The Notice of Value (NOV) Presented by: Myron

The Notice of Value (NOV) Presented by: Myron Head, Assistant Loan Guaranty Officer, Houston RLC Phyllis Chilton, Valuation Officer, Phoenix RLC Presented by: Myron Head Assistant Loan Guaranty Officer Houston RLC Phyllis Chilton Valuation Officer Phoenix RLC 2

Objectives Discuss the Notice of Value (NOV) Conditions Minimum Property Requirements (MPR) Please hold case specific, unusual, and complex situations until the end (we will address them individually) 3 Notice of Value (NOV) NOV establishes the estimated reasonable value of the property NOV includes a list of conditions and requirements that

must be satisfied for the property to be eligible for VA loan guaranty Every VA appraisal must be reviewed by either the Lenders SAR or VA Staff Appraiser SAR has 5-business days to issue VA Staff has 3-business days to issue Liquidation NOV 7-business days 4 Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) NOV Condition #1 Existing construction

Used in conjunction with purchase or refi Types of improvements - Solar or conventional heating/cooling systems - Water heaters/including solar - Insulation - Weather-stripping and caulking - Furnace efficiency modifications - Clock thermostats - Heat pumps - Storm window and/or doors - Vapor barriers Funds for EEM improvements are considered part of the total loan - Up to $3,000 based on documented costs

- Up to $6,000 increase in P&I offset by likely reduction in utility costs - Over $6,000 must be supported by value 5 Wood Destroying Organism Inspection NOV Condition #2 All properties located in an area where the probability of termite infestation is: very heavy moderate to heavy require a termite inspection The NOV will be marked item 2a for Existing Construction

Item 2b for Proposed or Under Construction All required treatment and damage repair must be completed prior to loan guaranty 6 Lien-Supported Assessment NOV Condition #3 Identifies properties located within a development with mandatory membership in a homeowners association (HOA) - 3a Enter the estimated HOA/PUD fee selecting the period (year or month)

- 3b Enter all special assessments From the issue NOV screen, the special assessment fee must be entered in the other description box in order to populate on the NOV 7 Condominium Requirements NOV Condition #4 The lender is responsible for ensuring that the condominium is acceptable to VA and that any condominium-related special conditions or requirements have been met

8 Water / Sewage System Acceptability NOV Condition #5 Water quality must meet the requirements of health authority having jurisdiction - If no local authority, levels established by EPA apply Individual sewage disposal system must adequately dispose of all domestic wastes in a manner which will not create a nuisance, or in any

way endanger the public health 9 Connection to Public Water / Sewer NOV Condition #6 Connection to public or community water / sewage disposal system is required whenever feasible. 10 Private Road / Common-use Driveway NOV Condition #7

HO PU A/ D Each property must be provided with a safe and adequate pedestrian or vehicular access from a public or private street Private streets must be - protected by a permanent easement, and - maintained by a homeowners association or joint maintenance agreement. All streets must have an all-weather surface Rural

Road S ha re Priva d t Driv e e Contact the RLC of jurisdiction for specific geographical requirements 11 Flood Insurance NOV Condition #8

Appraiser indicates flood zone in report SAR marks NOV Flood zones requiring insurance - A - V Proof of Flood Insurance required for loan guaranty Cannot be waived

12 Airport Acknowledgement NOV Condition #9 The appraisal report must identify any airport noise zone or safety-related zone in which the property is located An airport Noise Zone 3, if proposed or under construction is not eligible for guaranty

Refer to The Lenders Handbook chapter 11.12.j for additional information 13 Repairs NOV Condition #10 Only VA Minimum Property Requirements (MPR) are listed as repairs on the NOV Repairs can be certified by the Lender or appraiser

- Lenders should use their own letterhead when certifying repairs have been completed A certification regarding the condition or adequacy of the roof, electrical/plumbing/heating systems, etc. should NOT be required unless there is an indication of a problem 14 Lead-Based Paint NOV Condition #10

Properties built prior to 1978 may contain lead-based paint Lead-based paint constitutes an immediate hazard that must be corrected prior to loan guaranty Any defective paint condition identified must receive adequate treatment Refer to The Lenders Handbook, chapter 12.06 for additional information

15 Local Housing / Planning Authority Code Requirements NOV Condition #11 This condition, while still appears on the NOV, does not appear on the save/issue NOV screen VA expects all local conditions to be met 16 Not Inspected Acknowledgement NOV Condition #12 VA no longer inspects new property during

construction; therefore: If the builder provides a 1-Year Warranty - VA assistance with construction complaints will be limited to defects in equipment, material, and workmanship reported during the one-year builders warranty period If the builder did not provide a 1-Year Warranty VA will not intercede on the Veterans behalf in the processing of any construction complaints Some states require a 1-Year Warranty check with RLC of jurisdiction 17

Ten-Year Insured Protection Plan NOV Condition #13 Evidence of enrollment of the new property in a 10-year insured protection plan acceptable to the Department of Housing and Urban (HUD) is required. 18 Energy Efficient Construction NOV Condition #14 For new construction only Builders certification that the new dwelling was

constructed to meet the energy conservation standards of the of the Council of American Building Officials (CABO) 1992 Model Energy Code (MEC) 19 Lead/Water Distribution System NOV Condition #15 For new construction only Builders certification that the solders and flux used in construction did not contain more that 0.2 percent lead and that he pipes and pipe fittings used did not contain more than 8.0 percent lead.

20 Offsite Improvements NOV Condition #16 For new construction only - Evidence that the streets, sidewalks, drains, water, sewer, etc. have been completed and accepted for maintenance for the local authority 21 Proposed Construction NOV Condition #17

Construction exhibits are required for properties appraised as proposed or under construction; construction exhibits must include: - Description of Materials (VA Form 26-1852) Plot plan including location of well/septic system All exterior building elevations Foundation or basement plan Plan of all floors Sectional wall details Certification signed and dated by a technically qualified and properly identified individual Refer to The Lenders Handbook chapter 10.10 for additional information

Briefly describe information such as model name, bedroom & bathroom count, GLA, etc. in the proposed construction box on the save/issue NOV screen 22 Construction Inspections NOV Condition #18 Check the appropriate box on the save/issue NOV screen Local Authority to perform construction inspections Local authority does not perform construction inspections 23

Construction Warranty NOV Condition #19 Check this box on the save/issue NOV screen if builder is providing a One Year Construction Warranty 24 Other Conditions / Requirements NOV Condition #20

Check this item and use this space to list any other conditions or requirements necessary to satisfy fee appraiser or local VA office concerns to meet all VA requirements Do NOT use this space to list lender requirements above and beyond VA requirements 25 Local Requirements

Local requirements very from state to state Current local requirements can be found by visiting our website: Where no local requirements are listed, all general VA requirements must be met Example: A termite inspection is required unless the local requirement states it is not 1. Each State is listed alphabetically, with the VA RRLC of jurisdiction. 2. A VA RLC's local requirements pertain only to properties within the particular state in that RLC's jurisdiction. The primary source of information about VA nationwide requirements is the VA Lender's Handbook local requirements supplement those in the Handbook. 3. Unless otherwise noted, wood-destroying insect information is required per Section 13.06 of the Lender's Handbook. Regardless of the location of the property, an inspection is always required if the appraisal report indicates evidence of wood-destroying insect damage or an active insect infestation. 4. VA offices may instruct fee appraisers to list, when applicable, other local requirements as conditions on appraisal

reports. Contact the fee appraiser or VA office if there is a question about an appraisal report condition 26 NOV Enhancement Cursory Review SAR must indicate type of review on the save/issue NOV screen Yes No

A cursory review is not accepted if: The valuation risk score is below 300 or above 700 The integrity risk score is above 700 LSAM reveals high alerts Each of the above must be addressed in SAR notes prior to issuing the NOV 27 NOV Enhancement

Tidewater Yes No If the appraiser initiated Tidewater, the box must be checked yes on the save/issue NOV screen 28 Common Questions Where do I list Lender requirements (overlays) on

the NOV? Local code requires it when title is transferred, why cant I put it on the NOV? What if the NOV exceeds the appraised value? 29 Conclusion Summary Complete and accurate documentation

Timeliness Proper NOV conditions based on property type and appraisal 30 31

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