking care that each classification or group of our world servants shall be allowed a voting representation in reasonable proportion to the responsibility that each must discharge What Happens at the General Service Conference? The 7-day General Service Conference consists of 12+ hour days of meetings, rigorous and loving discussions, and some laughter Delegates deliver Presentations on various topics based on the Conference Theme Delegate Conference Committees deliberate over Agenda items

New Trustees and NonTrustee Directors are elected The General Service Board, AAWS Board, and Grapevine Board provide Annual Reports CONCEPT VI: On behalf of A.A. as a whole, our General Service Conference has the principal responsibility for the maintenance of our world services, and it traditionally has the final decision respecting large matters of general policy and finance. At the General Service Conference INSERT YOUR OWN PHOTOS HERE! At the General Service Conference INSERT YOUR OWN PHOTOS HERE! AA World Services Report Conference Report Highlights 2017 Last Year, The General Service Office of AA Responded to more than 90,000 emails and letters from AA members, suffering alcoholics, distraught family members, professionals, students, the press and others

interested in AA FNV CONTRIBUTIONS Received over 73,000 pieces (AA received ~8,000 contribution letters in the month of December alone) NEW GROUPS CORRECTIONS ARCHIVES A total of 1,020 new A.A. groups in the U.S. and Canada were listed at G.S.O. last year. Corrections answers over 6,400 letters annually; thats

more than 17 letters per day, every day Received 1,450 requests for information and research SHIPPING Distributed 7.6 million books, pamphlets & audio materials Our AA Website All communications, including email, are treated with the same level of care and attention and are answered in the order in which they are received. GSO staff members are committed to respond as soon as possible receives receives over over 1,000 1,000 visits visits aa day day for

for Need Need Help Help With With AA Drinking Drinking Problem Problem Online Online requests requests for for Public Public Information Information materials materials for for the the media media and and press press averaged averaged 3,000 3,000 per per month month received received over over 13

13 million million visits visits last last year year is now mobile-friendly with more enhancements underway What if Making contributions a little easier we didnt send the office over 200 envelopes every day? more of our contributions were made directly online? (currently only 7%) Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 1. State you are a member / log in 2. Select the type of contribution you are making 3. Make the contribution Things are done differently today Communication channels and information sources change over time and AA must evolve to

consistently carry its message of recovery Look me up, Im in the book Ill call you from the road Why is the sky blue? What do you want to watch? 1990 1990 1990 1990 Over 500 million phone directories printed per year (nearly two books for every American) There were >2.6M payphones in the US

Over 120,000 sets of Encyclopedias were sold 33 was the average # of TV channels available per household 1.6 billion pounds of paper TODAY TODAY TODAY In most areas you have to make a special request for a phone book Less than 10% of those payphones are accessible today Encyclopedia Britannica no longer prints their encyclopedias. www.whitepages .com

Google is a verb according to TODAY 50% US households use streaming TV to watch over 200 channels The information is the same but how people access it has changed Making Safety a Priority AAWS developed new Service Material based on the shared experience from members to members Available Now at Coming Soon to a Meeting Near You AA Grapevine Board Report Conference Report Highlights May 2017 Grapevine and La Vina Highlights Landmark magazine issues and new technology enhance our Fellowships voice and grow followership Literature

Grapevine distributed 91,528 items and launched two new books: Un dia a la vez (One Day at a Time) Our Twelve Traditions New Initiatives Coordinating with AAWS on sharing of information to improve outreach Working with local forums to include opt-in for email outreach Free email daily quotes La Vina SMS messages Audio Project Collected 400 stories to date in English & ~70 stories slated for La Vina Circulation / Subscribers Grapevine: 71,81 La Vina: 10,374 Online: 5,030 Grapevine Online Subscription and

Building subscriptions through new mediums and engaging new audiences App Online-only Content Each issue's stories available in separate downloadable recordings Story Archive: every story since 1944 Grapevine and La Vina resources Growing capabilities A digital copy of Grapevine Magazine for mobile devices A copy of your entire subscription in your pocket A lower subscription price while still supporting the creation of the content Grapevine produces. Ongoing development and additional of features expanding into audio and video Grapevine Average Circulation: 2001 2016 Declining print subscriptions continue, but the introduction of an App may begin to counter the trend 140,000 120,000 100,000

80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Grapevine and La Vina In Other(s) Words Grapevine and La Vina are a vital part of AAs past, present, and future, and strive to embody the voice of the Fellowship The Grapevine should become the voice of AA as a whole. The Grapevine, being the voice of individual A.A. members, continue to publish the opinion of A.A. members The Grapevine should have freedom to print news articles relative to the whole field of alcoholism, excepting, however,

those which might provoke needless dissension. A.A. Grapevine be permitted to utilize digital channels and current (commissionable) support and distribution technologies, such as, but not limited to, smart phones, tablets, e-readers, applications and commissioned online stores for the sale and distribution of magazines, books and products Grapevine representatives and La Via representatives perform a service for AA members, bringing them two vital tools of recovery the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous and La Via. The Grapevine will enjoy perfect freedom of speech on all matters directly pertaining to Alcoholics Anonymous. Since each issue of the Grapevine cannot go through the Conference-approval process, the

Conference recognizes the AA Grapevine as the International journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Grapevine Editor should be the ultimate judge of what is to be printed. Bill W. Advisory Action of the General Service Conference Finance Report Conference Report Highlights April 2017 2016 Financial Highlights For those who dont like charts, tables, and graphs 7th Tradition Self-support: $7.9 million (up 11% from 2015) Costs of Services provided to the Fellowship: $9.9 million Shortfall between 7th Tradition of Self-Support and Costs of Services provided to the Fellowship: $2.0 million AAWS literature sales: $13.4 million (up 5% from 2015) AAWS publishing net income: $3.4 million Net Profit [Covered shortfall between 7th Tradition SelfSupport and Costs of Services provided]: $1.4 million

Grapevine Net Income: $165,000 (due to increased subscriptions) General Fund service support of La Via: $152,000 Reserve Fund: $14.9 million (resulting in a ratio of 10.3 months) 2016 Financial Highlights In short, were doing wellbut we need to keep the momentum going! Amounts in $ 2016 ACTUAL 2016 BUDGET COMPARED TO 2016 BUDGET 2015 ACTUAL COMPARED TO 2015 ACTUAL GENERAL SERVICE OFFICE 7th Tradition Contributions 7.9 M

7.1 M 835 K (12%) better 7.1 M 781 K (11%) increase 10.3 M 369 K (4%) better 9.6 M 274 K (3%) increase Shortfall between 7th Tradition & 2.0 M Costs of Service 3.2 M 1.2 M (38%) better 2.5 M 507 K (21%) decrease Literature Profits 3.4 M

3.2 M 275 K (9%) better 2.7 M 744 K (28%) increase 0.03 M 1.5 M better 0.2 M 1.3 M increase 75,610 1,819 better 77,199 230 increase (146 K) 311 K better 241 K

76 K (32%) decrease 152 K Equal to budget 146 K 6 K increase 9.6 months Increase of 0.7 months 10.2 months Increase of 0.1 months Costs of Service Provided to 9.9 M Fellowship Net Income 1.5 M GRAPEVINE & La Via Average Circulation 77,429

Net income (loss) 165 K General Fund cost of La Via service 152 K RESERVE FUND Coverage Ratio 10.3 months M millions; K - thousands GSO & AAWS OPERATING RESULTS: 2002 The news is good, the Fellowship responded, the Spiritual Handshake is sound 2016 2,000,... 1,500,... 1,453,218 1,376,656 1,273,560 1,255,289 1,018,577 976,170 1,000,... 817,947 657,884

500,... 205,625 152,445 31,554 0 (117,291) (275,365) (312,171) (500,... (645,160) (1,000,... 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Fiscal Year Ended December 31 Since the Reserve Fund Ratio was nearing its suggested 12 month upper limit in the early part of the decade, AAWS, consistent with established policy, lowered literature prices to incur an operating loss as the way of reducing the Reserve Fund. 2015 2016 7th Tradition Self-Support: 2002 2016 Although $7.9M of contributions were collected, less than 42 percent of total groups contribute to that sum; the key change is the amount of individual contributions Total Contributions

Contribution Source Groups: 81.4% Individuals: 7.7% Specials: 8.3% Other: 2.5% Total % of Groups Contributing 46.00% 9,000,000 45.00% 8,000,000 44.00% 7,000,000 43.00% 6,000,000 42.00% 5,000,000

41.00% 4,000,000 40.00% 3,000,000 39.00% 2,000,000 38.00% 1,000,000 37.00% 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Percentage of Services Supported by 7th The cost of services to selfsupport continues to decrease due to the generous support of Tradition: Threeshortfall Year

View group and members as well as the operational efficiencies implemented at GSO 12,000 9,725 10,000 7,935 8,000 7,154 6,898 $ in Thousands 9,907 9,629 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 70.9%

2014 74.3% 2015 -2,000 -2,827 -4,000 -2,475 80.1% 2016 -1,972 Grapevine Operating Results: 2002 2016 Waning revenues continue, but operational efficiencies, such as the completion of the co-location with AAWS, are stemming the decline 400,000 315,205 300,000 325,827 257,003 240,811

200,000 164,539 100,000 (11,797) 0 2002 (100,000) 60,945 44,198 22,438 5,366 2003 2004 2005 (48,873)

2006 (25,047) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 20162016 (138,456) (132,594) (200,000) (300,000) (400,000) (399,037)

(500,000) Grapevine Operating Results 34 La Via Statement of Activities The Fellowships support of La Vina as a Service continues to ensure the message of hope is carried to the Spanish-speaking AA members Average Circulation 10,374 10,355 10,380 2016 2015 2014 $119,882 $121,130 $121,886

32,895 12,965 12,923 152,777 134,095 134,809 77,910 60,855 65,031 74,867 73,240 69,778 133,413 130,204

122,859 86,437 81,933 73,337 7,099 7,481 5,608 226,949 219,618 201,804 (152,082) 152,082 -0- (146,378) 146,378 -0- (132,026)

132,026 -0- REVENUE Magazine Related Items Total Revenue Costs of Goods Sold Gross Profit COSTS AND EXPENSES Editorial Costs Circulation and Business General and Administrative Total Costs and Expenses Shortfall between Revenue and Expenses Support from GSB General Fund NET La Via projected shortfall: 2017 - $167,818; 2018 - $181,854 & 2019 - $195,129 2017 Budget The success of 2016 allows the General Service Board to project a mild profit for 2017, assuming the Fellowship continues its commitment to self-support $ - in Thousands GSO Grapevine

La Via 2017 BUDGET 2016 ACTUAL Net Sales Contributions Interest $13,515 7,675 $2,706 $138 21,190 15 2,722 138 $16,359 7,675 15 24,050

$16,160 7,935 16 24,111 4,704 16,088 907 1,929 73 233 5,684 18,250 5,235 17,410 20,792 398 2,836 (114) 306 (168)

23,934 116 16,199 18,250 22,645 1,466 14,959 17,398 10.7 10.3 REVENUE TOTAL REVENUE EXPENSES Costs of Good Sold All Operating (Program & Supporting) Expenses TOTAL EXPENSES NET INCOME (LOSS) RESERVE FUND at December 31 Operating Expenses Number of months coverage *Excludes nonoperating Funds: Reserve, Capital Projects, Pension, PostRetirement Medical Benefits

Advisory Actions and Committee Considerations Conference Report Highlights May 2017 Evolution of a Conference Advisory The voice of the Groups has a clear path to making an impact on AA as a whole through the Conference Action process 1 An idea, suggestion, question, concern or subject comes from A.A. members, GSRs, DCMs, Area Committee members, Delegates, Trustees, or GSO/GV Staff, and may be shared or discussed at the group, district and Area Assembly and sent to the Appropriate Trustees Committees The idea is reviewed by GSO / Grapevine Staff and forwarded to 3 Which may refer the matter to the

General Service Conference 5 Conference Coordinator at GSO Which meets during the General Service Conference week and makes recommendations that are presented in the Committee Report to the If a Conference Committee recommendation is approved, after a full floor discussion, it becomes a Conference Advisory Action, which becomes binding when approved by the 2 Appropriate Conference Committees 4 General Service Board Without Committees, it is doubtful that any Conference would be able to function effectively. Most questions suggested for the Conference agenda are assigned to a committee, where items can be discussed in a small group before they are forwarded for discussion to the full Conference body. AA Service Manual Agenda Committee

Every AA member has something to say about the Fellowships present and future and AAs welfare is central to agenda of every General Service Conference AA Service Manual Advisory Actions The theme for the 2018 General Service Conference will be: A.A.- A Solution for all Generations. The presentation/discussion topics for the 2018 General Service Conference will be: Todays Alcoholic: Inclusion, Not Exclusion Participation in All of A.A.- Is My Triangle Balanced? A.A. Technology: Where Innovation Meets The Traditions Attraction not Promotion: A.A.s Relation to the World Group Conscience: The Guiding Force The workshop for the 2018 General Service Conference will be: Getting the A.A. Message Out. Committee Considerations Key Takeaways The recent effort to include Delegates in the General Service Conference Agenda process was well received, and the General Service Board should continue looking for ways to enhance the role of Delegates - and thereby the Fellowship as a whole - in the Agenda item selection process.

Cooperation with the Professional Communit CPC work can begin when individual AAs reveal their membership to their doctors or drop a quiet word in Committee the ear of a pastor, priest or rabbi that an A.A. member is available to the congregation CPC Workbook Advisory Actions Retired the pamphlet Three Talks to Medical Societies by Bill W. Add the footnote: This pamphlet is derived from an article written by A.A. co-founder Bill W. in 1958. Therefore, some of the language may be dated, but the issues addressed are prevalent today to the bottom of page one of the pamphlet Problems Other Than Alcohol. Change the name of the pamphlet Is There an Alcoholic in the Workplace? to Is There a Problem Drinker in the Workplace? The trustees Committee on Cooperation with the Professional Community is to review the pamphlets If You Are a Professional, Members of the Clergy Ask About Alcoholics Anonymous and, A.A. as a Resource for the Health Care Professional, develop text to include information for professionals that come in contact with veterans and active members of the Armed Services, including information on how to contact A.A. worldwide, and bring back a report or draft text to the 2018 General Service Conference. Committee Consideration Key Takeaways: Additional exploration of the usage of LinkedIn as a CPC tool should be continued, with the Trustees to develop a plan focusing on the social media components of the site (e.g., messaging, following, sponsored links) Existing CPC materials should be reviewed and updated to ensure they accurately provide information related to working with active duty military and veterans, and new materials should be developed, as needed Corrections Committee

To those involved, however, corrections work is an opportunity to carry the A.A. message to the confined alcoholic who wants to live sober, one day at a time. Through a corrections committee working with corrections personnel, alcoholics are reached who might never otherwise find the A.A. program. Corrections Workbook Advisory Actions None Committee Considerations Key Takeaways AAWS has made significant progress in working with the Canadian Corrections Service, allowing for increased correspondence with inmates to include incarcerated First Nations / Inuit People through the Corrections desk at GSO Ongoing research by GSO to enhance connecting to incarcerated Canadian AA members should continue as new efficiencies and opportunities arise GSO should explore incorporating AA literature such as Many Paths to Spirituality into the Corrections Committee materials to assist carrying the message to Native American / First Nations / Inuit People Finance Committee Though not costly, these service agencies are absolutely essential to our continued expansionto our survival as a Fellowship. Their costs are a collective obligation that rests squarely upon all of us. Our support of services actually amounts to recognition on our part that A.A. must everywhere function in full strengthand that, under our Tradition of self-support, we are all going to foot the bill. Bill W. Advisory Actions The suggested area contribution for the delegate expense for the Conference has been increased from$1,600 to $1,800. Review of the area contribution for delegate expense for the Conference will be every other year, starting in 2019. Review of the Conference-approved level of $5,000 for bequests to the G.S.B. from A.A. members will be every other year, starting in 2019.

Review of the Conference-approved maximum annual contribution to the G.S.B. from an individual A.A. member will be every other year, starting in 2019. The following text is to be added to the Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix pamphlet: Question: Can an individual or group make a recurring online contribution? Answer: Yes, online at Committee Considerations Key Takeaways The $5,000 limit for individual bequests to the General Service Board did not warrant an increase at this time. The Trustees should consider simplifying the Self-Support Card to make it more plain language The AA Service Material, The AA Group Treasurer, and other literature be reviewed and revised to incorporate language on online and recurring contributions, as appropriate. Grapevine Committee Since each issue of the Grapevine cannot go through the Conference-approval process, the Conference recognizes the AA Grapevine as the International journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. 2003 Advisory Action Advisory Actions None Committee Considerations Key Takeaways A plan for how Instagram, Google For Non-Profits, and Facebook could be used to carry the message of Grapevine and La Vina, to include information on how the Grapevine would operate its site in alignment with AAs Traditions, should be developed leveraging the research previously done by AAWS and presented to

the Committee in 2018 A plan for Grapevine to conduct outside sales (i.e., not directly via Grapevine) for subscriptions, books, and other items should be developed as part of the considerations of options for increasing sales A plan for the future use of the Grapevine Audio Story collection should be developed and provided in conjunction with the standard Audio Strategy Report Literature Committee AA co-founder Bill W.often called the influence of AA literature incalculable - AA Guidelines on Literature Advisory Actions The following two bullet points will be removed from the section What procedures can a group set up to sponsor new members? in the pamphlet Question and Answers on Sponsorship: A file of names, addresses, and phone numbers of newcomers (who wish to volunteer the information), with notations showing sponsor or sponsors for each one. Review of newcomers list by steering committee (or Twelfth Step or sponsorship committee)- with follow-up activity where it seems needed. Approved implementation of revised plan for annual review of recovery literature, with first report to be delivered to the 2018 General Service Conference. Add the following text to the pamphlet Young People in A.A. in the section Where do I find A.A.?: Young peoples conferences are held in the United States and Canada and around the world. For information, consult your

local A.A. area, intergroup office, or search online for YPAA. Revising the wording of question 10 in the pamphlet The A.A. Group in the section A.A. Group Inventory from Are we doing all that we can to provide an attractive and accessible meeting place? to read Are we doing all we can to provide a safe, attractive and accessible meeting place? Revising the pamphlet The A.A. Group to add the text from the service piece SMF-209 Safety and A.A. Our Common Welfare to the section Principles Before Personalities titled Safety and A.A.: Suggestions to Consider. Trustees Literature Committee to develop language regarding safety to be incorporated in current and new recovery literature, where appropriate, along with a plan for implementation. The draft language, proposed plan or progress report be brought back to the 2018 GSC. Committee Considerations Key Takeaways The Committee reviewed drafts of the following literature Young People and AA, AA for the Woman, Finding Acceptance: AA for the LGBTQ Alcoholic, The 12 Traditions Illustrated, and Inside AA: Understanding the Fellowship and Its Services. Language regarding safety should be considered as revisions to A Brief Guide to AA, and, Understanding Anonymity. Public Information Committee

Like all of A.A., the primary purpose of members involved with public information service is to carry the A.A message to the alcoholic who still suffers AA Guidelines on Public Information Advisory Actions A new public service announcement video to be developed for a cost not to exceed $40,000. The pamphlet Understanding Anonymity be rewritten to include material from G.S.O. literature covering Tradition Eleven and to expand the discussion of humility in tradition Twelve as it relates to anonymity and that a progress report or draft language be brought to the 2018 Conference Committee on Public Information. A.A.W.S., Inc. is to create a Google for Nonprofits account, with use of the account limited to the YouTube Nonprofit Program and a guarantee that comments not be shown on A.A.W.S. YouTube pages. A report including information from website analytics and the usefulness and effectiveness of the A.A.W.S. You Tube account be brought back to the 2018 Conference Committee on Public Information. Committee Considerations Key Takeaways Continued exploration for expanded use of Google For Non-Profits, specifically Google AdWords and Google Grants, is needed at this time The Committee suggested developing Service Material to address FAQs on anonymity, to include a general online presence and social media Twitter will not be pursued as a Public Information tool at this time Report and Charter Committee Responsible for the management and updates to the AA Service Manual and Conference Report Advisory Actions

A section titled Area Websites be added to Chapter 4 of The A.A. Service Manual. The bylaws of both A.A. World Services and A.A. Grapevine to be included as appendices of The A.A. Service Manual. The General Service Boards Mission-Vision-Action Statement to be added to Chapter 9 of The A.A. Service Manual. The GSO Department Reports shared at the Conference to be included in the Final Conference Report. Brief bios of non-trustee directors, similar to those of trustees to be included in the Final Conference Report. Committee Considerations Key Takeaways The Committee requested that the General Service Office consider developing a plan with a revised editorial review process for The A.A. Service Manual to be provided to the Committee in 2018, to include additional information with suggestions on how changes to The A.A. Service Manual in non-printing years could be reported to the Fellowship. Treatment and Accessibilities Respect for the dignity of others is the foundation for all our efforts to carry the message to alcoholics with special needs, with emphasis on identification rather than on how we are different. AA Guidelines on Serving Alcoholics with Special Needs Advisory Actions The editorial changes for the pamphlet A.A. for the Alcoholic with Special Needs were adopted and the pamphlet to be retitled Accessibility for All Alcoholics. Committee Considerations Key Takeaways

The committee suggested that the trustees Committee on Cooperation with the Professional Community/Treatment and Accessibilities forward the pamphlet AA and the Armed Services, to the Publishing Department for translation into French and Spanish, and to add the pamphlet to the Accessibilities Kit. The committee requested that the General Service Office continue to explore strategies to provide more effective services to alcoholics who are veterans and active members of the Armed Services Trustees Committee Good leadership originates plans, policies, and ideas for the improvement of our Fellowship and its services. - Bill W.s Essay on Leadership in AA Ever a Vital Need Advisory Actions Slate of trustees and officers for the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous approved. Slate of directors for the A.A. World Service, Inc. approved. Slate of Directors of A.A. Grapevine, Inc. approved. The Bylaws of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc., as revised approved. Committee Considerations Key Takeaways The Committee discussed the current voting procedures for electing Trustee-atLarge / US and the request for restructuring the number of Regions and Regional Trustees, and asked the Trustees to conduct a thorough analysis of need and options for proceeding, if applicable Archives Committee We are trying to build up extensive records which will be of value to a future historian...It is highly important that the factual material be placed in our files in such a way that there can be no substantial distortion... Bill W., 1957

Advisory Actions A draft or progress report on the new publication Unity in Action: Bill W.s General Service Conference Talks. 1951-1970 (working title) be brought to the 2018 Conference Committee on Archives for review Committee Consideration Key Takeaways: The Committee suggested that the Shared Experiences section of the Archives Workbook be refreshed with new stories from local archivists The committee suggested that a section be added to the Archives and History portal of the AA website, to include any updates from GSO Archives at the discretion of the Archivist. International Forums / Regional Conventions Advisory Actions None Committee Consideration Key Takeaways: The committee discussed ways to encourage interest in Regional Forums and attract first time attendees, to include coordinating transportation, FNV database emails, and other cross-Area communication Coming home looking at you Las Vegas

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