Welcome FY 2019 Homeland Security Grant Programs HS

Welcome FY 2019 Homeland Security Grant Programs HS Grant Regional Meetings April May 2019 Agenda Welcome Review of the 2018 SHSP Grant Results Discussion of State and Regional Priorities Overview of 2019 Project Proposal -Process -Timelines -Summary and Next Steps

Grant Management Administration Meeting Resources - http://www.vaemergency.gov/em-community/grants 27 2 6 2 10 1 1 20 4 9 2 6 3 2 6 2 1

2 3 $ 1 0 ,0 0 0 $ 6 2 ,0 2 2 $ 3 3 5 ,1 7 5 $ 1 0 ,0 0 0 $ 2 8 ,5 0 0 $ 6 5 0 ,6 6 5 $ 3 2 7 ,3 2 5 $ 5 1 7 ,3 3 1 $ 5 5 ,7 7 6

$ 1 ,0 5 9 ,8 0 3 $ 1 ,0 8 5 ,9 0 1 $ 7 1 5 ,8 6 5 $ 2 4 1 ,2 0 0 $ 6 6 ,4 4 7 $ 1 8 ,5 5 0 $ 2 5 0 ,0 0 0 $ 9 8 ,4 1 0 $ 1 5 4 ,2 5 3 $ 3 3 3 ,4 7 0

110 Competitive Proposals Evaluated by Region and Type $ 1 ,7 8 3 ,7 1 6 2018 Results 1 2018 Results Competitive Projects $ 2,296,000 Non-Competitive Projects (Special Operations Teams) $ 2,500,000

State Share $ 1,424,000 Regional Exercise Program $ 900,000 Total Grant Program $ 7,120,000 Funding Levels

Funding levels for SHSP 2016 - $7.45m 2017 - $7.45m 2018 - $7.12m 2019 - $9.2m Addressing core capabilities 3 year performance period Alignment to THIRA/SPR Current Updates Public Safety Stakeholder Meeting was held on April 11 The purpose of this workshop is to promote the

th improvement of the homeland security grant program allocation process. Stakeholders were able to review prior year outcomes and refine process where needed. Stakeholder Meeting Workshop objectives: 1) 2) Provide stakeholders with a briefing on new grant rules and guidance 3) Improve the current grant proposal scoring process by refining project

scoring criteria, definitions, weights, and value functions 4) Establish and enhance ground rules and assumptions for proposal submission and other funding topics Provide stakeholders a briefing on the past grant process and project proposal scoring methodology Scoring Criteria & Weights No major changes for 2019 2019 Scoring Criteria Non-Regional Regional 17% 15% 14%

12% Criteria 11% 9% 8% 6% 5% 3% Score 2%

Score Value v(x) v All but Vetted Regionalism Vetted Regionalism 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 All 3 requirements are not met Requirements #1 and #2 are met, but not #3. However, the project aligns with regional priorities

0 5 30 40 50 90 100 0 50 All 3 requirements are met 100 2019 Criteria Regional Criteria Risk - The project links to known/emerging risk with a nexus to terrorism. The project fits state, region, local, and tribal priorities and/or established

documented risk. Documentation is provided as appropriate. (e.g. THIRA, Risk Assessments, Emergency Operations Plan, etc.). The project addresses risk in terms of threat, vulnerability and consequence. Benefit - The project benefits the jurisdiction, region and state. The project benefits the community, region, staff and other stakeholders. Vetted Regionalism 1) The proposal identifies a capability gap, 2) the project addresses the gap, and 3) the project includes letters of concurrence from jurisdictions identified in scope. Y/N (All three must apply to achieve 100 points). 50 points may be given to projects not completely satisfying the #3 requirement if the project aligns with regional priorities. Resource Sharing - The project has a credible plan to share resources. The plan has documentation (e.g. MOUs, contracts, etc.) that demonstrates collaboration and/or agreement from multiple jurisdictions, and/or multiple regions, and/or multiple disciplines (e.g. fire, police, emergency medical services). 2019 Criteria

Non - Regional Criteria Scope - The proposal identifies specific jurisdiction(s), the impact to the jurisdiction(s) & how the interaction occurs. Capability Linkage - The project links to core capabilities and preparedness goals with a nexus to terrorism. Sustainment - Consider whether this project sustains or enhances a current project or if it is a new project. If the project is new, the proposal describes how any equipment, licenses, training and other features will be maintained and upgraded after the period of performance? If this is sustainment of a current project, the proposal describes the outcomes of the previous period(s) of performance and ongoing sustainment plan. Whole of Community - The project addresses for example Public-Private Partnerships, StateLocal Partnerships, access, and functional needs? Project Management - The proposal explains how the project will be managed; how contracts will be managed; how accountability to timelines and grant rules will be monitored and deficiencies corrected. A timeline is provided from grant award to completion. The proposal indicates if SHSP projects funded in the past three years were completed, and provides an explanation if the project was not completed. Performance Measurement Plan - The proposal identifies how the project's results will be evaluated and who will evaluate them? The proposal describes the overall results that the project is expected to accomplish in qualitative and/or quantitative terms. Some descriptions could include

performance measures, national standards, and core capabilities. Project Replication - Can the project be easily replicated beyond the initial scope or area of initial concern (e.g. training, planning or some other document asset that can be implemented elsewhere)? State Priorities CERT/CITIZEN CORPS Projects CAPPED at 10% or $250,000 whichever is greater from the approved competitive projects Ex. If in the original package $300,000 of CERT/CCP projects are above the cutline, the bottom projects totaling $50,000 will be removed. Minimum Project Amount - $10,000

Per project not applicant Projects with the same scope of work that are broken out to become smaller projects for cost benefit purposes will be eliminated The bottom 40% of lowest scoring projects will be eliminated prior to benefit-cost ranking. Regional Priorities Presented by Chief Regional Coordinator Overall Process Homeland Security Grant Program Awarding Process IO/SEIC Cyber

Projects/ SPSHS 2019 Total Allocation $9,200,000 State Portion 20% of the total Allocation $1,840,000 Local Pass Through 80% of the total allocation $7,360,000 Law Enforcement carve out from the total allocation- $2,300,000 Investments Using the core capabilities, HSGP Program supports the achievement of the Goal through 7 investments areas this year. Preventing a threatened or an actual act of terrorism;

Protecting our citizens, residents, visitors, and assets against the greatest threats and hazards; Mitigating the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of future disasters; Responding quickly to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs in the aftermath of a catastrophic incident; and/or Recovering through a focus on the timely restoration, strengthening, and revitalization of infrastructure, housing, and a sustainable economy, as well as the health, social, cultural, historic, and environmental fabric of communities affected by a catastrophic incident. Fusion grant requirement Cyber Security grant requirement Timeline Investments are prepared and submitted to FEMA Stakeholder Meeting held in Richmond and across the Commonwealth

April FEMA releases grant guidance. May June Project development period. Proposal due June 15, 2019 Project Submission timeline announced through the grants list

serve and regional offices Peer Reviews June 24 July 10 July Aug Sept - Oct FEMA approval of the Grant and Awards made for projects September Timeline

Proposals can be submitted to the portal at anytime The Project Proposal Form must be submitted through the online portal Resources available on Grants Website Forms and instructions will be available https://www.vaemergency.gov/emergencymanagement-community/grants / Grant Management Administration Introduction to the VDEM Grant Cycle PRE-AWARD Process Feder al

1. FEMA announcement of the NOFO (Notice of Funding Opportunity) will usually occur around April or May. 2. FEMA will send VDEM an award letter around June or July. 3. VDEM has 45 days to subaward to the localities after accepting the award letter. State Local **For SHSP, HR UASI & NSGP a formal announcement will be made by the Governors office prior to the subaward announcement of projects from VDEM. 4. VDEM will send an email notifying each subrecipient for the Federal award amount allotted in an Allocation Letter. The locality will have 30 days to respond by building a budget in EGMS and submitting all required documents. 5. VDEM will upload into EGMS a Grant Agreement once the budget

application is approved. Helpful tip FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE! U:\PreparednessGrants\FY18\2018 ALL GRANT AWARDS\ GrantPackage\Grant_Acceptance_Package_092718.zip Introduction to the VDEM Grant Cycle POST-AWARD Process Submitting Reimbursement Request(s): On the Welcome screen of EGMS you will find a Job Aid Introduction to the VDEM Grant Cycle cont. POST-AWARD Process Quarterly Progress Reports

This should reflect whats in EGMS at the end of the quarter! Introduction to the VDEM Grant POST-AWARD Process Cycle Quarterly Updates should incorporate the Milestones listed in your Proposal Form! Also, what activities have you attended? What events or exercises have you participated in? Have you reviewed or

updated any plans? Introduction to the VDEM Grant POST-AWARD Process Cycle EMPG Performance Period (7/1/2019 6/30/2020) Quarter Quarter Quarter Quarter 1 2 3 4 July September October December January March

April June due October 15th due January 15th due April 15th due July 15th *FINAL Progress Report can be submitted as soon as all funds for the project are expended and submitted into EGMS. You do not have to wait until the end of the grant cycle. Remember: Federal money is not free money. There are strings attached. Introduction to the VDEM Grant POST-AWARD Process Cycle HSGP (includes: SHSP, HR UASI & NSGP) Performance Period (11/1/19 06/30/21)

Quarter 1 October December due January 15 th Quarter Quarter Quarter Quarter Quarter 2 3 4 5 6 January March April June July September

October December January March due April 15th due July 15th due October 15th due January 15th due April 15th *FINAL Progress Report can be submitted as soon as all funds for the project are expended and submitted into EGMS. You do not have to wait until the end of the grant cycle. Remember: Federal money is not free money. There are strings attached. Introduction to the VDEM Grant CLOSE OUT process Cycle Submit your FINAL Progress Reports

Submit an Inventory Form for any single piece(s) of equipment over $5K. This form can be found on the EGMS Welcome screen.

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