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Sharing & Inviting Business Training Confidential Rbowles 2015 Accountability! Accountability! Buybook

a Resource book and Buy a Resource and study the study the intro. intro. Buy the Slight Edge and start

Buy the Slight Edge and start reading reading Buy A-Z booklets andbooklets sampling Buy A-Z andvials ready to startsampling sampling. vials ready to start

sampling. Learn the Key things from doterra university. Learn the Key things from doterra university. Look at suggested resources. Look at suggested resources. What do you need to know

to start Sharing? How to look up an ailment using resources What is an essential oil What makes doTERRA oils different CPTG basics The three ways to take the oils *, doterra tools, doterra blog, Modern Essentials book and The Essential Life book

Essential Oil Safety Very safe and gentle with few side effects Keep out of eyes, ears, and nose Dilute with carrier oil, not water Skin sensitivity primary safety issue

2009 dTERRA INTERNATIONAL,LLC A few extra Safety Tips Hot oils should always be diluted; Oregano, clove, cinnamon and ppt Citrus oils are photosensitive best to wait 12 hours before direct contact with sun after topical application.

Invite! One of most important skills get people to events share what doterra can offer Step 1 - Most effective inviting = Sampling: Give Someone an experience Step 2 Follow up & invite to learn more Step 3 Send out a reminder

SKILL: SHARING Remember: Service Vs Sales Not salesy or pushy! Meet individual needs We are the messenger, the oils are the salesman! We are a solutions provider If I feel nervous = I am focused on me, when I think about serving others, no nerves!

Think. Who can I help today?! Who can the Oils & Business Help? Write a list of 40, then 100! This is the start of your business. Sort into customer, sharer, builder. Contact potential builders first. Envision your ideal partner (builder) who would you like to work with?

5 characteristics to consider. Have influence within personal network lots of contacts! Do they share a similar vision to you? Are they entrepreneurial? (Have an understanding that they need to invest time, energy and money! Not going to fall into lap!) Characteristics cont.. Are they a doer/giver? Do they make things

happen? Do they bring skills that align with doterra? Bonus stats: Women between 35 and 45 with a supportive partner What Resources do you need? Home essentials kit - 222 And.

Giving a sample.. If you know them Tell them what you do- teach classes on how essential oils can be used to manage health I am amazed at all of the things they can help with (Personal experience one big and one small -blood pressure, to headaches etc) Ask if they would like a sample Mention coming to a class

If you dont know them.. Build a relationship first, then Soon it comes up, what do you do? (or navigate the conversation!) I teach classes on how you can use essential oils to help with many different health concerns. You are very welcome to come and learn more at one of my classes but first I would love to give. Are you interested in natural medicine, or do you use natural medicine?

Sampling Main things are to be Genuine, this is why you need to live the products first. Be concerned with their health and wanting to help them Ways of sampling;

Put an oil on them straight away e.g. peppermint and wild orange or deep blue Give them some oil in a drink or an onguard or peppermint beadlet Send a sample in the post Best way give them a sample specific to their needs to take away with them.

Instructions to give with sample Write on envelope, or sampling tag or in an email. List simple safety tips to avoid eyes and ear canal dilute with carrier oil. Test on feet. Give specific instructions on how to use it, i.e. 3-6 (same as 1-2 drops in 15ml) drops every two hours (or every 20 mins for some acute conditions) as needed in some water or

topically (with dilutions if relevant). Prepare for Follow up! Would it be ok to call you in a couple of days to check how you have got on with your sample? I can also answer any questions you might have. Explain different chemistry (want to make sure you have the right oil for you). I Can also tell you more about my classes then

Take contact details A Sample does not count unless you have taken their details! Do NOT Give them YOURS! Record names in a spread sheet with name, email, tel, sample given, when you followed up, date coming to a class, what they bought, wellness consultation, USB.

What to Sample? Sample a minor ailment where a result can be seen quickly! Physical ailments are usually best. Peppermint: headaches, congestion Lemon, lavender and peppermint hay fever Lavender insect bites, wasp stings, sleep Lavender and Melaleuca (and geranium if needed)- Eczema What to Sample cont.

Digestzen- heartburn, digestive issues, travel sickness Oregano warts, verruca, molluscum, skin tags Breathe respiratory issues, sinusitis Melaleuca skin conditions, dandruff, acne Deep Blue for pain How to make a sample Place 10 12 drops of chosen oil into sample

vial. Label it. Purpose of a sample is to give them an experience so they want to learn more. 10-12 drops is enough. Show them how to tap bottle to get drops out Optional send an online link to do with their sample. Follow Up! Call them 2 days later dont just send an email!

How did the work for you? /How did you get on with.. (Determine the next step: Enroll, attend a class, have another experience, or move on) After a Good Experience Im so glad. I absolutely love these oils and have been amazed at all of the things

they can help with. I use them for absolutely everything and feel so empowered to be able to look after my family in a natural way. Would you like to come to one of my classes and learn more? What if they! Here are some possible reasons;

some have not used it. They havent used it enough Not every oil works on everyone. Unhealthy diet and/or lifestyle oils take longer to work. What to do.Dont Panic!

Try and find out what has happened. Find out if they have tried to use the oil and if so how many times? How frequently and how many drops etc? Advise the following depending on what they say;

Increase the frequency you apply it Increase the amount of drops Try a different application method Try a different oil due to individual Chemistry

Common sampling Fears We dont want to be pushy! so dont! Be Genuine & share naturally We feel uncomfortable selling to friends. Look at a different angle - you have found something amazing, the people you want to help first are the ones you love. Fears Continued

We think the oils are too expensive They are not for medicinal grade; 1 drop of peppermint for a headache 7pence 1 drop of basil for an ear infection = 6 pence We are afraid of Rejection no need to be, we have an amazing gift to offer, we dont want to force anyone. Takes on average 4 exposures. Homework! Prepare at least 20 samples of

common ailments. Set four class dates and invite up line to help Create a spreadsheet Start sampling. If you are going for it, then 2 samples a day!

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